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  • This was a factory fix for early board versions, there are three versions in total

  • So here is some advice that I thought should be obvious for long term members here: - If you think there is something shady that only admins can solve, you send us a private message and ask us to look into it instead of starting threads to have a bashing session. - If we continue to see these threads of people piling on and trying to single out other people for their collecting or selling tactics, you will start to lose privileges. (RE: the behavior in the WTF Sales thread)

  • For everyone that felt the need to be derailing this thread with baseless accusations: please take a break from the internet. iTRDC2 is without a doubt, not Supergun

  • Yeah I'm kind of inclined to let you guys marinate for a while

  • Another solution is using 0.8mm pitch FPC connectors instead of soldering a pcb directly to the board, but pros and cons to both methods.

  • You can make an audio probe using a basic piezo speaker. Connect black wire to ground, then attach something pointy to the positive wire and poke around the circuit with it. Easy to find where audio signal begins and ends (pre and post amplification)

  • Quote from geosnow: “Just received the board today. All games work but I have also the fast moving Wuly thing. Great stuff. ” Wow, thank you for your patience waiting for it to arrive. Glad it finally arrived!

  • Quote from djsheep: “This thread is majorly derailed and becoming hard to follow. ” I think some people have just read the thread title and not paid attention to where this thread is posted and what the first point is about. @Telpherion can we change the thread topic to something like "Free Custom Acrylic Case Plans for PCBs" ? This thread could be a great chance for the community to learn how to measure and layout some vectors and contribute to Telpherion's repository Quote from djsheep: “Pagin…

  • SMD cap ID

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    This is my best guesses with references: = 0.47uF 6.3v -- = 47uF 63v --…ith-no-voltage-rating/974 = 47uF 6.3v --…-no-voltage-rating/974/16

  • Quote from hackcell: “Hello, I'd like to buy one, How do I susbscribe? ” I'll send you a PM to arrange your order

  • The reason for banning him and his perception of why he was banned are two different things. As he has demonstrated he doesn't know right and wrong in social situations. His ban pre-dates any talk about modern systems and was due to his behavior towards other members on AP. He crossed over lines you do not come back from. He was actually given many chances and warnings but considered our requests to behave himself unacceptable censorship.

  • From time to time I check in on this "troll" account and it brings a smile to my face. People like this feel they're "winning", but in reality the countless hours and energy wasted to make hundreds of posts spanning the past year talking to the open void of the internet is certainly losing. I disagree with the statement this twitter account hurts the image of this community. The forum has been growing more than ever before in a world where most forums are dying. I've been on the internet long en…

  • Dip Switch 1 needs to be in the on position for VGA, maybe that is the problem? Otherwise, there is not much to the Atomiswave pcb. It is possible you may have damaged the pcb taking it apart. It will boot games stripped down and without the fan connected (just no sound).

  • Quote from TheDeath: “@brizzo maybe we count on you for this? ” We're in the process of developing a new version of the forum on different software. We can address re-organization and new sections at that time.

  • Quote from buffi: “Maybe make a separate thread about it? ” Yes I agree Make a new thread!!

  • Server Offline - Resolved

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    And we're back! Our hosting provider had a minor outage on their infrastructure where the server is located. But all is well and resolved now.

  • Sega Megaplay Repro's

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    If only I knew you were interested in Megaplay, I made some 1:1 layout, enig, blue silkscreen ones a couple years ago in order to get Gunstar Heroes dumped

  • Quote from rewrite: “We have a feedback section. You can post negative feedback or a deal potentially going wrong there. Do be prepared though, everyone gets to have an opinion once something's posted there, ha. Feedback Thread! ” This is the correct answer. We don't have many problems with bad sellers here. Quote from rewrite: “It's a much different forum setup. It'd be nice if there was a normal feedback system like KLOV, Shmups, etc have, but that just doesn't exist here. ” This will be chang…

  • Quote from djsheep: “Good point re: the use of the information. I wonder what goodies/crap this *could* potentially spawn out of China / aliexpress though ” The verilog code for the iQue asic is designed specifically for use by NEC, along with the VR4300 cpu core files being encrypted. So probably not much, AliExpress does pull certain types of Nintendo infringing items, but obviously not everything. Quote from djsheep: “Also saw that SM64 for PC, apparently it runs really smooth? ” Yeah it is p…

  • Please do not post links to the leaked files, discuss of the topic is fine as we can go into more technical detail than the average news story summarizing the leak Definitely a treasure trove of information but rewrite is correct that much of that information can be used. Will be interesting to see some new secrets of the iQue unlocked finally. Some other points of interest include the source code for Pokemon Yellow/Blue and Gold/Silver, along with internal gameboy developer tools including Nint…