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  • "The Killing Joke" style is a good choice. Not a lot of stones left unturned here. Nice details.

  • Quote from XtraSmiley: “Quote from Psyko-M1: “I've been shipping a bunch of stuff the last 4 months via USPS, they've been pretty solid here in the midwest. ” Not so fast. I've had 3 different priority mail packages 4+ days past delivery date with no location data yet. I think it's hit and miss! ” Damn, I know during the riots around here, things slowed a bit. Perhaps it's my location. That sucks.

  • I've been shipping a bunch of stuff the last 4 months via USPS, they've been pretty solid here in the midwest.

  • If anybody has a spare NA PCB, I'd be totally in for this kit. I know it's a long shot, but I'm putting that out there. The more I see you dudes talking about this multikit, the more I want it.

  • Quote from Jassin2: “If you want to change them back, go for it. i was just having a little fun. ” While I liked the original avatar, this new one kills. Please don't go back. Blanka smokes big doinks.

  • I was able to get mine installed Monday live on stream. Instantly I saw the difference between the RetroElektronik.Fr JAMMA 2 SCART adapter I had vs the Splitfire. Last night, I drank a belt of scotch in your name @Hatsune Mike Nice piece of kit that adds a lot of value to my Tuesday night Twitch stream.

  • Yeah I wanted to clean up my name once it was figured out how to do it. Just added a dash.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “That fucking sucks, instead of saying send us the cart back so we can test to see what happened. Like pay the shipping costs,etc... or here send us the cart back once we get it we will give you a discount to get a replacement. Hell, anything is better than nothing, and this is one of the things they suck most as it seems from the complaints, the attitude they dish out to the end customer. Hasnt it always been their position "its not our product thats bad, its you dumb consu…

  • I personally own a mixture of Krikzz and TO stuff. As long as it gets in my hands and works the way its supposed to, I could care less. In the end, both parties are providing products that extend the life of our beloved hardware. Has TO screwed me, yes. One of their NeoSDs self-cooked it's memory in my cabinet one day, had it less than a year. I emailed them tons of pictures, configuration data, and they were almost instantly adamant I was to blame for the cart going Chernobyl promptly denying m…

  • Quote from Arthrimus: “Quote from psykom1: “So I got one of the Arthrimus Brook to Vewlix IO converters, it's beautiful AF and works like a dream. Would these shoe-horn onto one of those? ” You can certainly do it but there are a few considerations if you do. WORDZ... ” Thank you for the detailed pictures. I'll put these on my shopping list and consideration.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Hope the review was good. ” Had a great time, everything worked flawlessly according to instructions and support. It was sad boxing it up today to ship it out. Now that i've had a taste of it, I REALLY look forward to getting my own for my library.

  • Quote from Escarioth: “Couldnt come back in time and missed @psykom1 stream yesterday i really wanted to see it live ” Here's the VOD of it from last night. 5 hour review.

  • FIXED SUMMARY FOR M92 CONVERSION: Thanks @Frank_fjs for poking me. I was so excited at the time, I forgot to change it up. Using a Major Title 2 US arcade PCB as a donor to In the Hunt!!! PCB LOCATION - EPROM USED - ITH ROM USED H0 - 27C020 - ITH-H0-D.BIN H1 - 27C020 - ITH-H1-B.BIN L1 - 27C020 - ITH-L1-D.BIN L0 - 27C020 - ITH-L0-B.BIN C0 - 27C040 - ITH_IC26.ROM C1 - 27C040 - ITH_IC25.ROM C2 - 27C040 - ITH_IC24.ROM C3 - 27C040 - ITH_IC23.ROM DA - 27C040 - ITH_IC9.ROM SL0 - 27C512 - APOCALYPSE DEC…

  • FYI, for those interested, I'll be reviewing this multi-kit on my Twitch Stream tonight at 8PM central. I know its a bit last minute, but if you got questions about it's operation, assembly, or just want to hang out, stop in. Sadly I have to ship this off tomorrow back to it's owner, but goddamn, this is a real treat to relive playing all these titles on a stream.

  • Quote from djsheep: “Prototype landed to Kevin. That eInk screen is fantastic: ” Man, if we could have E-ink displays on our multis... this is hot shit. Nice stuff.

  • Thank you LHantz and @Apocalypse I completely replaced Eeprom 10 and we're good. Riot City and Toyumon are fully functional now with no sprite corruption.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “@psykom1 from your pics problem is with the sprites. Sprite ROMs are 7 to 13. I need to check which one holds data for Toryumon and Riot City. ” I know I'm close, but I really don't want to keep unseating/rewriting weakening sockets/chips. You guys are the best.

  • NEED HALP! So I'm burning and testing a multi-kit for a forum-member here and I'm getting it tested before shipping back. All games function perfectly without any issues except Riot City, and Toryumon. They both boot, music is good, they coin up, playability is solid, but sprites are garbled. (pictured) After re-seating all the eproms and checking all connections, I'm still having some sprite corruption. I suspect one of the eeproms is acting up and I need to reflash / replace. @Apocalypse I ass…

  • So I got one of the Arthrimus Brook to Vewlix IO converters, it's beautiful AF and works like a dream. Would these shoe-horn onto one of those?

  • Sega PAL dumps

    Psyko-M1 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from Apocalypse: “Added : Sega Y board hardware: IC98 top board, ref. 315-5317, PAL16R4 device brute-forced and converted to GAL16V8: ” Does this mean I can finally find that Y-Board to potentially convert to a dream project of "Galaxy Force II?" If so, exciting news, and I'd like to buy you a pizza.