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  • Although I recall now that ultra being unlocked on these non bug fixed pcbs Is the only place your Maniac scores save as they save in the ultra table I think. Just got over 10 million on maniac which is enough to be top but on power down it disappears, when ultra is unlocked it reappears there I think.

  • Nothing as far as I know, just can't be many pcbs that aren't unlocked I guess, a novelty if you will, nothing more, so very tempting though haha.

  • It's the only cave pcb I've ever seen with this problem, it's how I received it fully knowing its problem(and it came with a full artset I'd wanted for ages) makes me wonder if it was caused by some plonker trying to initialize the high scores with this piece of wire/transistor trick.…ble-on-cave-sh3-pcbs.html I took a punt on it hoping this replacement RTC/EPROM would work and also hoping I'd be left with a locked ultra, luckily it worked

  • Just a quick update on this, pcb came back today massive thanks to oneleaf86 for doing this for me. I really appreciate it. Top job done. Everything saving as it should. And ultra still locked, boy I've been tempted to put the code in but I kinda like it locked, I ain't gonna play ultra anyway haha. DJwNiF.jpgwy3sHO.jpg7S8yHS.jpg

  • Thanks for your reply, are these the chips? Can't find any stocked in the UK but can get hold one of these from a friend who has some.…arch-amp.list.32857398460 So does anyone know anyone confident enough to change the chip? I'm more tempted to get it done to see if when its changed if it does the trick ultra is still unlocked or not, be nice to have an locked pcb.

  • Got a Mushi pcb here that I got a while ago which has a problem saving Ultra( can put the code in and play it until you power down and have to re-enter) Also when it boots up and gets to the checking EEPROM screen it says initializing instead of checking so it's as if it initializes on every power up so even once powered up if you alter the freeplay, continues etc once you 'save and exit' it just initializes again. The time and date real time clock also is goofy as its 20FF/FF/FF FF etc So I'm a…