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  • Console-to-JAMMA DIY Success!

    nismopunch - - Project Ideas


    Definitely subscribing, thanks for sharing in so much detail

  • Quote from winteriscoming: “I think the controls are the same as WMMT 1 and 2. My JVS board can handle the extra buttons, but a stock Sega one will not. They're basically 2 buttons past what the Sega board has for P1 and there's no way to reconfigure the Sega board to have all inputs be P1 controls in place of 2 player controls. I think all inputs are P1 for WMMT. ” Thanks a lot for confirming Winter! I'm one of those patiently waiting for your board as well but thought I would tinker around.

  • Quote from dnphamus13: “This was going to be a future project of mine also. So the obvious question. Have tried jumping (or shorting) all the digital input pins on the Sega type 3 I/O while on the game's test menu? ” Yup did EXACTLY that yesterday lol, none of the inputs work for view change or reject battle. Which makes me think its not possible on a Sega IO, but I could be missing something stupid.

  • Couldn't find if this was covered before or tried..I can't be the only one? Basically have a Sega type 3 IO handling inputs for Maximum Tune 3DX+ and I was able to map out everything (Analog same as ID and works as-is, obviously no FFB but that's not my goal) except the view change and reject battle/interruption buttons. Are these two impossible to trigger on a Sega IO? I believe I have the shifter worked out (Up, Down, Left, Right) but no matter what input I try nothing triggers view change or …

  • Quote from skate323k137: “As long as your PS1 is good, I strongly recommend just slapping a hard drive in a fat PS2 and calling it a day. WinHIIP with a usb to ide is the easiest way to load up your isos or rip from DVD (use your PCs drive). If you dive into freemcboot you can set up hotkeys to hold on boot, I have one PS2 set up to boot openps2 loader in 31k so I can leave it hooked to a VGA monitor. That particular setup is a pain to configure initially (worth it for progressive scan games for…

  • Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it. It's just so weird because for the majority of PS2's lifespan I used a fat PS2, and when that died and PS3 was already out I bought that slim PS2. Since I was already playing on PS3 and ended up moving the slim PS2 was boxed up and probably had maybe 20 hours of gameplay. @Mobiusstriptech I will definitely just replace the laser when it comes in and see what happens. It is just so weird that holding the disc for a second makes it boot 100% with no issues after. …

  • So not a modded slim PS2, but I thought maybe one of you guys have come across this before. My slim won't read original CD/DVD games UNLESS I hold the disc still for a second when booting and then let go. If I don't do anything it just does the cannot read disc error. It is not the switches for the lid. I secured them down a long time ago as I was using some boot disc swap method that I can't even remember, which is why I can hold the disc still for a second during bootup. Console has no mods ot…

  • Custom JVS I/O - MEGA JVS

    nismopunch - - Project Ideas


    Quote from jugu: “I thought the RingEdge really preferred the Sega Type 3 I/O? I remember reading a post from @Mitsurugi-w saying he had a problem until switching to a Type 3. ” I played ID8 with the type 1 IO that came with my ID3 for a while. Obviously it didn't have all the outputs for the side panel lighting and what not, but it would boot and play.

  • Thanks for all your hard work on the multi Niko! Can't wait to try this latest revision out! Will keep seeding this random person's torrent for a few days as well

  • Sorry late to the party! Sent you some via your beer link Niko. Thanks as always for everything you do for the community!

  • hmmm I see what you mean by after thought lol

  • Quote from SmokeMonster: “I have thesteve at PCEFX forums calibrate my PCE-CD/Duo lasers using a game burned to Taiyo Yudens, so that may be part of why they work so well for me. There are several of factors to consider when burning discs though: the quality of the game image/rip you're using, the quality of your CD burner and media, and the state of the laser in your console. A problem in any of these areas can cause problems reading discs. I actually built an old-timey Plextor & Yamaha burning…

  • I just had to use haha so cool. Thx!

  • Quote from jassin000: “I can't take credit for creating the original pixel art sheet... lhAKlni.png What I did was to cut these up into a pixel size matched png with transparency. In the case of the Dreamcast I did make that Sega sports revision based on the white included on the OG, I also edited the SNES to be larger and not include the gamepad. 4DWUHhr.png zvN07bq.png I made these changes to reflect just what I personally own for game consoles, I'm actually pretty pleased as each one of my re…

  • Quote from PascalP: “Quote from jassin000: “Not really a site issue within the past few days... but can we get more than 500 characters in our sigs? I made these to display with my cabs and its counting the "http://" as characters. FT6fFGU.png 2l8iEjw.png 9BUGGE9.png 4DWUHhr.png nG0mV8a.png zvN07bq.png rV1z0Eg.png Vf0lpdy.png iiRTzKR.png 4HOvLhT.png kWXBYSq.png and no it wouldn't be proper to merge this into one giant image bypassing the character count. These are single icons made in the spirit…

  • Custom JVS I/O - MEGA JVS

    nismopunch - - Project Ideas


    Nah not your fault, you have a lot going on already! I would just be happy if it eventually came out as this is something that would make life a lot easier.

  • Nice examples of PSUs. I was planning on using a happ, but now seeing PSUs I didn't know about will have to rethink. Excited to finally get a HAS and save some room vs my current setup.

  • Emailed as well!

  • I like where this is going, please proceed The only conversion cart I bought a loong while back was Bahamut Lagoon for the english patch...and unfortunately it had text glitches all over the place. I started looking into these cart conversions to see about reflashing but didn't get very far. Not a SFX game but

  • Would have been cool if ID8 printed the avatar with all the custom stuff you get...sigh lol