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  • Beautiful resto, I've got a plastic bezel ony aero that someone at some point etched letters onto to and will have to tackle that at some point. Loving the attention to detail too.

  • I have an aero myself and I'm really looking forward to this resto. A resto is definitely in the future for mine as well. Will be following closely and awesome work so far.

  • Aero city monitor

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    I know this is an old thread but in order to change position of said jumper, would I need to disconnect and discharge monitor?

  • Those umk3 plates are absolutely stunning, I'm pretty sure I have a spare umk3 board. What I would probably do is install the plates and display it on a shelf of some sort.

  • Florida USA

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    Welcome, great place to hang out, learn and share.

  • I have an arcade monitor, it's Nanao MS8-26 in a Sega Aero City. It flickers from regular brightness to less bright (dim). Almost like it flickers and dims, then flickers and gets brighter again. You can see what I'm referring to very clearly early in the video attached. Any idea as to what's causing it. I did notice that when I smacked the side of the machine, it flickered back to it's normal brightness again temporarily. Link to video below. Thanks!

  • thanks for posting the video, my concern is whether I need to disconnect anything befoe rotating.

  • How's it going, I'm looking at the possibility of picking an snk super neo 29 candy and it's currently set up vertically for shoot em ups. I'd like to rotate it back to a horizontal position and would like some advice or tips going about that. I plan to keep it on a horizontal position for fighting games and don't play a lot of shootem ups anway. I don't want to damage monitor and want to do it safely. If you own one, how did to rotate it. Btw, how wide is this cab and will it fit a 29" doorway.…