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  • I don't have any big updates right now. After seeing another red cab in action I realized my CRT needs work. I'm probably going to end up sending the chassis to sharp image in Las Vegas. I did get rid of this ugly DDR 2014 marquee and replace it with something more fitting sourced from right here!…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672

  • Quote from Cereth: “For DDR readers, you can just unscrew the back plate and remove the lock from the inside. You'll need to loosen the nut securing the lock to the door though since the tang will still prevent you from pulling it out, but I just did this with a pair of readers myself rather than drill them out ” Sasuga, @Cereth!!…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672

  • Quote from nem: “Quote from ano_guy: “Will going all the way through the lock make it removable? ” If you hit it dead center it will. Tang should survive. I would use a 8mm bit (or whatever that is in inches). ” Thanks nem. That would be 5/16 in freedom units. I’ll give it a shot when I get home.

  • Quote from nem: “I don't understand. Why do you need to go to a bigger bit? What's stopping you from drilling straight through with a smaller bit? ” Will going all the way through the lock make it removable? What I’m seeing is that they didn’t hit the entire core of the lock and that’s why I can’t turn it. I’m also hoping to not do damage to the tang if possible because I plan to reuse it. Curious why they stopped if they only had to go another 3/8” or something. Dull bit maybe? Edit: for the re…

  • Anyone have experience removing these locks? They missed the center when they started drilling this one, went up to the biggest bit they could now it’s stuck. I can’t just go up to a bigger bit because it will cut into the card reader door itself.…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672

  • Quote from Mrhide: “I booted this yesterday so I am now interested in this thread (and the rest of the PercussionFreaks machine... and while I have your attention, what's the story on swapping/upgrading games with these boards? CD+ROM+that weird cassette thingy? thanks! ” It’s a pretty concise thread but the answer to your questions on running 573 games is here

  • Sasuga Dr. Adagenet. Strong work! I’m out of town for the next week so sadly I can’t provide any actual progress on the cab but I’ll post up some more pictures of the cab now. This was a working cab from a busy arcade which saw this many 100 yens go through it:…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672 That said it was clearly a loved machine. All pad sensors and lights seem to be operational in a brief check. It also has those countersunk allen head screws on most of the arrows w…

  • It's here in one piece and it works!…0f6faa99cdc47b773b4a92672 No big surprises with it It will need some freshening, but I got what exactly what I expected. I leave for work tomorrow, more to come. I took more pictures.

  • Hi AP, As I said in my intro thread my friend @adgenet lured me on here when I found my old System 573 4th Mix Plus disc and cart. My plan was to wall-mount a flat-screen and run a 573 on an upscaler with arcade pads, but the market is stupid right now, a set of arcade pads costs almost as much as a black cab, And a black cab costs almost as much as a red cab, so I just bit the bullet and got a red cab. Due to space constraints I may mess with a flat-screen and upscaler in the future, but for a …

  • Hello AP!

    ano_guy - - Introductions


    Thanks all! Going to start a thread for my cab fairly soon.. should be here in a little over a week.

  • Hello AP!

    ano_guy - - Introductions


    Hi AP! My friend lured me on here after I dug up an old system 573 disc and cart that I have been holding on to for at least a decade. I have played a variety of games over the years, arcade, console, and PC, but have primarily been playing DDR A20 lately after discovering one near my house. It was a serious upgrade from the extremely beat-up step mania and DDR Extreme at a nearby nickel arcade! Such opportune timing to catch the 20th aniv. I have been playing DDR on and off since 1999 when I st…