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  • Like I said, eventually hologram labels...

  • Quote from Pinball: “I recently bought the Darksoft multi and a Taito F3 board, so have encountered this problem. The pin triplets affected by these plastics don't seem to be used (as some folks have removed them without issues), so can I ask a dumb question- why don't the Darksoft board connectors include 'triplet' holes at the relevant points to allow for these regional plastics (like the original carts do)? It would life easier, particularly for noobs like me As it is, I've ordered some small…

  • Wow, with PGM motherboards so inexpensive, I applaud your tenacity in doing this! Great work!

  • God, that guy asks crazy prices though (for shipping!). I think that's the guy who does the JJ Squawkers bootlegs too, but again, at $400+! @sheep_nova can you take care of this? Your service and prices are always great! I wouldn't mind a BG and JJ "conversion/bootleg" at reasonable prices, as well as more trusted mod work.

  • Quote from yosai: “I don't have an original to compare for accuracy but I stopped looking for one after Mikes hack. This is certainly good enough to play and enjoy, it possibly has less input lag too. I'd go for it, I very much doubt you'd have trouble selling a bootleg if you converted one. ” Good enough for me, is there anyone willing to just sell converted bootlegs? With the sound fixes? I'm sure some $$$ for your time and effort would be the right path for me.

  • Taito F3 Stereo Audio PCB

    XtraSmiley - - Taito F3


    Cool, following!

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from LittleLarrySellers: “Quote from Derick2k: “3 sets of roms, took a bit to burn through, but all done. ” @Derick2k digging the eprom labels. What do you use to do that? I've been using a cheesy label printer but kind of like the fancy labels I see peeps do. ” Regular laser/inkjet return address labels cut to size , 1/2" x 1-3/4" nothing special. I was going to get silver laminated labels made with rounded corners and what not, but it was overkill. ” I've found, in …

  • Wow, definitely and interesting game to consolize! And kudos for not doing anything permanent! You could also stick another PCB in that box pretty easy it looks like!

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “We're (almost) in business! Found an other rotten trace and now red and green are back: 20200710-200438.jpg 20200710-200430.jpg Quote from Derick2k: “If anyone has a good scan of the manual, looks like the component values are listed. ” So far I only replaced C61.But that didn't change anything regarding the maxed out sound. Whatever its position I don't see any change in the measured resistance between pins of VR2. Maybe it's cooked. @ekorz ? ” Wow, I KNEW you would get …

  • Quote from drfunk2k: “Quote from Weasel: “I'd say it looks too good to not make it the default color! ” sadly pcb factory charges us more for black PCB ” I'm not sure what that cost is, but probably the buyer is willing to pay it. It looks much better!

  • I have an Express Raider that just boots to a garbled graphics screen and that's it (no movement or sound). Would this possible fix that issue? I know it is hard to say, but sometimes these faults are "likely" although not perfect. Also, @caius, thank you for your tip on Pyros!

  • Quote from GC8TECH: “Please can everyone let me know when there wheels arrive OK?? ” Definitely, I'm looking forward to the wheels and caps you sent! I'll let you know though, last two packages from Australia took 60 days to arrive.

  • OK, I realized I need the EPROMs. Anyone in the US have EPROMs they could burn and ship to me for this multi?

  • Quote from rewrong: “Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “About to start changing names back. This feature will not be available in the new software when we change over. ” For the record I'm not remotely being bullied. Rg111 just thinks he's funny. ” Now I'm being bullied. ” IMO this was the best name change so far...

  • Great find, but I think posting in here will only drive up the price!

  • Crap, I thought I was about to get an easy fix with another amazing @caius chip, but not this time. I bought an untested Pyros. Boots into demo, but any coin-up results in immediate "TILT" and reboot. I assume it's the area in red that you used to create the HK-1000, but any tips would be appreciated. By the way, so this isn't a full derail, I have the HK-1000 on a Fixeight and it works great!

  • I cannot add to this discussion on the technical side, but am curious if you are able to make a less expensive kit when it's all said and done. Also, "gender changing pins", what is this, The Last of Us Part II?!?!

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Quote from Derick2k: “Yup, international shipment via postal service is fucked almost all over. Check this package i sent out, May 23rd, hey but at least is says it left the country. I had another package that sat through the quarantine for like 3 months but finally made it. And this is priority international shipping, that used to be guarantee 6-10 days to be delivered in most cases. So this on week 6 already, probably gonna take a few more weeks before the next update. …

  • Quote from Stupid Dufus: “He demonstrated H/V controls in the video at 15:20 ” Holy crap, I did miss it! Thanks, that's EXACTLY what I was looking for! Man, the only thing that would make this perfect would be the ability to adjust the H/V size as well...

  • Fantastic work. @RetroRGB doesn't go over the H/V adjustment knob (unless I missed it). Can you provide a video of what it does exactly? This might be something a lot of us who use varying arcade PCBs need to get the full picture on our CRTs that don't have H/V knobs. Awesome man! thanks to @Stupid Dufus (who is clearly not one) I see I missed the demo. Thank!