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  • I'd imagine not good enough JVS power may cause transmission errors or timeouts, but in AW->N conversions, the code which talks with JVS host MCU is not robust, not handle error reply cases, and goes crazy.

  • Quote from Dreygor: “All booted on the first try on a Naomi 2 and it's consistant. So in addition to the voltages on your Naomis you may want to double check the actual voltage to the JVS itself. ” glad to hear that. may I clarify - before you did voltage tweaks only Atomiswave games not booted, but Naomi ones was working ?

  • Quote from Dreygor: “Is this something that is currently set the same in all of the AW conversions? ” it is as of AW games design ("conversions" is actually regular AW games, with quite few tiny changes in the code) Quote from Dreygor: “So if it corrects the issues it would need to be fixed in all of them? ” right

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Do you think that changing that write to 5F80a8 in the conversions would increase compatibility? ” in theory yes, it may explain why AW conversions more sensitive to power supply voltages. there is also other timings related configuration registers - G1 ROM/SRAM/Cart access delays, G2 bus timeout values, Maple DMA timeout, which may be different in N/AW and affect game behavior too.

  • Quote from Dreygor: “So what makes the AW conversions so different from the Naomi games that causes the conversions to stall out like that ? ” I'd imagine it may be because of different RAM ICs used in AW and NAOMI ? unlikely its related to main RAM, as SH4 SDRAM controller configured by BIOS, and games doesn't touch it. but in theory might be because of GPU RAM controller configuration. on quick look I see NAOMI games initialize PVR2's SDRAM_CFG (0x005F80A8) with 0x15d1c955, while AW games set …

  • @randomdoohickey I was talking not about IC availability, but it's configuration firmware, which is programmed in the chip and cant be dumped.

  • Quote from randomdoohickey: “the only thing that seems to be NLA on the CV1000 from the chip lists and photos I can find is the Yamaha sound chip ” how about Altera MAX CPLD ? ie it's internal configuration firmware no surprise SHx CPUs is still available, as they was used in car navigation systems, ECUs, etc, if Im not mistaken prior to nowdays. SH4 is instruction set compatible with SH3, but they are different in other parts, so software for SH3 will not work on SH4 without code modifications.

  • Quote from kuze: “It's a can of worms though because people will start making SDOJ conversions (and Akai home) ” there is no dumps of these, isn't it ?

  • is here any volunteer who may test CVS1 patch ?

  • Quote from Finisterre: “this hack (the essence - a patch of 2 bytes in the firmware ” true, but there was unsolved side effects like reset after some time, which makes in ususable at practice, so that hack was abandoned in prior of CF or Net boot methods.

  • @Finisterre…s_NAOMI_Manual_Deluxe.pdf look at wiring diagram at page 134

  • but Pro is Jap-only, and if I not mistaken will hang at some point if patched region byte and then boot as US/Export. regular 2000 ver might be interesting to some people as an English ver ?

  • Quote from jassin000: “Personally I'd be more interested in 2000 Pro... What do you think? I've got 35$ Paypal donation ready to roll today if you can hook it up, I suspect others might also be inclined to give. ” but does 2000 Pro have any unlocks ? there is no password entry in test mode. I'd guess, request was about 2000 ver, while later Japan-only 2000 Pro ver have everything already unlocked ?

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from BroadwayJose: “Did anyone do an unlock patch for Capcom vs SNK 1 also? That game has a similar locked character/game option setup. ” Paging @MetalliC Is the above doable? Should we start making donations to the Dumping Union? ” I'd guess it is doable. which version, 2000 or 2000 Pro ?

  • MAME sources have short summary: we have no idea how DC/Naomi checksum protection algorithm works, we only know how it triggered and how to check final result. I was only able to hacky bypass it using magic data chunk from HOTD2 proto BIOS, but we still cant do whole 2MByte BIOS with valid checksum (required to make all Dreamcast software to work fine). btw, BIOS checksum hardware protection is the ONLY protection present on DC or NAOMI mobos (besides external devices like GD drive or carts). th…

  • Quote from kioku25: “I'll take 4, as long as they are going to be compatible with Chihiro and Triforce Type 1s as well. ” 10 plz, if they will be ST-V, Naomi, Chihiro, Triforce, Lindbergh, Ringedge multi all-in-one lol and also serves coffee in bed

  • got it, thanks for explanation.

  • I see, I'm just wondering if it have any effect. for sure 6th and 7th bytes not used / ignored by regular DIMM firmwares, I haven't found any code which uses these values. in theory (but unlikely) they might be used in Type3 NEC V850 firmware, I'm almost unfamiliar with it, so curious.

  • @obcd Source Code (3 lines)why there is 0x4C ? does it have any effect ? so far we haven't seen any PIC which gives such aijyo reply.

  • Quote from Finisterre: “Is there a fun story on how the Dumping Union, or whom ever came up on the original key, obtained it? ” I doubt it is fun: two separate people (or teams?) decapped & deprotected DIMM PICs, and then read it's firmware, then compared results to be sure it is good, and it was - the difference was only DES keys and game BIN name. cant remember details, but iirc there was used "masked UV attack", same as this one, to reset read protection fuses. it was a long ago (like 10 year…