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  • I've seen this one on yahoo auction. It looks lik an adapter jamma board that allow you to hook up usb controllers into it. I am wondering who made it and if possible anyone selling something similar like this V4jgZ9V.jpg INmMzBf.jpg OywQPjN.jpg

  • BW2E6FL.png Who was the lucky folk in VIC that snatch this bargain on Sunday? Anyone from this forum?

  • This looks like an issue where A and B board are not sandwich tied. You can try to decase the B board and attach that to A board to see the issue can be resolved

  • impressive work btw. Those TAP+ board is extremely overpriced. This is a great way to get the game for cheap

  • Faulty Type X 2 - Need Advice!!

    modology - - Taito Type X


    It's tough to resolder those joint. All of these ATX motherboard seems to have some sort of coating or something, I've tried to desolder some caps from my motherboard and it just does not melt easily at all (even you crank it up to 300 degree and above). I am pretty sure you will get to this same issue at some point.

  • It seems to me that there are so many exceleena cabs floating around in VIC. Saw a few back on ebay, i remember one went with SFEX2 board went for only $550 or something like that. To each and their own, i am not really a big fan of the exceleena cab either, particularly the blue one can be trouble some to get through door.

  • This is what Playstation will look like in few years time. dVDztoZ.jpg

  • God damn... that looks like lunch sandwich or perhaps a clam. When laying sideway like that it looks like the thing got bended so badly...... It's very ugly design and the form serves no function at alll.... cheap gimmick to bait people who like futuristic console

  • PS5 hardware unveil... this thing is ugly as sin... and why they designed it in a way that it's not possible to lay the console sideway anymore..... also the lineup is extremely boring as well...

  • apparently it's something like cloud gaming service called FOG GAMING. They said hardware is exactly the same as arcade so i guess some sort of RINGEDGE or RINGWIDE stuff and connect to Sega server to play all the streaming arcade games..... but then the idea defeat the purpose of arcade in japan anyway. Perhaps this could find a foothold in western market

  • I would rather get my HAS supergun traded than spending more for a switch. I already have 4 superguns and it's good time to downsize my stuff.

  • It would cost roughly the same, factoring weak AUD currency, plus shipping, paypal fee, GST, and time to wait for your backorder to be fullfilled. I would be more concerned about how inflated Switch price is at the moment.

  • I have a HAS Supergun V2.1 (Acrylic case, kick harnes cable) with PSU and Scart video cable to trade for a Nintendo Switch Any folks in VIC would like to trade Switch for a HAS Supergun please let me know. Cheers

  • I also have 29" (68CM) Weiya c2929d1-6 VGA for sale in melbourne for $400 or best offer. This one accept 800x600 resolution which i used to plan to make Mame cab out of it but never have time to get into it. It's technically brand new as it's just got taken out of the box and left in the corner since last year. The specs of the chassis is here: Tube LG Phillips M68QDY259X Chassis: Weiya c2929d1-6 H.FREQ: 30-50khz V.FREQ: 47-90Khz VGA connector If anyone interested, please PM me.

  • Dark Staker 3 for CPS2??

    modology - - Capcom's CPS2


    Not so much familiar with this whole darkstalker game line up for cps2,but from what i've read, the Vampire Saviour released in Japan for CPS2 has two deviation called Vampire Saviour 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. Both deviations have different rosters, but none of these version have complete roster. I know that Darkstalker 3 released on PS1 has complete roster but it seems the game don't get any arcade port at all. Anyway to hack and combine roster from Vampire Saviour 2 and Vampire Hunter 2 together…

  • Quote from Geddon: “Whelp this room is close to done so here is a picture. Next I’m moving on to the other console setup which is like this one. 5 more TVs, 24 more consoles. So much work to do. setup on the left of the pic of the work in progress setup is my 3 pvm, 30+ older console setup. 30+24+24 already and I have more crap. 100 consoles no doubt. ” You have so many consoles there. Personally, I would not want to cramp up all the lcds and consoles into one small room like that. Also that red…

  • @Darksoft, can you please check this user. It looks like either he is a spammer or his account got hacked sJjzhPo.pngNo

  • I also happen to design my own Inser Coin decals as well. You can downlod for free here. Including alm version like C, F, D and custom USD version as well. Vewlix Insert Coin design (C,F,D version included) DOWNLOAD NOW

  • i meant for first home buyer, this is not a bad time to start thinking about buying your firsr home though. The real estate market price has dropped down slightly since last year and expecting to drop a bit more when economy crashs and people start losing their job and need to sell off their houses. It's not ideal but it's still better than keep renting.

  • Been hanging on as well. It's getting tougher as we are heading into the peak of the pandemic (and perhaps recession) Not sure about your workplace but my company have stood down at least 30 employees due to schools and universities closed down. Half of our projects are now put on hold and in limbo state as well. It's tough as I still have another 13 years to pay off mortgage and with the on-going grim news about the virus, it's not likely that the lock down will be lifted off anytime soon. On t…