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  • UD-USB Decoders

    viperman3 - - Temple of the Undamned


    If anyone interested, Paradise Arcade Shop has Undamned USB Decoder Plus in stock.

  • Can I please get on the list for two md2neo adapters. I'm in the same situation with not being able to source a decent Neogeo controller off ebay (high shipping cost!!!) Was looking to hack a neogeo mini controller but from my understanding these don't have the "clicky" feel on the original.

  • Quote from SabreAZ: “out of curiosity, does the brook neogeo to ps4 adapters work? Since undamned's db15s are out of the limelight for a bit, im curious if they will work? ” i have the brook PS3/4 to neo geo adapter and it does work with the minigun. I have v2.1 of the minigun.