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  • Quote from ThisGuy: “There is a google doc in this thread with a list of TTX1 games. Some of those games in list are not on the multi ” looking at that list it looks like all of the joystick games that are dumped... with the exception of TGM3 are on the X2 multi.

  • Quote from ThisGuy: “Some of the x1 games are available on nikos multi for the x2 ” Is there a list of which X1 games aren't on the X2 multi? I know TGM3 isn't but that's the only one I know of off hand.

  • I'm interested in that enclosure you're using for the PCB.

  • F3 connectors

    twistedsymphony - - F3 Multigame Cart


    Quote from Geddon: “Which games use the kick harness? ” Only 1: Kaiser Knuckle (aka Global Champion, aka Dan-Ku-Ga) Quote from Geddon: “Which games support 3p/4p? ” Arabian Magic, Dungeon Magic (aka Light Bringer), and Ring Rage... maybe the Soccer Games too but I'm not sure about those. Quote from Geddon: “Which games support a spinner and is the spinner board required? ” Just Arkanoid Returns and Puchi Carat there is no "spinner board", the spinners connect directly Quote from PascalP: “And do…

  • yes

  • I recently bought a Final Fight board set for a really good deal, it's got an original B and C board and ROMs and a DASH A-Board. I thought this was a 10-MHz game so presumably this was swapped at some point. The problem is that it goes into some kind of boot loop, so it powers up and then a split second later I hear my PSU and monitor click off then back on, and off. I checked for any signs of damage and cleaned the edge connector, it's a little dusty but otherwise great shape). after that I go…

  • Quote from Dion: “the design factoring is spot on (i talked about scsi2sd v6). stm32 chip for sd data feeder, and lattice for anything else. stm32 chosen for price competitive, for sd license and for sdio capability. lattice chosen for price, imho. don't know what they're waiting for, but the hardware is already viable to work on. ” I had asked them about it a while back, it sounded like the instruction set was too large for the hardware they were using on SCSI so they had to come up with a new …

  • easy way around the non-reset options for most games is to push the test button to enter test mode before selecting your next game.

  • I own one but it's honestly not super useful for tuning a CRT.... it's missing the nice gradiant patterns that are necessary for dialing in the Red Green and Blue gain and cut-offs. I also found that the few times I did tune on the TPG once I put a real board in there I had to re-tune because it just looked different. it's a great tool for testing if a monitor is working properly particularly if the cab is missing or has a non-working PSU or doesn't have a JAMMA harness, but I wouldn't use it fo…

  • I recently picked up a Gonta the Diver and converted it to Osman thanks to @ekorz help…7b380e94df54559c13870f639

  • that's my point... IDE isn't the issue there are options already... it's ATAPI that we need emulated.

  • I think if it were just ide it'd be done already. I mean they made IDE to CF and IDE to SATA etc. the problem is the 246 games that use the ATAPI protocol which is specific to disc drives. the most promising solution IMO is the one being worked on by the guys who made the SCSI to SD device that we use on CPS3

  • Quote from rtw: “The spacers did not fit my PCB either but I used a standard one and cut another in half ” What donor PCB did you use? I wonder if certain games need one size spacer while other games need another. would be nice to figure out what the proper sized spacers are for a given donor board before the second batch.

  • Quote from KC-Slater: “Do yourself a favour and replace all of the hardware with new stuff that doesn't use the weird Torx security standard. ” or just buy buy a torx bit set so you don't devalue your cab and make it easy to tamper with in a public setting.

  • at that price he should be throwing in a console for free.

  • is that picture your actual Tri-force setup? if so that one is not compatible with Net-booting, that large white enclosure is where the DIMMs normally set on a GDROM/Net-capable Media board, you have a single game media board.... it's only good for the game you have on there. you'll need to find another tri-force (or another media-board) with the proper Net-DIMM/GDROM port setup

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I was thinking of powdercoating the pedals I have. I like your idea of swapping out the sensors on the time crisis guns, I have a few of those. Would like to see what you come up for connecting the different guns. ” The pedals I have are in pretty rough shape the sheet metal that makes up the housing is cracked in a few spots from abuse and one of them is missing the spring/spring plate. the mechanical design of these things is honestly pretty terrible I'm thinking I might …

  • Do you have the gss sensors? Any chance you could snap a pic? I'm trying to come up with a good way to modularized the guns so I can swap in like te ghost squad rifle, gss guns and other stuff. I also have time crisis guns that I want to mount the Sega sensors in. I have some foot pedals too but they need to be rebuilt.

  • So where is this now? The frame is 99% done, I might 3d print some hole covers for the LEDs I needed to re-position but that's it. the pedestal as the game PCB, start-buttons, guns, gun IO, and JVS IO all installed. the harnesses between all of the boards is done too. I still need to permanently mount the PSU and build the AV back panel, currently I just have everything passed through the hole in the back directly to the boards for testing. I'm still waiting for some parts to arrive to build tha…

  •……7b380e94df54559c13870f639 time for paint! I taped over the ends where the corner brackets would be installed, I didn't want paint making it even more difficult to get the end pieces on. Then I sanded with a 220 grit and wiped down an alcohol on a rag to remove any dust before painting. I use an old keyboard stand as a paint rack and have some old metal hangers bent into hooks so I can hang smaller parts. For p…