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  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Cereth: “If you do not send an inquiry form, you are NOT GETTING A CAB. ” Pinging: @capsuleman @Epyc @Micromort @ZoomBoy @-Ace- @mundy @zero238 @bmaru76 @friedpotatoz @moltomolto @Kidkaos @jermz0r @Bolo @FairWitness @Johnfan1986 @statix138 All you guys are in the first post on the pre-order list, but not on the orders list above. ” Thanks. I have contacted Hursit directly. He helped me to handle the freight issue. And I am waiting for his further contact.

  • I would take it also. What you said in the 1st post was 80% original. And you make it 90%. It showed yr 1000% efforts to make it perfect!

  • All the best! Waiting for your product!

  • This item is still available? Could I order it? Thanks

  • Quote from djsheep: “Has anyone played these yet? I couldn’t be bothered opening my multi up and updating the SD to be honest, let alone scrolling through all those extra games. Could someone please report back with a list of what’s good and what’s not? I know Progear: Highway to Hell is good, what else? ” I have just downloaded and played the Boss and Gameplay Hacks. It's great, you can see the attached pics, however, I dun download the Meter Hack in the SD card. Also, thank you for @dannahan a…

  • Quote from djsheep: “Quote from Johnfan1986: “Could you tell me the link for buying the extended SD card cable? Thanks ” This is the extension cable you need. Just remove the black housing when mounting it in the coin counter…r-Car-GPS-UN/264065065837 ” Thank you so much! It's reasonable price

  • Quote from dannahan: “I ended up adding an SD Extension Cable on my setup, using the hole where the Coin Counter was, to easily update/change out games on the fly. ” It's convenient for updated the ROM file. Could you tell me the link for buying the extended SD card cable? Thanks

  • Quote from djsheep: “Red looks amazing, tempted to grab some paint! ” Let's paint it . Make yr own custom version.

  • Quote from Mootown: “Hello After much pain I have fixed my cart which had a bit of an issue (long story, all good now) Can I check please if I'm running the correct most up to date builds - I have: Firmware 0x044e Firmware build 0xa160 top file build 0x35bb menu build date Nov 22 2019 Supported games 238 out of 238 I've had a bunch of issues updating - think I have the newest ones? Thanks ” My updated data is same as you.

  • Quote from Taal: “Could I please ask how you fixed it? ” Sure. You mean the multi-kit or the painting? For multi-kit, I just follow the instructions from that link: CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos For painting, I just bought a red spray can to paint the B board surface. I hope the previous information may answer yr question.

  • Arcade1up x Taito Type X 2

    Johnfan1986 - - Taito Type X


    This is my first arcade1up modding with TTX2 multi games. It's a wonderful experience for me to install one big device inside the arcade cabinet. Also, I added the OSSC for the scan lines experience. The details of modding: HDMI converter, Coins door, OSSC, light buttons, Capcom impress amplifier (waiting for the device), 2 speakers (forgot the inside and outside speaker's board surface installed). Finally, I feel great to play the TTX2 in arcade1up cabinet. I thought I may change the marquee to…

  • Quote from dannahan: “Quote from PascalP: “@SmokeMonster are these the latest roll up packs? If so can you update the link in the start post? ” looks like the roll up packs are gone? ” Can't find it too........

  • Great! Color Red Shell is awesome! ENJOY and Have fun!

  • This is my 1st time to make the darksoft cps2 multi kit. It is not too difficult. I painted the B board with custom color before I got the kit. However, I encountered the problem was "SD card undetected". I was struggling 2 hours. Luckily, Mitsurugi-w was very nice to give me the advice. I could fix the problem and enjoy to play the multi games. I would like to thank you for all professional administration here. The instructions, software, videos, and personal support are extremely well, fantast…

  • Quote from CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES: “Hello Guys I will receive on Friday, I will work in the weekend and start to ship from Monday! ” Appreciated!

  • Hello ! From HK

    Johnfan1986 - - Introduce Yourself!


    Thanks all ! I'm glad to hear Mitsurugi-w here! @kingau Right! It is cool of the CPS2 Multi kit. I have some collections about CPS 1.5 (Worriers of Fate), CPS3 ST3, and NeoGeo Games (MVS and AES). Also one SNK's Acrade cabinet MVS U4 (info. attached). Share my revival Joystick as below.

  • Hello ! From HK

    Johnfan1986 - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hi Everyone , Bros! I'm John, Nice to join the biggest arcade's family. I 'm really appreciated the former of the forum. I watched and read some projects and videos from Mitsurugi-w. It's fabulous and fantastic. I love CPS and SNK's games. I also ordered the CPS2 darksoft's multi kit and waiting for the modding (hope i can make it). Stay Healthy everyone!