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  • Quote from Smurph: “Did anyone have success in backing up/restoring SRAM? ” I did not have any success. I'm probably not going to be able to progress any further on my side. I wasn't able to figure out how to dump SRAM content, with the commands available in, let alone write it back.

  • I'm going to go ahead and go open source with my code, so I'll just drop this here: I'm not currently offering any boards for sale because I don't have time. If anyone wants to contribute to the code to improve it, I'd be more than happy to share write access to the repository, and try to get a board your way. The kind of interest I've seen from some people makes me think they'd be more interested in @bobbydilley 's project. JVS Emulator

  • Quote from Geddon: “Got some time to look at this more. It looks like the connector on my units is just upside down compared to the one in initial d3. I’m looking at the schematic in the id3 manual here. Got my connectors and pins. Now I just need to wire it up. I don’t have a steering wheel yet though, I hope to get that going soon. ” I think you're good to go. Notice the numbering on the 8-pin connector. It just has the pins numbered the opposite way as the other connectors near it. It's still…

  • Quote from Geddon: “Alrighty. Here is the reader I have, bought as “working”. I have two and they are the same. Both have just this 12 pin harness. ” It looks like the same kind of harness that's on mine, so you're probably good to go once you create a mating adapter. I double checked and mine is a 15 pin and a different series connector. It might be worth sharing the details of the included rom chip. I think I photographed and shared mine much earlier in the thread.

  • Quote from bagheera369: “havent gotten the email, but im in the sep17 order list, so im hoping soon. After almost a year, it will be totally worth the wait. ” I think that's the group I'm in. I haven't received any communication yet. I do notice that on the PSIO news page that most of the pre-order groups show 100%. I'm not sure what that's measuring because it surely isn't an indicator that those orders are fulfilled. Edit: I see this was posted on the news site: - 23/JULY/2018 – The required p…

  • Quote from Geddon: “Yep. I also noticed a few places with no harness attached, so I’m wondering if any of those are needed. I’ll post more photos tonight. I also have another reader coming so will be curious to see if it matches this one or is different. Hopefully it is a match so I can test with the same harness. ” I checked my ID3 reader and it all has pretty short wires coming from connectors plugged into various parts of the reader itself, terminating in a single 15-position connector that h…

  • I don't recall that being on my reader... maybe it is. I'm not home, so can't confirm at the moment. Can you provide photos of the unit and entire wiring up to that?

  • Quote from Geddon: “You sure? Someone here says 12v and 5v Haha it’s you winter! Small world. ” I guess I'll believe that guy, then! It's been so long since I had any of this wired up, so I often have to reference my previous posts when I can find them. It's probably in this thread somewhere, but I'm pretty sure the WMMT reader and ID 4-8 reader do need 24V.

  • Quote from Geddon: “Ok I got one of the cheap card readers and it looks like it has all the harness. There is one big connector. Can anyone help me hook it up? I have an atx and a sun power supply so I need to go from one of those to this and need to know how to wire up the logic. I’ll post some pictures of what I have tonight. Fun thing I ordered 2 and only received one. ” The ID3 wiring diagram is likely going to be your best source of info on a pinout. At the very least you should be able to …

  • Quote from Finisterre: “Is there another manual besides the one that @winteriscoming posted showing the 13551 jvs io wired in? "The wiring diagram shows it using the Sega MIDI board, not the Namco one" Are there known configurations using the Namco FCBs also? ” F-Zero only uses the Sega MIDI FFB. My experience messing with driving games the past few years has taught me that generally these games are made with one set of supported hardware, whic…

  • Outrun 2 SP IP Protocol

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    This is something I'd be interested in.

  • JVS Emulator

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    I'm not up to speed on the absolute latest in versions of the Pi, but I tend to always buy Pi 3's since the price difference isn't that big. Any reason not to just default to the highest performer?

  • JVS Emulator

    winteriscoming - - Project Showcase


    Quote from bobbydilley: “Thats a pretty good price - would you have to solder everything on the board yourself? Thats always the off putting part for me! ” Yeah, the cost is just for raw components. I did design it with through-hole components, but no way anyone is going to pay me as much as my day job to solder them up and make it worth spending my free time trying to sell them. Quote from bobbydilley: “Thank you - Ive looked at lots of other projects such as MegaJVS when writing it and so it w…

  • JVS Emulator

    winteriscoming - - Project Showcase


    Quote from bobbydilley: “@winteriscoming That is very cool! How much does the whole board cost? ” I must have missed this question. The BOM is pretty low. I had a few boards made by pcbway, which is very affordable for small runs, and bought a small bulk of the individual parts to be able to populate several boards. I'm not sure on exact cost for populating a single board, and it's been a while since I looked at pricing, but costs are probably about $25, not including the Arduino and screen whic…

  • Is there anyone willing to pitch in on a set of SD cards or hard drive to physically mail around? I don't have a worthwhile collection, so someone who does would need to volunteer to start it. We could get a list of interested members together and do a mail relay from one to the next.

  • I picked up the SNES Classic over the weekend and added some extra stuff. I had a hard time with non SNES games initially. I didn't look into the different Hakchi versions prior to starting and had to start over with the latest CE version and got NES and Genesis working. The bad thing is that I also started messing with Retropie on a Raspberry Pi 3 and wish I had just skipped the SNES Classic. It's so much easier getting stuff to work on Retropie and you've got easier access to expanded storage …

  • FYI for anyone with spare cards around, I was able to get this running on a 2GB micro SD card using the directions above.

  • I was just looking at resource usage for mjpg_streamer running this way, and it's super low. The highest I saw it go was 1.3% CPU usage, with a webcam. I fully expect that this could run along side netbooting and the card reader script. I haven't yet tried running the card reader script on the RPi myself, but others have reported success. I would imagine it's not too resource intensive either.

  • DIY directions: Things you need: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (that's what I'm using - could maybe be another version) Micro SD Card (not sure on minimum size - mine is 32GB and way more than enough) 5v Power Supply (I use a 2.5A Canakit one) Webcam or Pi Camera (I'm using a Logitech C615) Download a linux distro for RPi. I used this one:…raspbian_lite-2018-04-19/ Load it onto the SD card. Once it's loaded, mount the card in your computer and write a file to the root folder a…

  • I've managed to get this solution down to an even simpler setup! mjpg_streamer has its own webserver and you can specify the port when running the program, so it's easy to set it up to port 80, which is what Mario Kart needs. mjpg_streamer requires that you pull it from git and compile it directly on you RPi to get it installed. One of the options you can set makes the program serve up a still if you access something like ip/cam.jpg. I figured out where this name is specified in the source code …