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  • Taito Vewlix JVS IO

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    Quote from jassin000: “Interestingly the games will all play fine, so long as they actually boot. The problem is some games will read the 11 bits from the JVS IO first, then refuse to boot because they don't believe the IO has enough buttons. ” Thank you Captain Obvious The point is finding those games that don't boot... Technically speaking, none of those 6-button games should work, but it's clear that a lot of games ignore the IO and run even if the IO is reporting too few buttons.

  • Taito Vewlix JVS IO

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    Quote from ekorz: “I don't have a ton of jvs stuff to try though. ” I'd recommend trying anything with 6-buttons per player, there are quite a few games on NAOMI like this, and on TTX there is of course Street Fighter IV and probably a few others.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “You didn't expect less, did you? ” Of course not, though I am pleasantly surprised it made it into an update so quickly. This is a massive update, I'm impressed you were able to fix everything AND deliver so many requested enhancements as well.

  • I probably do have some on one of my junk boards... I generally don't resort to that unless I'm in a time crunch though.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “* Added an option that can be activated from the menu so that we can switch off/on the possibility of entering into menu(For public locations) ” THANK YOU!

  • I measured resistance across the ground pin and pin 14 of the buffer IC and got 2.9ohms then measured resistance across the video ground and sync pins on the filter and got 3.9ohms so I'm guessing it's the buffer IC that's toast since the lower resistance should mean I'm closer to the short. I've ordered a new IC and I'll report back once I get it in and have a chance to pull the old one.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Now this raises the question: does this game require extra hardware to boot on real hardware? ” Mahjong games wont boot without a small daughter board plugged into the slot on the bottom of the PCB, generally the screen shows garbage and goes into boot loop when it's missing. I suppose it's possible that could be the case with the quiz game too. Is there any other input hardware emulated or bypassed in MAME? Quote from Apocalypse: “your packaging was incredibly profession…

  • I don't have hardware yet but put me down for 1

  • Quote from werejag: “high prices, low numbers of product, here is the problems.taking the reasons why wrongly and creating more demand and a higher incentive to clone will only create a better cloner market ” Quote from werejag: “im not condoning the cloning he is just taking it wrong and going inwrog direction which will cuase more cloning ” It's unfortunate but I agree. the cloning sucks, it also sucks that he has to waste time now to prevent cloning, however I feel this likely could have been…

  • Quote from stj: “well check the resistance between sync and ground, ” IIRC it was reading about 5ohms ... definitely not normal.

  • I have a little DSO Nano, it's kind of crap though throwing it on there I get this:…610d4f4ea190e8ffe2d78d556 I have a few Capcom ZN2 PCBs which use nearly identical main boards and with the same view on the scope I get this:…610d4f4ea190e8ffe2d78d556 it seems to be pulsing correctly but it's not getting pulled up between pulses. I tried to follow the sync traces and quickly discovered that on my G-net the sync line reads continuity t…

  • do these use the normal nesica readers or are they specific to gss?

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “maybe a jumper issue? ” I compared jumpers on my ROM board with the pictures that Derick2k posted and they're the same. Actually I've looked over all of his pictures and I haven't noticed any games that use anything other than the default Jumpers. Quote from Apocalypse: “can you list what you have used for each file? ” 27c160: IC1, IC2, IC3, IC9 IC10, IC11, IC12, IC13, IC14, IC15 27c800: IC4, IC16 27c020: IC21 27c040: IC26, IC27, IC28, IC29, IC30

  • So I attempted to convert my Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II (v1.0) to P-47 Aces... This required socketing all of the 42-pin ICs. I had assumed this would work with ROMs from MAME since the security chips use the same SS92048-01 protection chip... unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The game displays garbage on screen and there's a repetitive buzzing sound like the system is constantly rebooting. I've checked, and it's definitely not playing blind. I've re-dumped and verified all of the program RO…

  • I stepped away from this for a while but had some time earlier this week to try to get this working. I had 2 7900GS cards, the first one (card #1) was functional but had "dead pixels" all over the screen, the second one (card #2) was functional until I tried to re-flash the firmware and it got bricked. Here's a break down of everything I've attempted so far: Attempt #1: I had used an HP compact desktop PC to attempt the flash on card #2. The flash appeared to complete successfully but after the …

  • For VF5 I'd try position A on the jumper. Though it's possible that game is simply not compatible with that IO board

  • Taito Vewlix JVS IO

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    Quote from brizzo: “but from the photos it looks like standard 0.100" pitch IDC headers with ribbon cables would be compatible? They wouldn't work with the clip locks, but thats okay ” IIRC you'll need to trim down IDC connectors to fit and the pin shape isn't 100% correct either. (pins on these headers are wide and flat, not square) the proper connectors are JST RA series.

  • what little I can read of the error message it does reference the "I/O Board", which leads me to believe that it's either complaining about IO board compatibility or something not plugged into the IO board such as the card readers.

  • If the IR guns work the same way that they do on older Sega equipment (and they look like they do), then there's really no way for the game to know if the gun boards/IR array are connected... they way they communicate is one way, similar to buttons or joysticks; there's no way for the game to determine if they're hooked up since the signal received when they're disconnected is within the realm of valid signals when they are connected.

  • I could be wrong I was under the impression that GSS was only compatible with a specific Fast IO board. I've recently started picking up equipment to build a setup myself So far I've picked up a set of Guns, the Gun boards and the IO board; still looking for an X3 with the game. Just speculation but the guns have analog sticks in them as well, which the game might attempt to self-calibrate on boot, so if it's not seeing an analog signal from the sticks it could throw an error. it would probably …