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  • Quote from Matan: “Hi all, I've build a rig for my MVS and willing to connect it to a Sony consumer TV that supports RGB via scart. Do I need to place resistors or capacitors on the r,g,b and sync lines? What about power to switch the TV to RGB mode? Any diagrams (proven once, not from Google) will be appreciated ” What's the rig you've built? @Frank_fjs or @RGB are both Supergun builders who might be able to help out with video output info....

  • You could have one of 2 answers: The probable answer: Atomiswave was designed to run on JAMMA or JVS, it has connections for both. It was never intended to work on JVS to JAMMA IO boards because there was no reason for it to work that way. The games are also modified to work on a system they weren't originally designed for. Or you can go with answer no 2: NAOMI netbooting is very temperamental at the best of times and while there is no reason for it not to work. You probably haven't turned it on…

  • Yep, the 3.3v especially.

  • Every issue I've come across with AW conversions not working has been related to an incorrectly configured zeroPIC or 3.3v power not being bang on what the NAOMI wants For some reason it's even more sensitive about it for the AW stuff

  • If you did it on a Mac there's a good chance that it's having issues with the ._ directories macOS creates on removable devices. There's a built in function called dot_clean that removes these, but you need to be careful to run it on the correct device. You need to go into a Terminal and run dot_clean /Volumes/SDCardnamehere To find the correct volume name ls /Volumes

  • Quote from ekorz: “Quote from KAKAKOKEOKUKU: “- i download and install the F3 rollup rom with SDHC 4go in FAT32 ” windows 7? Windows 10? Mac? ” Brand of SD card? Have you got another one of a different brand/capacity/speed you can try? Speed of SD cards is a huge potential issue and 4GB cards being older may not be fast enough. Samsung Evo cards are cheap and known to work well in the multi kits. I think the smallest is 16gb

  • I ordered my CPS2 multi from SYG, so have many others here. Aldo is great and is a member here if you ever want to message with any questions. You get the new packaging too which looks absolutely fantastic!

  • That new box is great

  • CPS2 Fan Replacement

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    I think NAOMI uses a different size - I'd have to check

  • CPS2 Fan Replacement

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    I made a video I will upload at some stage, but this fan makes about the same noise as a laptop fan

  • Is everything currently available - other prototypes may appear or other games that are not currently netbootable may change in the future

  • DDPDOJ requires KoVSH as a donor - Ketsui and Espgaluda runs on the others. Good to know that a straight swap works without modifying the PAL though, I really need to order the ICs to do the conversion

  • I'm using a UD-USB and can confirm there's no lag. Using a Qanba Q4RAF with a Brook Universal Fighting Board

  • You might be able to get the same thing cheaper through Ali, but when I most recently looked for one of these (and still want one) it was about $60

  • The ground pins are charred which is definitely a concern since that means enough voltage is getting to the ground pins on the connector to cause that. Not good. I'd very much be questioning that power supply and your cab wiring if you're sure you're plugging it in the right way.

  • 240v puts out more amps - but if you're running 240VAC off a 110VDC socket, that's not going to end well. System 16B is a power hog so I'm not surprised that didn't work, I don't have a G-Net board so I don't know but assume it's the same

  • My understanding was the reason this wasn't posted here previously and can be hard to find is because the manufacturer of this particular hardware are fairly active in taking legal action - even on long discontinued hardware I'm always happy to help in PM and have offered to burn chips for those who need them or help them do it themselves

  • Quote from rtw: “Sorry I should have been more specific, System 16B I would like to see a picture of an encrypted Z80 on a System16B ... please ” Shinobi 317-0054 - I can take a photo of a super rusty one I got on a 16B and replaced with a standard Z80 and decrypted sound ROM All 3 I've put decrypted ROMs on were the same MC-8123B, and all on 16B I will agree though that I've not heard of E-Swat using an encrypted Z80, that doesn't mean his board doesn't have one because someone put it on there.…

  • Quote from rtw: “Quote from xtrasmiley: “Apocalypse, now that I've read more about the S16 boards, I'm not sure I do need to fix it. Can you clarify? I have a ESWAT that works graphics, but no sound. I would need to buy a new non-suicide processor and change EPROMs to non-encrypted to make it work now. What if I only bought a battery free processor? I know then, sound would still not work, but with your multi would sound then work? Do I need to buy a battery free processor (Z80) AND new EPROMs? …