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  • Quote from stj: “it would be interesting to try to create a combined design. ” I like this idea.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “The game is not changed at all. The FPGA on the cart is sniffing for the button combination. The is no game data altered at all. ” I don't know enough about MVS games to know if any of them do this, but some non-MVS games do use shortcuts like that. For instance you push Up+Start in Mortal Kombat to perform a random character select. I mean that would be "modifying" the game without actually changing the game-code it's also not unreasonable to think that children and or …

  • Quote from MetalliC: “usually dies one of 74245 or 74FCT, but there number of them and any may be dead, or few. ” just looked at the cart and there are 11 of those 74245, I don't see any 74FCT. all but 3 of the 74245 are on the top of the cart. So I'll see if I can poke around with a logic probe. Thanks for the info!

  • I just read your post but hadn't built the adapter yet, I figured I have some time I'll do it now. built the adapter and then realized that the 9V in my TPG is dead and I don't have any spares... so I'll pick some up later today and report back.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “you mean "DOA2VERM" ” yes, that's exactly what it says.

  • I'd guess it's the same module. I don't need it reporduced, just offering.

  • is there a power regulator on the sub-board? or an amp, or anything else that generates a lot of heat? those are the most likely culprits for a short. After that any inductors or filter caps maybe? you could also try pulling all socketed chips and see if the short occurs to help narrow it down.

  • I do have a couple of the analog PCBs from Air Rescue as well as the Link board if you need either one of those.

  • Quote from jugu: “You have my $30 as well! ” to clarify are you pledging $30 per game or for Primal Rage 2?

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “It coincides with the time I stopped going to the arcade as early 3D was just unbearable for my delicate eyes ” I feel like most of the G-Net games are right at the tail end of that "hard on the eyes" era. a lot of the games hold up pretty well graphicly but some are definitely hard on the eyes. I feel like the games from that era that tried to be "realistic" ended up looking incredibly dated and crappy, while the games that accepted the hardware limitations and went for …

  • I'll also throw in an extra $100 for PR2. Total Bounty information added to top post. PR2 deserves a special bonus because of the added complexity and the rarity of the original PCB. I don't want to start getting into a whole bunch of bonus-bounties for specific games but If anyone does decide to start tackling these I would be super happy if they started with either Primal Rage II or Tondemo Crisis.

  • Based on the bounty thread for the CPS QSound games to CPS2 I'd like to propose a Bounty for more CF conversions that run on Taito G-Net Hardware. For this bounty because there are so many games from so many different sub-board configurations I'd propose that the bounty is split on a per-game basis. Personally I'd be willing to offer $30 PER NEW GAME that is playable on a G-Net CF setup; bug free and feature complete (that means with working music/sound fx). $30 isn't much, hopefully some other …

  • I picked up a DOA2 cart recently. attempting to boot it throws an Error 01: Game is not Suitable in test mode it display "Unknown Game" and doing a ROM check every chip comes back with a ? for size with a CRC of 0s, nothing fails or passes because apparently it doesn't know what any of the chips should be. IC22 is an M27c322 which I pulled and dumped and it checks as a perfect match for DOA2 Millennium in MAME so that's good (looks like an OEM label on this chip too) I see ZERO hints of physical…

  • Quote from DenTarr: “Daaaiiiimn.... I really didn't see that thread. Sorry. I am really getting old and my eyes are not what they used to be ” It was a Jab at brentradio not you Nice to know I'm not the only one who wants to disable the shortcuts.

  • Quote from brentradio: “This is the Unofficial Neo-Geo Multi - Feature Request Thread. ” so what you didn't like my unofficial feature request thread? Suggestions for future enhancements to the MulitMVS Quote from DenTarr: “The main feature I would like to request is the ability to turn off in game buttoncombos. Reset back to menu and switching slots. ” this was my #1 feature request in the above thread also.

  • So not to long ago I bought a Logic Pro 2 PCB (made by Deniam). It was a puzzle game I'd never heard of it and I think I bought it for $12. I enjoy it as I'm a fan of Nonogram games anyway. Looking at the Deniam-16 hardware in MAME:…c/mame/drivers/deniam.cpp There are basically 3 games: Logic Pro, Logic Pro 2 and Karian Cross, the notes in the driver claims it's: "pretty much identical to Sega System 16." So I'm curious what the potential for these 3 games to be co…

  • Konami hornet revival

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    Quote from stj: “finding cheap konami stuff is not hard if it's faulty, fixing it could be. ” I haven't even found faulty Konami Hornet stuff. I've had feelers out for a few months now too.

  • I'm looking to build a similar pass through PCB with some simple pin swapping. I'm curious does anyone know what the official JAMMA spec states for dimensions on the edge connector (pin pad length, width, spacing, PCB thicknes, key width, etc.) I'm also curious if there's a good JAMMA female connector that people recommend using for the game-side of the adapter?

  • Konami hornet revival

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    very nice work... maybe if I ever find a hornet board set for a reasonable price I'll be able to use it

  • that would be awesome of pound for pound is a viable donor board. I see them a lot less expensive than other IREM PCBs.