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  • yup, that too

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Samsung are IMO the best ones. If they are 8Gb or 4GB in size, even better. Like this one: ” Just the heads up, all (5-6) of my legit sandisk 64Gb bought from amazon (france) are dying, some of them have little mileage (wiiu, 3DS, I'm sure have less than 500Gb R/W), some don't have a lot (my gf's phone and mine), none of those where bought at the same time btw, but over the course of like 4 years. I even saw on a switch hacking board, a couple of guys actually LOCKING their…

  • yeah, that makes sense... would be quit thick too. (my god, what a poor soldering job he can't afford the right tools with the money he's making ?)

  • about the 3.3V and 5V talk, I know it's kinda convoluted, but bear with me. why not use adapter and chips with the right logic levels ? "The Real Phoenix" took this approach for snes cartmods : maybe that wouldn't fit ? (I have no experience with PGM converts, but I did a couple snes SA-1 cartmods for myself, and fee confident with handling thos SMD chip, since they're the same) (also, thanks a million to everyone involved here ! these cartmods are not worth …