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  • Quote from drfunk2k: “@BroadwayJose @Derick2k do you still have these pics? ” Check these:…int/&postID=7414#post7414…l/&postID=22554#post22554…e/&postID=20537#post20537

  • Ok, found a link on NG of someone that has/had the manual. I dont have creds there so maybe someone here that does can ask for scans??…51&viewfull=1#post3994851 Also, anyone care to repro the move strip for CoK, found this pic floating abouts…19ca498cccc1b337a89848224

  • You probably need a new thumbwheel pot. i think it as a 10 or 20k stereo pot like the ones used on the gameboys. I know @ekorz found one that works.

  • If anyone has a good scan of the manual, looks like the component values are listed.…19ca498cccc1b337a89848224

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Thanks @Derick2k but C61 is a ceramic capacitor. ” Yup, just in case you were missing any of those. Also, if you have time list values of those parts you are replacing around the battery section, Im sure others need to do similar repairs.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “AMG0110B Thanks for your help. ” I made a cap map list, confirmed to be the same values on AMG110B by @ekorz hope it helps.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from rewrong: “I believe it was this one: ” Ah, I got distracted by the shiny pictures. Ha. Thanks. ” Thats it, I took 3 scans in different places on the interior of the cab, in case outside color was a bit faded. In case of yellow, best 2 out of 3 was the winner Can you scan the monitor bezel on the EII, need to find a matching gray color to repaint mine. I will confirm color once I get the scanner back.

  • Quote from Kavas: “Looking for a donor board. I may end up with the multi before I have a board from the looks of things. ” If you dont find one, let me know, I might have a spare. Need to test though. Im gonna hit my storage unit tomorrow to see if I get a hold of it along with some other goodies.

  • Quote from BroadwayJose: “I got the dip bank extension from @Mitsurugi-w. The sticker I printed myself from an image floating around somewhere in this forum. It's nice, as each game logo image includes the assigned dip setting for the multi. ” I uploaded that somewhere, came out pretty decent, I was missing images for a couple of the games. Have there been more games added??

  • Quote from everten: “Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from BroadwayJose: “Still not sure if I want to opt for the LCD solution but I'm happy for now with the dip bank setup. It works and it's easy to use. ” Looks good, maybe @everten can make a version of his adapter that also has the dips switches for the multi?? ” Not a bad idea. I may be able fit dips where the CPS1 kick harness is. I could move the CPS1 to same spot as the CPS2 and make it an either/or kick harness. Do a lot of people use remote …

  • Quote from BroadwayJose: “Still not sure if I want to opt for the LCD solution but I'm happy for now with the dip bank setup. It works and it's easy to use. ” Looks good, maybe @everten can make a version of his adapter that also has the dips switches for the multi??

  • Quote from Hammy: “Not sure, chances are locked and registered. There's like 10% chance. There is other ways of getting a dump but i know 18C's are the hardest. ” Any tools/adapters to do it?

  • Awesome, gonna have to integrate this into my custom panel on the vewlix.

  • I gots a blood warrior i can check later if you need it.

  • For wiping screens with anti-glare/matter finish, etc.. like on the vewlix Use distilled warm water. Do not use standard window and surface cleaners. For grime/stuck one stuff on the screen make one of these mixtures in a spray bottle - 50% distilled water and 50% white vinegar - 100% distilled water and a drop of dish detergent - 50% distilled water and 50% isopropyl alcohol Always apply the water or mixtures to a microfiber cloth to clean and then a dry one to finish drying off the monitor scr…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Even if that did happen (and really as long as you are careful not to over tighten it won't) you could simply use longer screws with locking nuts on the backside. only the 6 (3 top/3 bottom) screws are threaded into the aluminum. Everything else is backed/threaded in stronger metal. ” Ok then, once I get one I will see the clearances, then there shouldnt be any issues.

  • Quote from nismopunch: “After holding the aluminum one in my hands and installing it in my C last weekend, I don't personally see a need for stainless. It fits well and doesn't add unnecessary weight, not to mention seems more than strong enough for what it is required to do. ” Only issue for me is stripping the threads on the aluminum version, thats about it. Either way, i just want to get this bracket already

  • Quote from jassin000: “@RGB made the RECO device, its a perfect button re-mapper because it works effortlessly with normal (1~4) JAMMA buttons AND Kicks (4~6). Most of the physical remapping devices I've seen don't properly support kicks, or allow for total freedom in remapping. It also includes auto-fire options, real time (5v/12v) volt-meter and supports the Negatron. 23426385166_d527845625_z.jpg ” Awesome and I still have 2 of them. Didnt he stop making them?? Need a version that sits inline …

  • Quote from Hadouken Arcade: “I think I saw something from arthrimus but can't recall what exactly it was. Quote from Derick2k: “I wanted to use one of these to control several things in the cab. But they are expensive. You can probably have Jose wire up a rotary switch, probably something like a 6Pole 4position one sdhould give you 4 button layout per player. Would be nice to have something to remap buttons though. There are a few solutions/options integrated into a few of the …

  • 1st method (dry) Discharge Tube Use compressed air and a soft bristle paint brush to remove dust build up, etc.. Done 2nd method (wet): Discharge Tube Take it outside spray the shit out of it with simple green (I prefer Krud Kutter, I fond it cleans krud better than simple green, only let it sit for at most 10mins while brushing) Use a soft (good quality) paint brush to gently scrub basically all parts of the tube/chassis Rinse it clean with a garden hose, dont be afraid, just dont use the spray…