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  • Quote from doozer: “ Followup question: is anyone on this forum selling the custom surround to mount a flat panel LCD into the Outrun cabinet (the CRT is convex)? ” I don't have one, but someone else may. You should probably clarify which OR2 cabinet you have though, they came in quite a few styles.

  • The Chihiro outputs hi-res. Not sure why you'd ever need to move to a Lindbergh to use an LCD. But it should be more or less compatible. Both systems are JVS after all. Video/audio/controls should work just fine. FFB may be the one thing you'd have to worry about. I'm sure someone more driving-game knowledgeable will chime in.

  • I think it's weird to pick any non-Neo-Geo game music for this. With that in mind: Stage 1 of Viewpoint.

  • Makvision m3129db1-72 Problem

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    I see no red flags. I say go for it.

  • It's gorgeous! Great work!!!

  • Makvision m3129db1-72 Problem

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    If you are worried about it though, call SuzoHapp, they have the schematics on their site, they should be able to give you info over the phone regarding it.…ision-schem49-2715-00.pdf

  • Makvision m3129db1-72 Problem

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    An old VillageBBS post says it doesn't require and ISO Transformer. You should be able to just plug it in no problem.] FWIW, this is a rebranded Wei-Ya chassis. Might make searching for it a bit easier.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from rewrite: “I have a Hammerin' Harry in storage. How can I tell which it is? I'll check it out in the next couple days as I need some things out of there anyway. ” There's a reference on the side of each board starting with "M81-" ” Obviously... Duh.. I'll look sometime by Sunday :).

  • I have a Hammerin' Harry in storage. How can I tell which it is? I'll check it out in the next couple days as I need some things out of there anyway.

  • Apocalypse's ongoing projects

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    Thank you for all your efforts!!

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Crack Down! I need to find a system 24 motherboard... ” I've been looking for Crack Down for years. It just never comes up, even broken. This is a neat project, but like Apocalypse said, an System 24 stuff is hard to come by nowadays anyway.

  • Quote from mountainmanjed: “Again how is this so hard compared to regular cps1? ” I think the vast majority of us have no comparison for how hard it is, and are simply going off of information given to us by those who have made an effort to accomplish it. If you don't think it's that difficult, there's absolutely money in it if you want to work on the project :P.

  • Quote from defor: “As far as updates for this project go, things are a bit behind my planned schedule, no surprise there, but the dongle is still happening! ” Glad to hear you're okay! Take your time on that one, we're all excited, but there's no rush!

  • I've had all the stuff to do this for a while now, but am paranoid about trying to solder those types of chips.. I have second-hand Joerg conversions for Ketsui and DOJ, but still need Espgaluda. Going to start practicing and learning on a broken board before risking my spare Killing Blade.

  • Quote from Blackfish: “A bit off the current direction of things, but i think I may have a bootleg of Sangokushi II. Not sure if it will help in the overall project but I could have a look over the weekend. It's definitely not a CPS 1.5 board its on. Some Chinese ripoff with Capcom written on it. Is this something that could help? ” I don't know, but hopefully someone who does will chime in! I think this is our third(?) CPS1.5 bootleg that's been offered to be looked at for the cause, and I thin…

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Whats the latest tally on donations??? ” The donation tally is current. I don't see any new donation offerings since post 80 unless I'm mistaken. If you want me to figure out who's offering what for now vs end of Punisher, I can figure that out too, but I think we're around 350 ready now from a glance.

  • Quote from Ghostcri: “I have a Naomi 2 with Capcom io in a pseudo big blue. It's just a standard 2 player, 6 button fighting cab that has/had CPS2 Xmen vs SF in it. ” What are you powering the Naomi 2 with?

  • Man, you're just knocking them out of the park!

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from ShootTheCore: “I'm fine with applying my $100 pledge now towards the $500 now, $500 later release of Punisher. @Darksoft, does Neocps1 have any interest in tackling another CPS 1.5 game after Punisher is complete? ” I'm afraid he doesn't want to work on more games. ” In that case I think it becomes even more important that we get all the notes. That way whoever picks up the others can start on even footing.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Let's be clear if you dont want to go ahead, I'm fine. Let's look for someone else doing this job.....if we can find it.” I'm simply trying to get a grasp of both what we're receiving, as well as have a discussion as to how this will affect things moving forward.