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  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “The new evolution of supergun is nearing completion too. I'm still being tight lipped about it for now but am mere weeks away from having a finished product in hand. I'm quite excited and believe this will be the next evolutionary wave in superguns and am pleased to have got there first. ” @Frank_fjs you tease!

  • For what it is worth, in Retronauts Episode 315: Samurai Shodown they bring up the possibility of releasing an SNK approved cart of Samurai Shodown V Perfect. The guest who is working with SNK basically responded with, "I'm not allowed to answer that question at this time."

  • I'm glad I never dropped the money on a PSIO. The XStation looks better.

  • Quote from Srkmagnus: “Would you mind pointing me to the SCART switch you are using? ” Here you go.

  • stv region?

    the Goat - - Sega ST-V


    Quote from skate323k137: “Double the rom file and use a m27c800 should work fine. Remove pins 1 and 42 after burning. I've done it in a pinch when out of 27c400. ” I suggest tying pin 1 (address 18) to either ground or +5V instead of removing it. Leaving an address floating can result in undefined behavior.

  • Very nice. I'll be following your progress.

  • NEO GEO controllers

    the Goat - - General Arcade Tech Help


    No. A PC joystick or gamepad is a poor choice to try an adapt to a neo geo style input. Furthermore microsoft sidewinder joysticks and game pads used funky undocumented tricks to support extra buttons and bidirectional digital communication through the 15 pin PC game port. ie. hijacking the MIDI in/out pins (usially on pins 12 & 15) for use as a serial port.

  • Quote from peet: “I have another cab with a different power supply I could try? ” Of coarse.

  • Quote from Pap: “sorry im also quite fresh here, so the minigun is not outputing audio on the din8/din9? ” Minigun outputs audio on the mini din 8/9 as long as there is nothing plugged into the 1/8 inch audio jack.

  • Quote from Gato: “Are there discernable differences in gameplay between the old rom set and the new key writing one's? ” No gameplay differences.

  • Quote from ZoomBoy: “Is there a way to identify what BIOS I have? ” Dump the ROM and compare it to other known BIOS dumps. Hardly worth the effort. Just burn a modBIOS. Swap it in and be down with it.

  • Quote from Kujako: “I guess this raises a question that I'd not gotten around to asking. What is the preferred multi-region BIOS for use with the STV-Multi cart? Mine is still stock and I really should swap it out before screwing it into my MVS cabinet. ” Here is the page I used for my ST-V modBIOS:

  • Quote from ZoomBoy: “Any guidance on why Batman Forever gives me a Region error when loading with the Multi? Every other game I tried works perfectly. ” Do you have the modBIOS installed? Have you tried switching regions?

  • PSU Rail Selector?

    the Goat - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from FakeNoose: “@the Goat you misunderstand me. I'm powering down eachtime I switch but what I don't want to do is un-screw power rails between each game. I'd like a switch placed there so all I have to do is toggle it on and off between power-downs to feed the appropriate line to each board without providing unnecessary lines. For example, my MVS is stereo modded so I remove the 12v line when I play. If I switch to SFII with mono, I add the 12v line back. having a switch to do that for m…

  • PSU Rail Selector?

    the Goat - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Is this for an arcade cabinet or a supergun setup? Well either way you should completely power down the PSU when switching boards. Cabinets often have a master power switch for this. For a supergun you would unplug the PSU, or wire a switch into the A/C cord.

  • Quote from AMS: “Oké to be honest get a Sega driving cab jvs ready you can play tons of modern racing games get a f355 single or a upright like crazy taxi then you can make a altered loom to put on the pots in the assy wheel and brake/gas ” Cool. I'll keep an eye open for one of those.

  • Quote from AMS: “there is almost no way without hacking/wiring the cabinets to use other boards on them like 1980/1990 ” I'm fine with making wiring adapters.

  • Quote from AMS: “@the Goat Why don’t you buy that cabinet and put a mame pc in it and hack a racing wheel setup and wire it to the cabinet? Then you can keep the cab original with the game and play all the nice racing games you want. Just a bit lack then off force feedback but heey you can’t have all ” MAME and emulation is not my style.

  • Quote from AMS: “No that’s to old best is to get a Sega racer with JVS as on Sega racers is a ton of info and the best racing’s cabs on the planet so a standup crazy taxi or sit-down f355 etc etc model 3 racer like Daytona 2/Sega rally is also oké but the question is what do you want to play? ” Thanks for the quick response. Certainly I'd want to play the classic Sega Super Scaler racing games, Outrun through the F1 games on System 32. Also more modern 3D stuff like Crazy Taxi series, Sega Rally…

  • I see a Cruis'n World cabinet for sale near me. Would I be able to drop in other racing games?