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  • Hi From Boston, MA

    bdogMcgrowly - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome! I'm also waiting (excitedly and impatiently) for my Vewlix to arrive from KC, as well! It's also supposed to have a fast I/O, which I'm planning to rehome. I'm throwing in an old PC with mame into mine (which is a Vewlix L). In my excitement, I've already put together my own harness with an ipac and am planning on ordering the 2 player panel from Taito eventually (if a reasonable quality repro doesn't pop up beforehand). Well, the cp AND the locks.

  • Quote from ekorz: “Well if you end up with one that has a jvs io (likely if you buy an FC since they’re older) then you can use a jvspac2 to get it working with mame and not have to re-wire anything. An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2) kcarcadegame and cereth both have vewlix varieties in stock regularly, just be prepared to pay for the freight shipping. GS Container: Ships 23rd, Vewlix L/FC, jubeat, Gunslinger Stratos L A game sale 2 player panels weren’t made officially for the FC but taito will w…

  • I'm getting used to the forum right now, so some of my replies might be a little awkward... @KOarcade REPRESENT! I was originally looking for a Vewlix F(or C), but I think that a Vewlix L might just be a-okay. My intent is to add the 2 player panel and setup a MAME system temporarily. (So the IO board would be preserved and it wouldn't currently matter if I had the fast IO... if I'm learning anything from my reading up on these gorgeous cabinets!) I'm new to working on the cabinets. "New," as in…

  • I've been poking around looking for a genuine Vewlix cabinet and was directed to this forum.