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  • The Last Blade 2: "white screen" before the character selection screen. If player 2 insert a coin all the players could choose a character. When the fight start the player 2 doesn't has the usual life bar. The same when you play with the computer after the defeat of player 2 motherboard: MV-1FZ and NEW FIRMWARE Dec 4th 2018

  • Quote from PascalP: “what type of JVS IO is the standard in a Lindbergh? Perhaps you can swap it out for a Sega Type 1 IO from a New Net City which is know to works flawlessly ” The standard is Type 3 according to but seems to not work Quote from dvseb: “Works fine with i/o type 1 and i/o type 3 sega ” With type 3 seems to not work Is possible to put naomi I/O (Type 1) on Lindbergh cab (that have Type 3)? what would this change involve?

  • Quote from CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES: “TTX2 on a lindbergh doesn't work, single game or multigame doesn't change have you tried personally? ” No, because I want to buy form the seller Lindbergh cab and Taito x together. He said me that when he tried multi taito it doesn't works on lindbergh (but it works on nomi cab), vanilla model works fine in lindbergh. The strange thing is that there are as many people who say the that everything works without problems. Like dvseb here at the top says. So I try to…

  • Quote from CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES: “I think that the problem in in the interface card JVS On a naomi it works without problem I can confirm, but JVS board differ from the one installed in a lindbergh cab ” Thanks for your answer but I can not explain myself why the non-multigame type x2 works. You know what changes should I make to make the multi ttx2 works in the lindbergh cab?

  • Hi there, I'm about to buy a Sega Lindbergh cabinet and I want to mount a Taito Type X2 multigame on it. The seller said to me that when he put the TTX2 multigame on Lindbergh cab there's a "I/O board not compatible" error but If he mounts a vanilla TTX2 on it the system works correctly. In addition he said that if he put the TTX2 multigame on a Naomi cab everything works fine. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

  • Hi from Venice

    cescoisshalashaska - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hello, I'm Francesco from Italy, proud owner of a sega blast and netcity. I have always followed the forum without ever participating, I think now is the time.I'm about to buy a Lindbergh cabinet with multi type x 2 to mount and I look for some advice, this is the right place.nice to meet you all