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  • Games are not running

    twistedsymphony - - ST-V Multicart


    I was excited for the Shack Fu Sequel until I discovered it's not a Fighting game... it's a beat 'em up and they tried way too hard to make it funny it's just plain bad... not even so bad it's entertaining like the original.

  • it's not good form to simply join the sync lines like that. it depends on the specific hardware design and where in the circuit you're joining them but it could potentially cause damage to the sync output IC or cause a short. the safe/right way to do it is to feed them through an OR gate. Or, at minimum, pass them through some resistors before joining them. ------------- As Jassin suggested the UVC is the best tool for the job. I will say that a lot of Monitors will run with just H-Sync on the S…

  • Quote from rtw: “the country byte is set for only Japan. The netboot image sets this to 0xff. ” can this be modified for other games? there are a few netboot images that will only work with the JP region: Capcom Vs SNK 2K Pro Guilty Gear XX Reload Jingy Storm Metly Blood Act Cadenza A New Japan Pro Rewstling Toukon Retsuden Nomiso Kone Kone Puzzle Takoron Rythm Tengoku Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Tokyo Bus Tour VF4 Evo VF4 Evo Ver B

  • I don't know about the Net Boot Image but I have an original Melty Blood Actress Again Cart and it will not run unless I'm using a Japanese Region BIOS (it will boot with the multi bios in Japanese region mode). Even the cart version of this game is super finicky it usually takes me 2-3 tries boot, no idea if it's a voltage thing, a dirty connector thing or something else. Definitely one of the more picky carts I own.

  • Quote from Tjohejsan: “Is this the same as marcos multi? ” it is not the same as marco's multi.

  • I missed that 2 PSU bit... You should definitely avoid doing that. If you DO use two two separate power supplies then 1. you MUST tie the grounds together in some way 2. you MUST NOT tie any of the 5V 3.3V or 12V lines together in anyway. chances are the ground on your serial cable is tying the grounds together for you but that's not ideal. There should be a 3rd, smaller, output connector on the SUN JVS PSUs and that's what you should be using to power your IO board and other accessories.

  • Quote from Dreygor: “When you say 3.3v .. is that exactly 3.3vdc or 3.4vdc ? Does it need to be more or less .. what is the ideal voltage? How much does the 5vdc affect any of this and what setting is ideal? ” A proper JVS Compliant PSU will allow for adjustments on both 5V and on 3.3V (12V is non-adjustable but it's irrelevant because it's only used for the cooling fans). Here is what you need to do for the most accurate voltage setup: take the top case off of your DIMM board and find ground an…

  • Quote from rtw: “the AW games do not have any JVS code in them, they are patched to read data from the "JVS MCU" on the NAOMI unit. ” This makes sense. In my testing most AW games would boot with every IO board I threw at it, including no IO board at all. I would suspect that people having issues based on their IO board are really having power issues and the different boards are consuming different amounts of power. ATX PSUs suck for NAOMI, even "good"/expensive ATX PSUs because you can't adjust…

  • Quote from deibit: “Nope, I meant that mine never saved scores. ” If what Asure said is true, it's possible that your battery died or was replaced at some point before you took posession of the PCB and thats why the scores didn't save. How do they build those High Score save kits for games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong? maybe we can implement similar solutions on these newer PCBs that have no excuse for needing a battery, or simply don't save at all.

  • Quote from Asure: “As far as i know, a bit of code in a custom device is lost when the battery dies, and then the game never saves scores after that ” any idea if that device is dumped or could be restored?

  • damn... Whats the purpose of the battery if it runs without it and it's not for the scores? games that don't save high scores aggravate me.

  • I recently picked up a Raiden II PCB, it has a location on the PCB for a backup battery, I've seen picture of other Raiden II PCBs equipped with this battery. Though on my board there's no indication that it ever had one; the solder points where one would be installed are perfectly clean.…d1b217419ede02022c11d27b3 High scores aren't saved. Does anyone know if this battery is responsible for saving high scores? If so does anyone know of a suitable replacement batter…

  • @undamned did you ever attempt this conversion? I recently picked up a Raiden II PCB and am interested in converting it, or maybe even finding a way to swap between the two games on the same PCB.

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    twistedsymphony - - Midway Systems


    Quote from brizzo: “I've been working with Greenliant who manufactures NAND controller chips that interface to PATA to allow me access to their manufacturing tools to create a custom DOM that reports as the correct size so we don't have to use a rom hack or patch. ” Thats amazing!

  • Quote from Hammy: “Looking at SFEX and Toshinden on the CPzn1, SFEX has more GPU ram. Was always under the assumption all the ZN motherboards are the same / matched to bios/cat but WRONG! This adds another level of confusion to the pile! ” Interesting.. I always assumed they were the same as well. I'll have to go through my ZN stuff to see what's different. I'm hoping that at least the Capcom ZN2 main-board is standardized.

  • I haven't done this conversion myself but I'd suspect 100ns would be fine. as for brand I just buy whatever I can get cheapest. and I have no idea what you mean by 16 variants.

  • Quote from TechnicalMonkey: “I'm trying to convert is VS2 '99 to Fighting Vipers 2. ” Fighting Vipers 2 has a security board so you'll either need to wait for someone to release patched ROMs or find someone to convert your security PCB. IIRC the way the security works is the game will run for about a minute and then lock up if the security board is absent. So you could get to writing all the ROMs and then figure out what you're going to do from there.

  • Quote from Asure: “OCD here complelling me to say those buttons are wrong, order some Sanwa's. ” I believe that's what came on the USA baseball cabs... my baseball panel had them too. I still swapped that garbage for sanwas though

  • I recently bought a converted LA Machineguns (model 3) ROM board, and a converted GunBlade NY (Model 2) from Yaton on eBay. not sure if these games normally have security but if they do I could dump the Program ROMs. Man model 3 has something stupid like 40 EPROMs... that'll take me all day to convert. thankfully they're all socketed,

  • Quote from sammargh: “Quote from smf: “This message board is annoying, is there a way to switch it into a mode where you can easily copy and paste the quotes?” Click the empty box in the upper-left when typing a reply to see the bbcode version which is easier to edit. ” there is an even easier way. When reading the forum normally. highlight a section of someone's post and then click the "Insert Quote" button that appears. above the highlighted text (doesn't work on mobile).