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  • It's an R4600 MIPS CPU, these were used in other things but not as a QFP package generally. Will need to do some research and see what I can find, I did find one on eBay but for far more than I'm willing to risk. Like most CPUs they are mostly found as a PGA for installation onto a motherboard

  • Quote from stj: “i have never had much luck with wick for anything other than cleaning solder from the pcb connector after some asshole has soldered a jamma adapter directly to it or tried to raise the surface to counter a worn edge connector. that second example seems relativly common on space invaders or atari stuff. (a new edge connector would have been better!) ” This is about my experience, it did work really well to clean the solder off a Contra bootleg that had had several AMP connectors …

  • The problem with wick is it sticks when the solder cools and you end up making a huge mess with a job like this (I've tried something similar in the past)

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “With killer instinct it's VERY dificult to remove the CPU. The pcb is just so damn fragile. There is a reason why Chad at arcade cup only did the KI repairs for like a month or two before refusing to do them anymore.If a good reflow does not work then trying to replace the cpu is a crapshoot. Chad had mentioned that the cpu was the same as early pentiums I think though he never said specifically which. I tried to help revive two pcbs a few years ago but the results were …

  • Peculiar issue about my kit

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    JAMMArcade will help you there (I won't hotlink to the file directly) You can do a search on that page for CPS2, or BGSB3G will bring it straight up

  • Quote from stj: “i would probably fix the bent pins with a scalpel and air or an ILS soldering tip. then clean it with ipa, add lots or decent flux and drag-solder each side. experience of this type of scenario has left me not wanting to lift such chips incase of loose pads. ” The problem with this is the sheer amount of solder that's been added and that it doesn't want to even melt at 300C - I don't want to risk damaging pads trying to get the stuff to budge. That's why I felt removing the CPU …

  • It's a MIPS4600 CPU so I imagine it's a standard package, probably an Altera device. Heatsink is glued on yes - looks like it's a QFP208 I don't have an SMD station (as in those that can provide hot air and suction to remove a chip) just a cheap hot air rework station. I assume this would be fine with the right size attachment? I've used this same unit before to remove CPS1 A custom chips. Am I right in thinking the best option here is to completely remove it rather than try to correct it in pla…

  • Hi guys, I bought a broken KI board from ebay for a good price, originally intending to use it as a parts board to fix another broken KI board. I've since got that one going to the point I don't think parts will be required from this one, and when looking at it it's very clean with only a couple of missing parts that are common, non custom parts. So I would like to try and get it going again. Herein lies the rub - someone has attempted a reflow on this CPU (and like we've all done at some point …

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from xodaraP: “Edit: just bought some voltage regulators, 3. 3v/1A max so they should be good. ” Yep earlier in the topic I suggested 500mA should be enough. ” Saw that when I went back and read the full thread looking for the instructions for Ketsui - thank you very much, I'll get the correct EEPROMs on order this week too. Will take a photo of my cart when I get it to make sure it's possible before I go any further.

  • Killer Instinct Dual Board

    xodaraP - - Midway Systems


    This thread is relevant to my interests - also following

  • Looks like while doing testing with these boards I may have damaged my A board. I just installed my multi kit back onto it (completely different B board) and I can't boot anything. LCD screen is coming up fine but if I try to load a game I just get a solid colour suicide screen. Edit: Nope, all good. Just needed to be sat for a while. Strange.

  • Checked and double checked I think the most likely fault on the Gigawing is another busted socket somewhere, Progear I'm not sure though.

  • Yep G PAL and bodge wire are installed on both

  • Hi guys, I've got 2 revision 4 B boards here at the moment I have been asked to convert for people (1 was already half converted to Gigawing, badly) and both have similar issues. I know there's been a lot of issues on rev 4 boards with the multi so I'm assuming it's probably related, but in both cases I have graphics glitching I can isolate to the main program ROMs. There are other issues on Gigawing also. Progear: boot text is fine, copyright is fine, Q-Sound screen is garbled but text is fine,…

  • Peculiar issue about my kit

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    That's exactly what you want for your kit, you need to replace your PAL with the correct one, we call it a G PAL as the code ends in G rather than E, there is also B, D and F PALs I don't believe the TL866 can burn them, but you can get it from Paradise or I would guess byicnow or hobbyroms can get you sorted out. The PAL gets burned onto a GAL16V8 - a GAL is like a rewritable PAL chip.

  • Peculiar issue about my kit

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    The OP has specified that they have an E PAL on the board which is correct for SF Zero, 19XX or Rockman 2 so I'm assuming they haven't burnt or installed a G PAL Since it's a Rev 7 board so it'll go straight on without the jumper which is always nice

  • I assume there's different PCB revisions like there is for other games, hopefully the one I've got coming is the right one, otherwise I guess I have KB in my collection now Edit: just bought some voltage regulators, 3. 3v/1A max so they should be good.

  • Can someone who has one of these or has done it let me know which ICs other than the 27C322 I'll need to order for Ketsui? @Apocalypse which voltage regulators would you suggest Edit: should've looked back through the thread for the ROM ICs, already been noted. Good I'll order those.

  • I've got a Killing Blade cart coming to do the conversion, but still need to order the other parts and wait for the cart to arrive, but I'm happy to document the process

  • That's not a transistor?