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  • So I tried Luke's Suggestion of disabling the RAM ICs and it did not fix my issue. Ken seemed confident he could fix the cart and his repair price at ~$100+ shipping was cheaper than buying another cart so I sent it off to him. He called me last night to say it was back up and running. I asked him what the problem ended up being and he said it was one of the 16245 Buffer ICs, but that he replaced all of the 16245 and all of the 16373 buffer ICs. He also said that he repairs about 2 GigaWing2 car…

  • Quote from caius: “Looking at its data I think this BPROM can be adapted in a GAL22V10 like I did for the Phantasm one. ” Thanks for looking. Excellent News!

  • Quote from PascalP: “the full NTSC redump set which is about 655GB ” If it's anything like Sega or Sony sets though, the JP set is 3x as large and has a lot of fantastic exclusives. Is there a definitive list of GC games somewhere? maybe we can start curating a list?

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Installed (this is why we NEED you @twistedsymphony, love your 3D skills, you can put me and @PascalP on your non-existent pre-order list ) ” I'm crazy back logged at the moment and have a bunch of work I've got to get done over the next week or so... but I'll start work on this the first week in August. I've still got to find my Gamecube too. looks like this would be a pretty deep tray too.

  • Quote from PascalP: “Would all still fit on 1 card if you devide in folders IMO ” people are saying the Complete GC collection is over 2TB and you think the "Best of" games can fit on a single 128GB? that doesn't speak highly of your opinion of the catalog

  • Quote from caius: “Recently I have adapted the Phantasm BPROM in GAL since a friend of mine has a motherboard with this missing BPROM.I think it can be done with all other BPROMs of other Mega System 1 games. ” @caius I recently bought a Lord of King ROM board and it seems as though the BPROM (CRC 85b30ac4) went missing somewhere before it arrived I was wondering if you'd be able to adapt that one in GAL form? I think that particular BPROM would be quite useful recreated as it seems to be the mo…

  • I think ideally I'd like 3 cards 1. "Arcade Card" - Games that can be played with an arcade stick. (Ikaruga, Soul Calibur, etc.) 2. "Multiplayer Best of Card" - Best-of card for games that are best played with 2 or more people (Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc.) 3. "Single Player Best of Card" - Best-of card for games that are best played alone (Resident Evil, Metal Gear, etc.)

  • Quote from sk8er000: “or a 315-5296 IC ” maybe salvage one from another dead board?

  • Quote from Derick2k: “SYG does excellent packing ” I will forever order from them for this reason.

  • Quote from Geddon: “Well I actually want to play the games with something half decent. ” The "best solution" really depends on what it is your bolting this wheel to. What works in a candy cab doesn't work on your couch which doesn't work in a dedicated driving rig.

  • Most arcade drivers just need something with a 5K pot... doesn't even need to be a wheel. I mean if you want to get technical you don't even need that so much as you need an analog signal between 0 and 5V. I've actually played driving games with the Sega IR guns (point to left of screen to turn left, point to right of screen to turn right). it's all dumb analog signals. Now Force Feedback, that's something else altogether.

  • Nice work! I haven't found a System 24 PCB yet but I'll be watching this space in case I find one without a floppy controller.

  • Quote from brizzo: “on screen menus are the best for multis ” I'm not a fan personally. perfect setup IMO is something like the CPS2/F3 Multi selector. I'd personally rather have dip-switches than on-screen menu to be honest.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Following this topic I'm now wondering if the extra playfield supported by M82 wouldn't be supported by M84 or M85 too. I don't see Irem going backwards with the chips they used. Does anyone have hi-res pics of the bottom M82 board? Maybe M84/M85 (and even M81, who knows?) use the same chips but the additional ROM bank isn't wired. The other possibility is Irem doubled the sprites circuitry on M82. ” I have an M84 HH I'll take some pictures later tonight if no one else ha…

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “My point was some boards can't be used for conversions. ” Ah, I understand what you were getting at now. I've added an "original" games list for each platform, added a note on R-Type about it not being viable for the multi, and added details on the M84 hardware about the different board variants. it sounds like conversions on M84 would need to target a specific top or bottom board variant. Are there any limitations like this on the M81 or M82 hardware that you know of?

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “What about M85 ” added. Quote from Apocalypse: “M84 has two variants for the motherboard and also two for the romboard. M72 R-Type has a different romboard (really simpler, without samples support). ” I tried to base the descriptions on the locations of the connectors as opposed to IDing based on the chips for this very reason. AFAIK the connector locations don't change based on the variants within the specific hardware sub-types.

  • Since there are a number of Irem games that were available on different hardware and a lot of conversions going on I thought I'd make a simple guide to telling them apart. First of all you should check the print along the parameter of the PCB as it should clearly state "M72-X-X" or "M81-X-X" and so on. However if you can't read that label for whatever reason here is how you can ID the hardware type from the PCB's features: if you can't read the labels here is a simple guide: M72 = 3 PCB stack, J…

  • Quote from sk8er000: “I saw some Irem board (NOT M72) with every reference covered by erasers (like this one:…13f202:g:Ay4AAOSw6sRa9Ibf) ” That's an M82 if you can't read the labels here is a simple guide I threw together: Quote from twistedsymphony: “M72 = 3 PCB stack, JAMMA edge on center board, upper PCB is smaller and has a notch in the corner for the heat sync, also has 2 large ribon cables on one end and a 2 smaller harnesses on the other…

  • Quote from jassin000: “The biggest issue with "mirror flipping" in software is its going to add lag.... Turn the software algorithm into ASIC that could perform the transform much faster ... ” You have that completely backwards my friend. If the mirroring was done in software on the x2 itself it would have 0 lag because it would have access to the whole frame before it output the x2. Meanwhile even a asics based hardware mirroring would take at minimum 1 frame because you'd have to wait for the …

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Can you find out who makes the blue connector?? They might still be available. ” I've looked, but I haven't been able to find anything. It's kind of a weird connector, the pins are very large and cylindrical with flat tips, and spring loaded. They make contact on the tips of the pins as opposed to the sides.