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  • A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    nem - - Taito Type X


    Alamone's version was definitely software flipped. Also, legit arcade dump, not a hack of the PC version. That's the version I was referring to that was "out there".

  • Gaelco ATV Track

    nem - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Dumb question, but have you contacted Gaelco? I know the odds aren't in your favor since they've made darts games exclusively for maybe 10 years, so the staff possibly isn't around more. Worth a shot in any case! I just checked my emails and I contacted them in 2010. Jose Luis Fernández (joseluis at gaelcodarts dot com) was the head of the spares / repair dept back then. They still produced Tuning Race (2005) motherboards at that time.

  • A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    nem - - Taito Type X


    There's at least one version of the game "out there" that has the second screen mirrored and flipped, so yeah, it can be done. I'm still looking for the Export version of the game. The chronicle mode is unplayable in Japanese.

  • I really like my Hozan crimper: It works great on contacts that don't need a lot of force to crimp, like for instance AMP UP and JST NH contacts. Here's a few I just did today:…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d

  • Doesn't @lukemorse1 have this board or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Quote from Hammy: “What is the chip code on the atmel? More than likely secured up anyway like the first one. ” U8 is a ATF1508AS-10AC100. The smaller U18 quad just has the text AD-65 on it.

  • Is it just the one corner or is it the whole screen? Did you lose a strip inside the yoke or did you accidentally bump it?

  • Unfortunately, I don't currently have a ZN-1 motherboard, so I can't try it right now EDIT: a SOP44 to DIP44 adapter costs next to nothing. I'll just order one.

  • I received the ROM board without a mainboard and just stuck it on a stock ZN-1. I didn't even connect the two wires. Maybe the issues with the game came from that? Dumps of the two other socketed roms can be found here: I have no way of dumping the MX chip. I can remove it if someone wants to dump it.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from nem: “the ones that I have have spindles that are plastic instead of metal and the encoder board just has the text "TS-30" on it. ” do you have pictures of those. I don't think I've seen that spinner before. ” Oops, completely missed this post of yours, TS. Here's some pics:…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d Anyway, the p…

  • Just took out my chassis. It's 4.7 Ohms 5%.

  • Quote from Hammy: “Sounds like it's not a good crack if there's lock ups, but it's still worth checking out It needs to be dumped, and possibly the security chip traced out. Anyone with desoldering skills and the AT89c4051 in the device list will do. Providing the bios is not required to dump the rest will be a fairly simple job ” Here's pics of the board:…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d…e3cfb65c022713c3af3a6f21d The AT89c4051 is socketed a…

  • Looks like the terminal has suffered some damage and there's just a stub left.

  • I have a Bloody Roar 2 bootleg here. Unfortunately, it's not a very good one as it locks up during the intro. If you start the game before it, you can play it up to some point. I don't think you can finish it though. Anyway, can I do something meaningful with it? Is it of some use to someone here?

  • Pictures are shot with a flash. The screen will look dim. The first pic looks fine. You should be able to get the geometry to "good enough" with just the controls on the chassis. Convergence is another kettle of fish.

  • Windows has diskpart, no need for additional programs.

  • Naomi newbie

    nem - - Naomi, Triforce and Chihiro Forum


    It's weird they're not available because every Sega arcade games that uses JVS has them inside. I guess people just chuck them in to the trash instead of keeping them when they part out cabs?

  •…liensSystemManual-WEB.pdf Page 27. 5K pot.

  • Echoing what a few have said here, replacing the buffer chips is a complete PITA. In the end I replaced three out of eight and realized it's not just worth the effort. @KoshiroKazumas solution is actually very good and one I hadn't thought of. I might try that instead!

  • It can still be found here:…onverter_ALL_Versions.rar However, according to the documentation, valid country codes are only the following: Japan Asia Euro USA Hispanic Brazil Oceania