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  • Ohh I see. I didn't know that. The other day my monitor wasn't turning on at all so I'm sending the chassis away to be looked at. Too many odd/random issues.

  • Flyback swap compatibility

    Suzuki_Bison - - Monitor Help


    Thanks for the info dude!

  • Flyback swap compatibility

    Suzuki_Bison - - Monitor Help


    As someone who is new to the world of arcade machines and their additional required maintenance, of course the number one question is how to keep my monitors working at close to 100% for the longest period of time. But when something goes wrong (for instance a problem a simple cap kit won't fix) and your chassis needs a new flyback, can you realistically swap in a flyback from a similar model number? Or does it need to be an exact match? (For example, a flyback from a Nanao MS8-29SU onto a chass…

  • Quote from rewrite: “I wasn't questioning your need to do the cap kit, I was suggesting you check your soldering work and cap directions. If it wasn't heating up before the cap kit, but does now, it would point toward something you've done, y'know? As for the new info with the ringing/etc, you can always try tightening it to the board a bit more if it has mounting screws, or as most people do, epoxying the flyback in place. Won't solve your problems, but you may get more time out of it without t…

  • Quote from rewrite: “You may also want to double-check your work. That's not really a normal thing to happen, and if it didn't do it before the recap but does now, you should have a fair idea what's causing it. ” Our original reasoning for performing the cap-kit was due to a high-pitched frequency which was coming from the monitor. We were'nt sure what specifically was causing it, and the frequency only seemed to occur once every so often, but when it did, it was loud and quite annoying. One of …

  • Quote from Rg111: “Heat and electronics dont mix. I wouldn't leave a fan on it. Are you certain the flyback itself is heating up? Did you discharge the monitor and touch it? If that's the case, I'd replace the flyback. ” To clarify what you were saying concerning heat and electronics not mixing, that's why I was thinking perhaps putting a fan on the edge of the cabinet shell (with air blowing onto the chassis) would be a smart fix. Though in terms of replacing the flyback, they don't make the fl…

  • The other day a friend of mine and I did a full cap kit on my MS8-29FSG in my astro. We found that after turning the monitor back on, the flyback became quite hot and gave off a lot of heat in a short amount of time. We actually removed the metal casing on the chassis which enclosed the flyback, just to give the flyback a little more air. However, this doesn't really solve the issue of air flow within the cab and keeping the flyback cool. I've been thinking of leaving the lower back panel of my …

  • Ill let you know what I find, ordering a cap kit this week!! Thanks again!

  • Quote from gunblade: “normally a noisy coil down the side of the flyback ” i heard this can be the issue as well, would a cap-kit solve this (planning on recap anyway) or is the coil something totally separate I need to purchase?

  • Ill definitely look into this!! Also, I have to correct myself that the monitor actually is an MS8-29, not the MS9.

  • So the monitor inside my astro is omitting a high-frequency tone. I was working with an arcade-tech friend of mine who thinks it could need a re-cap, or possibly could be a voltage issue, but we're not 100% sure. The ringing seems to change pitch when the flyback is touched or nudged (we were sure to test this safely). Anyone else ever experienced this before?

  • I'm the new owner of two Astro Cities (not NACs), and after a few weeks of cleaning them up I'm eager to turn them on finally. However, I haven't been able to find many guides online outside on hooking up the PSUs properly, other than users reporting issues with theirs. Do I have everything hooked up properly? What am I missing? I have three power supplies: • 400-5198 in cab #1 • NVS-4000 in cab #2 • 400-5261-01X (unused) I'm going to be running CPS2 and MVS games. Cab 1 already had everything p…

  • Hey Mike, I just acquired my first set of cabs and have them set up for versus with 1p control panels, desperately need one of these link kits! Do you have any still available?? I'd like to order one asap!

  • Hey everyone! So I finally acquired my first set of Astros, and I couldn't be more excited! I've been doing my research (or trying to anyway) and figure out what's best to get these in tip-top shape. Monitors are clean/working, cabs need some simple green and magic eraser but overall look good. I purchased some Logitech Z5500 speakers, which are supposed to fit right into the cabs. But that leads me to ask, how does one hook up the amplifier inside the cab? I don't feel it's necessary to get a s…

  • Congrats man! Nice boards. As mentioned above, the battery should probably be replaced- any of the batteries in CPS2 boards that say "CAPCOM" and have the red band in the middle are the original batteries. My Xmen vs SF board actually came like that, who knows, could have lasted a few more years perhaps? But just to play it safe (unless you're going to throw an infinikey in it) might as well replace. They're cheap enough.

  • Quote from wuemura: “This looks like a memory access error, check the board for any problems around the memory region. ” How do you do that?

  • It's a JNX supergun! So, apparently, this is a glitch... Why... lol

  • Also if any mods need me to move this to the CPS2 section I can do that- I wasn't sure if that was more for darksoft issues.

  • Quote from PascalP: “How is the 5v set? Could be the cause if it is too low ” You'll have to excuse me as I'm kinda new to the more technical side of the hobby. I do have a multimeter and I've tested voltages before, if that's what you mean? I've run this board on my supergun for almost three years pretty consistently and never had any issues, at least not like this. At one point I did test the voltage in the supergun and the readings seemed relatively normal. Can they randomly drop over time?

  • My CPS2 Street FIghter 2X board (or Super Turbo) was on for about 20 minutes or so. Zangief stage, I'm just playing against the CPU. Screen goes black mid-match, audio continues to play. Game loading menu (Street Fighter 2X, Made in Japan, etc...") loads while the Zangief stage audio is still running. Finally once the game reached the loading screen animation (with Ryu throwing Hado), the audio reset as well. Really strange. Additionally, coin counter was also reset from 7 to 0. I'm running my b…