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  • You can find some hints in this repair log of mine : By the way, in these days I've updated the design my 'HK-1000' reproduction adding the circuit for handling the coin counters/lockouts that was intentionally missing in previous revisions, here's attached a preview of the new board.This will be the final revision available in some days

  • Yes, a funny game but a bit underrated IMHO.

  • Thanks.Yes, I think it's a good thing anyway to have a replacement even if these games are not really common and perhaps nobody, except me, will ever encounter a bad custom IC

  • Some time ago I had for repair an original Bogey Manor PCB by Technos (but running on Data East hardware).I was able to fix the board but I had to replace the custom IC marked 'VSC30 with a same one taken from a donor board, you can read the whole story in my repair log : Bogey Manor repair log After some time I sent the board back to the owner I thought it would have been a good thing to reproduce this custom IC as well.The part come in a DIP40 .600 mil package : VSC30.jpg Its pinout can be fou…

  • It seems you do not pay attention to what I said you Tech Help: Konami Violent Storm Board "dead" Your issue is 99% due to the two custom ASICs with finer pitch, the '055555' and '055673'.They are notorious from detaching from pads.You must do a good refow of them, soldering must be perfect otherwise signals integrity will be degraded and board will not boot or show other problems.

  • Thanks to everyone.Next one will be the 'companion' 'GXL-02' found on same hardware

  • My reproduction work continues with a new chapter.This time I took into account the custom IC used on some Toaplan/Taito PCBs.Silkscreening under it says 'GXL-01' : GXL-01-silkscreening.jpg But you can find it with different labels.On Wardner/Pyros it's 'WT1' : WT1.jpg 'T.T.1' on Twin Cobra/Kyuukyoku Tiger : T-T-1.jpg 'L-01' on Sky Shark/Hi Sho Zame : L-01.jpg The IC is a DIP42 .600 mil package and it accomplishes graphical functions generating the backgrounds.First of all I identified the pinou…

  • Quote from rewrite: “primitive means basic, stone age, crude, simplistic, etc. ” OK.As said, why did he not design something more advanced by himself starting from reverse-engineering the '054321' ASIC?Mate, don't take this as offense but I strongly recommend you to change hobby, there are a lot of them more suited to your abilities (fishing, darts, trading cards, etc)

  • Quote from Supergun: “Again, your clearly defensive of this hybrid module that you co-created with Fabrizio. And your getting way too heated up over my constructive criticism of it. ” Quote from Supergun: “So, hybrid module replacements that require transferring the original (sometimes damaged) ASIC’s which utilize ultra-thin boards that are barely thicker and stronger then the ridiculously thin originals, are also PRIMITIVE compared to the next solution, which is inevitably around the corner.Ag…

  • Quote from Supergun: “1) The next time I buy a “tested/working” Konami hybrid module board, and it does not work, I will immediately file complaint with PayPal for a full refund. 2) The next time I have a Konami hybrid module board fail, I will immediately send it to a tech who specializes in that area of repair. 3) The current hybrid module replacement options are “primitive”. An easier, better, and more complete solution is still needed. ” Sorry, I didn't get this.Can you explain this better, …

  • Check and eventually reflow the two custom ASICs with finer pitch, lifted/loose pin are a common issue on these board. P.S. And yes, my replacement parts are very expensive, some bilion of $$$ are not enough for a couple...

  • Sega PAL dumps

    caius - - General Arcade Tech Help


    82S153/PLS153/73, CK2605 and CK2678 cannot be locked so they can always be read in an EPROM programmer that support them.

  • Yes, games work fine without this PAL.It seems to be unused although it accomplishes important functions.

  • Some time ago I designed an audio probe made of few components, it works very well.

  • SMD cap ID

    caius - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Try to measure them with a capacity meter.

  • SMD cap ID

    caius - - General Arcade Tech Help


    It should be 47uF or 470uF, I can't read well the digits from your picture (if 'C' or '0') Anyway, this is the complete capacitors chart of the X68000 CompactXVI : Mainboard: C1SUB 50v 0.47uf c1 50v 1uf c2 25v 4.7uf c3 6.3v 470uf c4 6.3v 470uf c5 6.3v 470uf c6 6.3v 100uf c7 6.3v 47uf c8 50v 0.47uf c9 50v 0.47uf c10 50v 0.47uf c11 25v 4.7uf c15 6.3v 47uf c16 6.3v 470uf c18 6.3v 100uf c19 6.3v 100uf c20 6.3v 100uf c21 6.3v 100uf c22 6.3v 100uf c23 6.3v 47uf c24 6.3v 47uf c25 50v 1uf c26 6.3v 100uf…

  • No problem

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “you can figure it out using a multimeter: the 27c010/27c1001 (JEDEC) CE = Pin 24 A16 = Pin 2 the 27c301/27c1000 (non-JEDEC) CE = Pin 2 A16 = Pin 24 basically A16 should be shared between all of the ROMs in the same group, while CE will either be tied to ground or shared with only 1 other ROM. In my experience on the System 16 ROM boards it either uses ALL 27c010 or ALL 27c301, I've not noticed any that are mixed. ” Pin 24 is /OE, /CE is pin 22

  • For supply 3-3.3V to the Flash ROMs you can simply use a LDO voltage regulator in place of the diodes.But for proper logic level conversion of bus signals you need level shifting, this means re-engineering the whole board so not easy doable.

  • Sadly this conversion will last few time because it's poorly engineered.There is no voltage regulator to supply 3-3.3V to the Flash ROMs but only a couple of diodes which create a simple voltage drop.Plus and most important thing, all the busses/control lines of the FLASH ROMs are still receiving +5V TTL signals hence sooner or later they will go bad.