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  • Count me in for one whenever it becomes a reality. Best of luck.

  • Quote from djsheep: “I'm on a Mac and having troubles extracting the CHD to IMG to burn to the cards. Anyone have any ideas? ” I'm not familiar Mac options, but I'm pretty sure you're just supposed to write the CHD file to a card? This is how ArcadeModBios' windows-based "GNETFlasher" program would work--you would just select the CHD and it'd write it to the card.

  • Krizz has been actively rereleasing new versions of his Everdrives in flash and ram versions labeled X3/X5/X7 and at different price points (why there needed to be 3 Everdrive tiers...I don't know). It sounds like NeoSD is going for that model with a vanilla (flash) and Pro (ram+flash) version.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “Quote from twistedsymphony: “the Sensors on the sides of the cab are identical to the sensors in the IR guns. ” good to know, thanks. wondering why Sega did it in different way for home and arcade markets. ” I'm guessing that it wasn't practical to release something that could track the height and positioning of shaking maracas on a console in 1999, so they changed the home version. I believe the later Wiimote technology would've allowed it to have been closer to the arcade…

  • You would need light gun sensors also, I believe.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from aoiddr: “Analog 573 games (DDR 1st-2nd Mix, Fisherman's Bait/Bass Challenge, etc) ” Is Fisherman's bait an Analog game? The MAME source lists that, as well as all of the other non-rythm games (such as the various "-champ" games) as using a "plain" system 573 without the digital nor analog IO board. ” It's been a while since I cracked open my DDR Analog 573/Fisherman's Bait 573/DDR Digital 573s, but... The DDR Analog and Fisherman's Bait units would run a 4…

  • Word of warning: You need to be careful with the Mame dumps when using those for conversions of Analog 573 games (DDR 1st-2nd Mix, Fisherman's Bait/Bass Challenge, etc). The MAME dumps can and do cause sync issues with the audio when they're converted (something that was discovered when trying to convert 1st Mix). It's better to use a clean ISO or BIN/CUE dump than trying to un-convert the MAME dumps. I realize that can be difficult as, well, some of those are extremely rare. I have some of thes…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from Malenko: “I never said or implied that they should start porting other CPS1 games over before finishing CPS 1.5 games though. ” If we shift the focus that's exactly what will happen... Because let's face it, CPS1 has some fantastic games we ALL want to play it's easy to get sidetracked. With both @Apocalypse and @Darksoft looking into it, I'm very confident we WILL have a working CPS1 multi (someday). If that happens then this port CPS1 effort is, IMO all for no…

  • Quote from Yippikaye: “I didn't connect for a week or so and first batch is already sold out Well I'll wait for the second one ” Apocalypse said the first batch was for people with eprom burners so they could beta test before the official roll out in April.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Interesting I'm not familiar with I used to be on SOWs but I didn't log in for a while so they deactivated my account I'm a bit confused as to what this is used for... reading the description: Quote: “Use this board to replace your Pad IO in your Dance Dance Revolution arcade pad. ” Cool that makes sense! Quote: “Each board connects via micro-USB cable. ” ok now that no longer makes sense ” It's kind of like a DDR-pinned version of a JPAC/IPAC for when yo…

  • I think Kate over on Sows had tinkered with these stage i/os at some point, which is probably how she came up with the firmware for the ( ). I'd be interested in a pair of these reproductions, if you manage to figure it out.

  • Quote from skate323k137: “Quote from obcd: “Check this out: Patching CTHR and HOTD3 to run on the chihiro 3 ” Thanks, that's indeed taken care of on the image I'm trying (which is the one in the thread above). Does CT need additional boards or can it be run with just an IO like outrun? ” It runs on the same stuff Outrun does. It's been a while since I booted it up, but I know you may need to switch the cab style in the options from sit down to upright.

  • Quote from KalessinDB: “Quote from SmokeMonster: “Yeah, it looks like shut down all the links. Someone has been hosting mirrors over at EP, but I purposefully stay out of contact with whoever they are since I'm not into sharing ROMs myself now that the Github Project is rolling. It looks like they intend to post the packs, so let's cross our fingers that it's a reliable solution. ” Boo. I for one think that we should get a torrent of these going. Make it much harder to be shut down. …

  • Quote from PascalP: “anyone have an alternative link? If I use the link to in the start post, I get this message; Item not available The item is not available due to issues with the item's content. ” When I go to, the packs say restricted. "Files marked with lock are not available for download." ../ F3PureMameRoll-up2018-02-04.7z 05-Feb-2018 03:06 204.3M lock F3Roll-up2017-11-01.7z 24-Nov-2017 16:57 188.9M lock

  • Quote from skate323k137: “My legit games don't look like that. I'll upload pics and edit this post with them in a second. ” I have two legit JP cards that look like that that are both from Success... Otenami Haiken Final (which came in a kit box) and ZOOO. 2mN5MKS.jpg

  • Quote from kevindg86: “Never mind, after about a a minute I get a Error 33 everytime now. Could it be the zerokey? ” Yes, it could be the zerokey is the wrong kind. Did the firmware update work, though? Do you have the right jumpers set on the motherboard to netboot? Read this page as it has all the jumpers listed:

  • Just throwing this out there... Are you loading the correct version of the game for the amount of ram you have in your Chihiro? On my system, I can't mix 512MB and 1GB versions of games. I can only load 512MB versions with 512MB RAM installed, and 1GB games with 1GB of RAM installed. [Sorry, saw the message that you had not gotten the update installed after I posted this.]

  • I have a Mike's 2in1 Jamma Switcher and it is an excellent, high-quality product that is worth the price you'll pay for it, but it does have three strong caveats... - no wiring for buttons 4 or 5 (you'll have to run a wire or kick harness from your board). - the press P1+P2 to switch games doesn't play nice with some of those bootleg Chinese boards as they tend to use start in their button combinations (you can get around this by wiring a button up close to the board's jamma connector). - There …

  • Since Space Invaders DX exists as both a Taito B pcb and Taito F3 rom board, I thought I'd ask the technically minded if it was possible that Taito B, Taito F1, or Taito F2 games could be converted to work on the Taito F3 multi.

  • Repro lightgun sensors

    aoiddr - - Project Ideas


    Just tossing this pie in the sky idea out there...but I'd be interested in whatever would be needed to make the Samba de Amigo games playable with a maraca-like set-up on a Naomi.