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  • It's not difficult to dismantle, but it can be a little daunting at first. Just make sure you have the proper tools/hardware to do so, so you don't strip the hardware. Do yourself a favour and replace all of the hardware with new stuff that doesn't use the weird Torx security standard. I have a very similar Naomi upright that I chopped and removed the coin box from to create a sit-down cab. Before efd9b65019cfcb819165f88ae969afb4f4c2d535_1_375x500.JPG After ee70e0058ea4d81db10505fd3489cadec88444…

  • @twistedsymphony Unfortunately, I’m missing the control panel inside my cab as well! I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s gone. I will post some photos of my monitor and the wiring I took last night when I had the back removed, so any knowledgeable parties can chime in as to whether it’s there or not. I don’t hear the telltale sound of it firing when I turn my cab on, for what it’s worth. I’m hoping that in the event the coil is there, wiring up a button is a straight forward (and safe) affair.

  • So as it turns out, I was able to remove the cover off the back, and adjust some of the pots (H-size, V-size, H-pos, V-pos) on the chassis in addition to on the tethered remote board, and to greater effect. It strikes me as odd that they would have repeated controls on both, but it worked, so I am not complaining. Just thought I'd post my conclusion/solution in the event that someone else runs in to this issue. I have a bit of slight discolouration in the top left corner, though. I am not sure i…

  • Thanks for the reply @twistedsymphony I have only owned this cab for about 18 months, and I have not done anything to the monitor, maintenance-wise. I doubt the previous owner did as well. Right now the cover is on the back of the CRT, but is it possible that I could adjust the H-width and V-height beyond what the tethered remote controls provide if I adjust these values right on the chassis itself? Or is it simply a matter of both pots doing the same thing?

  • Thanks for the reply @ThisGuy I just realized I entered the wrong monitor model number -- I have an Nanao ms 2932 (31khz only model!) I don't think I have this feature on mine.

  • I have a Naomi Universal cab with a Nanao MS-2932. The monitor is pretty decent for the most part (despite being 31khz-only) but I feel like the displayed image is too small for the size of the monitor. Specifically, I feel that it isn't taking up enough real estate, and leaving about an 1" perimeter around the area it is actively displaying the picture un utilized. I am using VGA sources (XBOX 360, Dreamcast) and not sure if this has anything to do with while it does not appear to be filling th…

  • Thanks @Brettster, will do!

  • I tried with the top of the case off -- both fans are spinning and both the green and red light are on and stay on. I did notice that one of the fans' wires is hot glued to the top of a chip -- is this normal? It looks like it was intentionally done. I might just bite the bullet and order another BIOS. Any suggestions which one to grab and where to do so?

  • I've tried a couple of BIOS chips that I have, and none seem to work. To complicate things further, I accidentally broke one of the pins off of the third BIOS chip that I thought was bound to work for sure, before I got to test it! I opened up the casing and looked for any dirt, traces of blown caps, and everything look suspiciously clean. Even the case wasn't too dusty/grimy. I gave it a clean with some compressed air, and cleaned the fans as well. So at this point I'm still holding out hope th…

  • Thanks @skate323k137. I'll try again tonight. If the BIOS is not seated properly or is bad, would that be reason enough for NOTHING to appear on screen? (This is in the realm of possibility, as I think I may have swapped BIOS chips at some point...) Also, can anyone explain if the different coloured lights inside the mainboard housing mean anything?

  • HI everyone, I am having issues with using my Naomi outside of my previous cab (Naomi Universal.) Unfortunately I no longer have my cab, so I can't completely rule out that it's not the Naomi mainboard. I am using RGB's supergun. I can confirm this is working without issue, as I was using it with my MVS before and after trying it with my Naomi. I can confirm that it was working with a Netboot setup as well with a couple of cartridges inside the cab without issue, but when I try to use it with my…

  • It is possible to power the Naomi via a ATX PSU, the Pi via a USB-to-JST cable (from CN12 as mentioned by Gakman) with the proper cables (I order some from Jasen-Customs a while ago) and powering the JVS to JAMMA I/O (838-13683D) and RGB's Supergun via an Arcade PSU? Is this overkill? Would I be putting my hardware at risk? (Sorry for the n00b question!)

  • Hello from Toronto!

    KC-Slater - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hi all, I can usually be found over in the retro forums on GAF (my other Dreamcast is a NAOMI), but registered to connect with some like-minded people who are more arcade-centric.