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  • Welcome aboard! Start with the games that you want to enjoy, then we can help you from there. It is rather simple however, can be expensive if you don't keep it so

  • My Capcom Big Blue lives!

    acblunden2 - - Project Showcase


    Sweet, sweet, sweet work brutha. I have the same cab and it was damaged similarly. That top shelf being made of laminated particle board didn't do owners any favors. I am going to do the same repair but with plywood. Will post here once done. Nice work!

  • Anyone have a spare Q-Sound amp PCB? I have a transformer that needs a partner.

  • Confirmed. On two of my Q-sounds, the voltage coming off the transformer is running at 13.6-13.7 volts AC. My meter is a $10 Sears meter.

  • Let me see if I can take some readings. I have two different Q-Sound amps. I'll take pics. I'll update this before the weekend is over.

  • Hi everybody

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    Welcome aboard!

  • I just bought a G2 BB cab today. Cleaning it up now. It has the transformer for the amp but not the amp. Also, my other two G2's have the amps and they both seem to be different aesthetically (one is black, I think?). What do you guys need specifically?

  • CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    acblunden2 - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Only 5 left.

  • Quote from Nodoyuna: “I've noticed there are a few games that occasionally have skips in the videos. There are only a few, but on them, the videos do not play completely smooth. I blame the HDD for this. Do you think it will improve performance if I plug a USB 3.0 HDD or a SSD? ” Try a USB flash drive for one of the games that skips to see if it still does and you should have your answer.

  • Quote from opt2not: “Are you running 15khz or 24khz? I've got one of those MS8's that has the dual-res auto-switching relay, and DC in 24khz looks amazing on my NAC. ” I am running at 15khz. Didn't know you can set the DC to run at 24khz. How did you get that done? To get my Nanao MS8 running at 24khz, I have to insert the yoke header into a different set of pins.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “……………532b6eeb6a5654b997833eef7 (Side rant: Best version of Soul Calibur ever and you can't play it on a NAOMI) ” From another thread. Got my GDEmu modded Dreamcast to hookup to a JAMMA cab with an external mod/adapter. The ima…

  • I stand corrected :).

  • Don't think inflatable tires would help you. I have over-inflated my tires with my air compressor. The cab still flattens those tires with its weight.

  • Don't get a dolly with inflatable tires. Make sure it has solid rubber tires.

  • @DenTarr is right, just do the math. Neo Geo Multi = $540 USD 200 Units in 1st Batch Gross: $108,000 2nd batch will likely be half as many units (100). Each subsequent batch will be less in number. Then take out the cost of the forum. The cost of R&D. The COGS. The cost of distribution. The cost of support. Then there is the equitable split with the all partners involved. There is thin margin in this hobby for devs, that is why there are so few of them. Someday, we'll look back at this polarizin…

  • Not commercially or as a hobbyist aftermarket product, but you can easily make one for yourself. I have done this personally. You just need a soldering iron, one of these connectors, a some JST NH pins and header with the right amount of positions, and off you go. As of late, I have kept a lot of those Hirose connectors handy to build harnesses for different boards and for MAME projects. If you are really stuck, let me know. Might be willing to put one together for you.

  • Help identifying this chasis

    acblunden2 - - Monitor Help


    Good news is you have an image. So you're in good shape. A V-hold issue is relatively easy to resolve. I say start with simply swapping out the remote board (P632 Remote) if you have another known good working K7000 board. Better yet, check if you even have a good enough connection of the remote board first. If swapping out the remote board fixes the problem, just get a new one from arcadecup. Should be $18 shipped from here: You can also follow Fromm's chart. This has been a god-…

  • Console-to-JAMMA DIY Success!

    acblunden2 - - Project Ideas


    Finally, my SSOP PCB's arrived from China! Now I can check out the THS7374 RGB amp to see if disabling the Low Pass Filter (LPF) makes any difference (which is unlikely). Also, these are 28 position chips with SOP and SSOP solder spacing on the flip side. Here is a shot of what I mean:…532b6eeb6a5654b997833eef7 On the left, is the smaller spaced SSOP package. On the right is the wider spaced SOP package. What this allows me to do is fit the THS7374 RGB amp to the S…

  • Console-to-JAMMA DIY Success!

    acblunden2 - - Project Ideas


    Putting together a quick and dirty version of the SCART adapter:…532b6eeb6a5654b997833eef7 1. I have a female SCART socket 2. 3.5mm panel mount stereo jack 3. LM1881 sync stripper circuit 4. THS7316-based RGB amp I'll add some diodes to the 5v lines (yellow) to make sure the voltages flow the right way as I tap into pin 8 on the SCART socket. Other than that, this is pretty straight forward from here. This one will be used for my cab with a external stereo amp (Big…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I just read your post but hadn't built the adapter yet, I figured I have some time I'll do it now. built the adapter and then realized that the 9V in my TPG is dead and I don't have any spares... so I'll pick some up later today and report back. ” What's the word brutha? JAMMA RGB compatible or can we write it off? Quote from milika: “Hi, just got an 1970NX for use with mu Amiga 1200 and got mixed results. It does 15khz but only 240p, jet i would need 288p for nice o…