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  • I never understand why people go all over the place for JST connectors when you can ORDER THEM DIRECTLY FROM JST:…countryId=840&language=en ... just sayin

  • Gundam 4p

    twistedsymphony - - System 246/256


    Quote from plasia: “I can't seem to find anything on ebay ” How are you searching? it's just a generic 20 pin ribbon cable is it not? There are literally hundreds of results.

  • Went to play my G-Net board over the weekend and it wont sync on my cab. Horzontal is fine but vertical rolls. Adjusting the v-hold I can get the roll to slow down but it wont lock. Tested on two different cabs with the same results and other PCBs work fine. There does appear to be a sync signal on the sync pin but based on whats on screen it's as if I have horizontal sync without vertical. I'm curious if anyone has run into this issue before or has any troubleshooting advice. thanks

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Only connectors spacing is different, functionally speaking they are identical. ” So I took a gamble and bought some ROM boards for Mega System 1 to try on my P-47 main board and they work... the connector spacing is identical. In addition to P-47 I've got Rod Land, and Jitsuryoku Pro Yakyuu and both ROM boards fit and boot on the P-47 main board. I also picked up a Kick-Off ROM board and while the PCB connector spacing is identical it looks like someone swapped the conne…

  • yeah the starters seem to fail more frequently than the bulbs. it's a good idea to just replace them both when you get a cab with a non-working marquee light. Quote from JamStar: “I contacted Yaton for a quote on another PSU and he says he has one but it’s 220 Volts. Would I be good to use a converter plug or do I need some type of step down transformer to make this compatible in the US? ” 220 wont work in the USA, that's designed for Europe and Hong Kong. that's a whole other headache you don't…

  • how does the conversion PCB work on the official KI1->KI2 upgrade kit?

  • Quote from BlinG: “I heard there's a place in Vegas called Sharp Image repair that does nanao chassis work, maybe give them a shot. ” I didn't realize there was someone else that did Nanao... it'd be great to have options. EDIT: found their website: FWIW I only ever had 1 monitor repaired by PNL it took them about 5 or 6 weeks to get it back to me and the repair was quite expensive (~$180) but they did manage to find a replacement flyback for my MS8-…

  • Quote from Blackfish: “I think the problem is that mine are smaller so half the size of the ROMs in MAME. Is there a way to double the size of the file to match it? ” there is a command line you can use to double roms but I made a bat file to do it... unzip this then drag your rom file on to it and it will create new file twice the size

  • There doesn't seem to be any public information about Y-unit conversions. Also they use different sound boards so even if you did the conversion you'd still need to source the correct sound board. Y-unit MK1s regularly sell complete for under $100, not really worth doing a conversion IMO. Maybe they're more expensive in Europe?

  • Following this... I would love a Dual KI board.

  • the email I have for them is John (at)

  • Quote from Blackfish: “it comes back with as incorrect length on the program ROMs ” did you dump them as the correct sized chip? Even if they were corrupted they would be the correct length if you dumped them properly.

  • you can call or email PNL Video their website is here:

  • you are correct sir it's a PST518 C37 is a 1uf 50V cap. I pulled the cap and it tested good. I didn't have any new replacements so I threw in a used one that also tested good from a cap kit I did a while back. I also reflowed the joints on the PST518 for good measure. in doing this I no longer have the buzzing on boot up, the game plays through the attract mode loop without resetting... but it is still resetting I was also able to get further in the game before it reset (previously It would usua…

  • I helped a friend diag a similar issue not too long ago it ended up being a short inside the florescent lamp fixture. I'd start with disconnecting EVERYTHING from the PSU. replace the melted connector and replace the fuses. then plug in one thing power on and see if a fuse pops.. then shut off, plug in the next thing and see... and so on. If the fuse pops with nothing connected then the problem is inside the PSU box itself. You can open it up to see if you can find the fault but Yaton on eBay ca…

  • Converging a CRT is easily one of my least favorite activities and something I try to avoid whenever possible.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “does yours make the buzz/pop no matter what game you put in it? ” yes Quote from Derick2k: “I have a MB with those resistor pack, etc.. so Im gonna do a round of testing on all of them to see what results I get. ” I'm interested to see if any of yours have the reset problem that mine does. it's weird that it lets you play for 30 seconds or so before resetting. take a look at your super cap as well... I've ordered a new one for mine because there is some residue near it.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Are there any revision markers between the 2 boards? ” I think one of them did have a small paper sticker on it, I give it a closer look tonight. On yours when you first power on do the speakers buzz for a second?

  • This is all answered in the sticky threads Quote from nonosto: “how to make the sd card especially what's kind of rom needed for a perfect port. ” CPS2 Roll-Up Packs: All roms for the CPS2 kit Quote from nonosto: “And key writing ” New CPS2 Multigame Firmware with Key Writing!!!!!! Quote from nonosto: “and battery ” Important Info About the CPS2 Multikit

  • Outside of the Audio section there's not much for electrolytic caps on these boards. The only two outside the audio section are a big green cap near the battery which does look like it could be replaced (there's some residue near the diodes here too), and another smaller cap next to a transistor that looks fine.…c1d88b75e7acb3268dafbe67f