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  • Hi! if this is still going. could you add me for one adapter and one multikit?

  • You are awesome @ShootTheCore!! Thank you for your help and time, I love Ap community

  • Hi my Ap Friend, I've got a toaplan tatsujin pcb which lacks a capacitor near the jamma edge. The capacitor in matter is c16 as one of the attached images shows. Can anyone point me what cap goes there to replace it? The game works fine though………6e2a908ba13f6d96aae7c5c25

  • She is not a scammer, sometimes she doesn't even know what she has or what is worth, her father was OP here in Argentina. I guess she was left with all that burden to sell. Anyway, I have only bought a sf3 mobo from her, and yes for some reason has many boards with scratched brands. You can always talk and ask for videos like nem said and take precautions as apocalypse suggested. I'm excited about this multi because I have 2 of these system E boards. They are hard to get here. I may be selling o…

  • @nem you are awesome thanks, also next to the manual degauss you mention is the degauss connection right?

  • Hi, I´m in the process of testing ms9 chassis into toshiba ms8 29 tube. I wonder what to do with this cables. Anyone knows what they are for and if i can adpt them? I have marked in yellow the references.…6e2a908ba13f6d96aae7c5c25…6e2a908ba13f6d96aae7c5c25

  • @Arcade game thank you for the reply i will try it this weekend and report back!

  • Hi my friends, I'm attempting to connect nanao ms9 chassis in ms8-29 Toshiba tube, I dont have ms9 yoke, will this be an issue? Are the results bad or can they pair well ? I aprecciate any help!

  • UD-USB Decoders

    MostroVeneno - - Temple of the Undamned


    Hi my friends! Anyone have leads on how to connect a keyboard to work with ud decoder? besides using a cronusmax adapter (which needs a PC connection for that to work). I've tried winbox pro adapter but doesn't work. If anyone knows or has any idea it would awesome!

  • Hi! I'm wondering if there's a way to connect a keyboard to arcade jamma to play with. I've a friend who uses keyboard to play fighting games online. I'd love to be able to connect one to the arcade. The only thing i can think of is if @undamned ud decoder accepted a kind of generic keyboard drivers. Anyone knows how to do it ? I wonder why no one has searched for this solution. Edit: I remembered @oneleaf86 posted that ud decoders worked fine with cronusmax. But that solution is bind to have a …

  • Wei-ya 2228h no power

    MostroVeneno - - Monitor Help


    i´ll try that and hope it´s one of the transistors and a simple fix , thanks my friend nem for your answer !

  • Wei-ya 2228h no power

    MostroVeneno - - Monitor Help


    Hi my friends, I was trying to adjust this chassis in astro city cab, and was working uncomfortable without space. While i thought i was dialing the v.lin pot i was cranking the VR pot ( Voltage regulator? B+ adj? ) and .......does not power anymore. The chassis beeps intermittent, i think the proctection circuit is doing its job. Hey, can anyone give advice on this? i haven´t been able to find Wei-ya 2228h diagram at all. What should i be looking to fix or replace? the HOT or other transistors,…

  • Quote from KaPH33n: “got you in the list. the $110 shipped price is for USA only, I will have to work with you over PM to determine actual shipping costs. it will be a bit before we get to the end of the list! ” Yep! whenever that comes i´ll be ready, thanks @KaPH33n

  • Please i would like one

  • Quote from ZERO_MILES: “looks like some Capcom typography to me? ” At first glance yes, could be a third strike one

  • Maybe that typography

  • Anyone knows whats a good replacement part for Colour drive transistor on the Mon neckboard, its a 2sc4001 transistor.

  • Hi mate thank you for the response and feedback! I´ll try that as soon as i get back from work and i´ll report back, sorry for the little knowledge from my side.

  • Quote from brad808: “- issue with the game board not outputting the colour - issue with the wiring from the game board to the Mon chassis - cold solder joints at the video input section of the Mon chassis - video processing IC on the Mon chassis - Colour drive transistor on the Mon neckboard - bad trim pot - cold solder joint on the CRT neck socket where connects to tube - bad cathode in tube itself ” So far, this is the progress: - issue with the game board not outputting the colour - issue wit…

  • Hi @Hatsune Mike i tried rising blue bias to the top but nothing happens yet