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  • So it turns out the factory tube in my Time Crisis 2 actually has a deflection angle of 110° as opposed to 100°. A tube swap for those Orion tubes may be possible. I have measured the yoke as well: Zenith A68AHE00X 27" tube (Wells Gardner K7400) * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * .91 mH * 16.1 mH * 1.3 ohm * 8.3 ohm It seems the K7400 may have some vertical inductance tolerance.

  • Some test results are in from various tube yokes. Orion A68QCU870X 27" flat tube * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * 1.2 mH * 18.2 mH * 1.8 ohm * 9.2 ohm Toei TC-L292 compatible yoke * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * .88 mH * 18.9 mH * 1.8 ohm * 7.7 ohm Hitachi A68KRQ58X tube (Wells Gardner K7500 27") * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * .36 mH * 14.2 mH * 0.8 ohm * 5.7 ohm Wells Gardner K7400 25" compatible yoke * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * .9 mH * 17.9 mH * 1.3 ohm * 6.9 ohm Toshiba A68KJU96X (Nanao MS9) * Lh * Lv * Rh * Rv * .29 mH * 14.2 …

  • Also replace capacitors on the old motherboard and video card (as well as their respective fans if necessary). It's a common fault on most PC based arcade hardware.

  • It's time I explain my situation: I own a twin Time Crisis 2 with awful tubes (to the point fixing major problems between both chassi didn't improve the image). I have two Orion tubes that came from a later Toshiba made TV I intend on swapping but am a bit unsure if they would be compatible. The chassis used and specs of both factory and potential donor tubes as follows: Factory Chassis: Wells Gardner K7400 (WGM 2774) 27" Factory Tube: Zenith A68AHE00X, 110° (incorrectly predicted as 100°), rath…

  • I'm curious what the graphic glitches look like ingame. Also I leave dip 2 off on all System 23 related games I own (Time Crisis 2 and Motocross Go) for safety reasons so the games pass their self tests without any errors. If you are good at this type of soldering, I would swap the ram chips between 13A and 14A to see if C412 SDRAM Bank A fails and if that is the case, then it's a bad ram chip

  • Going to make a quick reply. Would there be an ATX psu that is good for being left on in an arcade environment (around 12 hours a day continuous)? This would be useful for operating those later games running on location (Crazy Taxi, 18 Wheeler, Initial D, House of the Dead 2, Ghost Squad).

  • First off, the board itself isn't very common to find because of the fact only one known game uses this board (I'm sure some of you will figure out soon). Aside from the fact nobody else mentioned this board, the hardware this board consists of is rather interesting for what Taito developed. The board itself sits on top of the FC pcb. Specs: - H8/3062 HD64F3062F CPU; clock not known; has an internal rom yet to be dumped. - IDT7024 4k x 16 bit dual port ram; most likely shared ram between the G-N…

  • Quote from ekorz: “War Final Assault uses the Durango system board which can run Gauntlet Dark Legacy but not Gauntlet Legends.…cade-information.html?m=1 ” Actually, War Final Assault can run on either a Vegas or Durango CPU board. The fact that Gauntlet Dark Legacy can run on either and Gauntlet Legends can only run on a Vegas CPU board is still correct though. Judging by the pic, it looks like the CPU board is a Durango. It's possible to find a reproduction PIC f…

  • Go by RC / RC de Go booting ?

    Hydreigon - - Taito G-NET


    Try reflashing the nvram with a v2 G-Net eeprom chip.

  • Namco ES3 not powering on

    Hydreigon - - Namco ES1 / ES3


    Possibly bad motherboard capacitors that need to be replaced.

  • Quote from nem: “Or here: Yoke and tube specs for monitors They're both 0.300mH (or close to it), so perfectly compatible with each other. I would definitely double check that chassis. Quote from Hydreigon: “which nobody has responded if a K7400 can be used with a flat tube or not even if yoke swapped ” I would be surprised if anyone has tried that combination. I don't see any reason why it couldn't work. As long as the neck connector is the same, it will technically work. Will the picture look …

  • Silent Hill Arcade Issue

    Hydreigon - - Taito Type X


    Can you also take some good pictures of the I/O board? That board could use some documentation pretty badly. The problem is this game originally released using optical guns on a rear projection CRT in 2007. Most games were using IR guns during that time and/or non CRT monitors.

  • I hope you someday get into chassis repairs on your own. It wasn't really that difficult to get into (at least for me). My first chassis repairs were two K7400s on my twin Time Crisis 2; one fully recapped and both flybacks replaced (successful repair but sadly the issue ended up being the tubes). Also managed to recap two Toei TC-L292s from Yaton but haven't tested the results. It can be a time consuming process I will admit. Also in a thread I made, I am considering tube swapping the original …

  • This comes down to "how exactly did the tube neck in the first place?". It's possible a short somewhere in the chassis pcb or wiring caused the tube (possibly one of the guns) to spike in voltage and neck the tube along with it. It's quite a horrifying situation.

  • Namco optical gun shells. These are getting to be quite in demand and are ridiculously difficult to find new now.

  • Both my Time Crisis 2 tubes are becoming weak (due to them using a Zenith tube which are known for their poor quality guns). Both K7400 chassi have been rebuilt and optimized to their best extent (any higher will cause smearing). I'm more on the lines to do a tube swap for now because I found a local CL ad giving away two Toshiba 27DF46 TVs; both of which are flat 27" tubes. The original Zenith tubes are seemingly curved and I'm sure there won't be any trouble with fitting the bezels on those fl…

  • Replace the case fans too and pray those BGA video chips didn't get loose.

  • Odd. Under normal circumstances, this would happen if there were to be a voltage irregularity (at least from testing on my Namco System 23 pcbs if its missing a voltage line/wire). I almost confused this for Model 3 where those boards would use 5v and 3.3v to power the board. Model 2 only uses 5v to power the main board.

  • Just wait till TheDeath can confirm if its a voltage issue. I advised the same "voltage check" for an owner of a Gunblade NY cab as his pcb was booting to garbage too. The Gunblade NY PSU's 5v was set to 5.7v (from the previous owner thinking cranking the voltage will fix a previous issue). Voltages are the #1 priority everyone should check on a pcb that has problems and I hate seeing posts that don't mention if voltages are spot on or not.

  • Check voltages. Make sure the +5v and +3.3v are a bit above the tolerance (5.1v and 3.37v to be exact).