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  • that is beautiful. very clean.

  • Quote from jassin000: “I love the idea of hydro painting console shells, tell us more about cost and what can/can't be done reasonably. ” I bought the kit from mydipkit. I think it was around 70 bucks total and came with enough film, primer, and base coat to do multiple consoles. Kinda pricey I guess but I really wanted to get into it. I feel like it would be a feasible technique to use on almost any console. I cant think of any that would be a problem. When dipped it really grabs the film and c…

  • Quote from werejag: “can you share the template or more info on the vb sewn shade? ” Yeah that wouldn't be a problem. I made the last template by hand and have it stored away from a recent move. The plan is to locate that paper pattern and make a vector file and files for a cricut to cut. I should still even have the boo and other embroidery patterns I designed.

  • Quote from XtraSmiley: “Wow, very impressive work! Not gonna lie, how much for one of those VB visors? It's the boo! ” Thank you very much! I will see if I can find the flat pattern to make some more. Been a while.

  • Here are some of the random mods I have done. More to come but gotta locate the pics. There is a wooden n64 with matching controller. Some clear parts, some hydrodipping with handpainted wood grain to give texture. Region Mod, LEDS, RGB An Original Xbox I did for a friend, forza themed. Hardmodded, larger HDD, custom jewel and lighting. Has matching controller. An original xbox controller I did for a guy, elite style. A Super Retrocade stuffed into a Genesis shell, with led lit fake cart and USB…

  • Quote from brizzo: “This was a factory fix for early board versions, there are three versions in total ” Awesome thanks brizzo. Good to know.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “If anyone has a Dolphin Blue or Fist of the Northstar bootleg I'd like to buy it I think those and an original Animal Basket Cart are the only ones I'm still looking for. ” No joke, been looking for a boot or original cart of dolphin blue for a while. Last cart alone I saw go for around 800 USD. I think this is an original Animal Basket on ebay.…83a87b:g:9lUAAOSwkNRdlBWW

  • Awesome thanks much!

  • just received an atomiswave. Began taking it apart to clean up and noticed a small board jumpered to the motherboard in various locations. Any ideas what this board is? My other atomiswave did not have it from what I recall.

  • Quote from opt2not: “welcome fellow SoCal member! ” Thanks! Much appreciated.

  • Awesome car, very nice. Well worth the labor. Just went with a megasquirt setup myself in a little mazda beater I have. still need to get it on a dyno so I can tune it.

  • Quote from VWI: “Welcome! Glad to see yet another gear head hanging around. ” Thanks much! Glad to be hear. That your Type 3 in your pic?

  • Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum and also pretty new to the arcade scene in general. I am a huge retro gamer and collect a bit of everything. I have been building cars and motorcycles most of my life so the electrical knowledge has really come in handy with my dive into arcades. During the day I run 2 companies that design and manufacture Motorcycle parts (Shogun Motorsports and DMP Products), and in my free time recently I have been messing with all things arcade. Currently I own a few jamma…