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  • it’s also funny you mention the marquee TwistedSymphony. Mine shipped with a marquee light non working and I just assumed it was a burned out bulb. Maybe I have the same issue as your friend.

  • Thank you both for your help. I am getting the proper AC voltage so I’m researching what fuses these are I need to replace. I contacted Yaton for a quote on another PSU and he says he has one but it’s 220 Volts. Would I be good to use a converter plug or do I need some type of step down transformer to make this compatible in the US?

  • I’ll check the AC voltage when I get home. I located 3 fuses when I took apart the PSU.

  • I had a wire short somewhere in my Blast City cabinet and it melted the connector on the PSU and the male portion of the Harness. I disconnected everything and wanted to just test the PSU by itself to get some voltage readings. The PSU won’t power on now. I am currently trying to find someone local who could help me repair the PSU but if that’s not an option I need to source out a replacement. I will also need to determine what caused the short so I don’t have this happen again with another PSU.…