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  • 128Mb CPS3 SIMMS!!!!!!

    randombling - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Quote from oscarhernandez1983: “ I hate to go in public and call his name but what he did its unacceptable. His name is Lucas Henkel he goes by retrorewindtech. He kept beating around bush telling me he fixed two boards but the third one had graphical glitches so I asked him two send me the two working ones I would pay extra for shipping he also said he will refund me for all the time waiting he didn't refund anything back. Out of all 3 boards I only got one working. Minus the simm card. He has …

  • I was thinking about getting that board off ebay, but it looked way to rough. I was concerned that it would have A-Board issues, and I dont have any spares to swap it with.

  • Well when I tested initially I turned it on and set the volume to max. Turned it off for about 30 minutes and tried again. The volume didn't reset so I figured that it must be fixed now. Haven't touched it since, and now the volume is messed up again going to 0. So I assume I didn't wait long enough for the volume to reset. I'll try the super cap next.

  • If you mean super cap by the toshiba chips, I didn't touch that. Is there a certain voltage that should be coming from that?

  • Just wanted to add that The board is back to resetting itself to 0 after being powered off for a while. I don't use this a board often so I never really noticed. Think I'm just gonna deal with it

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “I had the exact same issue with the exact same game and exact same chip revision. Culprit was : Sorry. Solution for me was to pacth program ROMs to use a CPS-B-21 chip I pulled from a working CPS2 board (already pulled the CPS-A-01 from it to save a CPS1 A-board). Then I had to adapt the C-board a little bit as CPS-B-05 and CPS-B-21 aren't 100% pin compatible and CPS-B-21 needs an additional PAL. That was a lot of work but also a good exercise to prove you can adapt a dif…

  • LED vs fluorescent tubes I had the same issue with my new net city and blast city. While the replacement bulb from Lowes did fit, it was a really snug fit. I assumed that the Astro cities were similar, i do not own one though.

  • Quote from kidpanda: “I just go to lowes and buy the garage FL15 bulb. Works great. ” This. If you really want the "original" tube you're going to have to import a metric tube to fit properly in there, otherwise it's gonna be a tight fit

  • The japanese love to smoke them cigs. Every candy cabinet i've bought reeks in cigarette smell and gunk. I dunno how much you paid for that cabinet, but if it was squeaky probably would have paid way more. Edit: BTW try to hit those cig stains with a magic eraser. I had some on my Blast City as well and the magic eraser helped remove them quite easily.

  • Quote from opt2not: “I finally got around to do this update. Got the SCSI2SD board, followed the instructions in this thread and it worked first try. Thanks for all the info posted here! Also was able to finally install the Jasen Customs plexi, this thing looks great now! I'm glad to put away the cumbersome CD Drive. Looking good through my OSSC: ” Right On. I just completed the exact same set up you have. Really nice to get rid of that scsi drive.

  • If it's adhesive, you can try and remove it a fishing line. You can also try dental floss, but those tend to break easily.

  • I dont think so. I've burned eproms specifically for a Gpal B-Board and put them in a Cps2Black all in one. No issues whatsoever. Watch this video made by mitsurugi-w to show you how he converted his using m37c322 mask roms BTW if you're saying you're able to load the game, but get audio issues, that sounds like jumper issues. For G-Pal games, Open up all the jumpers (OOOO).

  • Just burn normal 16bit mask roms. The all in one black board accepts these type of Roms.

  • Yes it's possible. I've done the exact same thing you're trying to do. You'll need a cps3 board with darksoft bios to burn the main program files to the simm, burn the graphics and sound roms to the appropriate EProms, then adjust the jumpers on the board. Also note: I had trouble burning the 980904 version of alpha 3 to the SIMM. I would always get a blue screen on boot up. Switched it to the 980629 version and it booted up just fine. I thought it was just me, but someone else tried the same th…

  • 128Mb CPS3 SIMMS!!!!!!

    randombling - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Quote from oscarhernandez1983: “Hi guys just curious if it's possible to get one of these simms. I've got ripped off twice I bought an all in one marvel vs capcom. I paid a good bit for it. Day after I bought it my chassis fried so I didn't have time to tested out. Finally I got a one of those cheap pcb to plug a pc monitor. Just to find out the board was suicided. Just my luck gets better I contacted a guy on ebay he told me he could do it the turn around time was maybe to days since he already…

  • I actually purchased it from digi-key, but I am sure mouser has similar parts. I picked up this…6102E3/4219PHBK-ND/263122 It's a little bit wider than the stock cap but it still fits

  • I can confirm the volume issue has been resolved by changing out the super cap Thanks for the help

  • unless you're trying to keep strangers out of your cp, why bother with that lock? IMO it's a useless lock unless you're an arcade operator trying to prevent people from messing with the coin mech ect. As for the other cam locks, I use these for my NNC and they work perfectly fine.…-arcade-machine-22mm.html

  • Right on. I just ordered replacement supercap from mouser. I'll update thread with the outcome

  • The one that looks like a battery? How can I test to see if it has gone bad?