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  • Quote from archimage: “Sounds like old caps or rusted sound volume pot. I have noticed the same thing on my pcb, but with original game too. ” OK - thanks - I have to check that out than. But why didn't I hear this with the original ROMs and 10 minutes later with the Multi I do? Is that because of voltage difference? Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “@waiwainl Very strange. I didn't notice that when I tested the kit on my pcb. ” I assumed the Multi passed the QA test - I come for advise, not to poke

  • That looks quite impressive m8

  • Received my edition of the multi 56JnzLyl.jpg Unfortunately I have a strange sound issue, which I didn't notice with the original roms of Ichidant-R I double checked all the Jumper settings according to post #1. Tried the volume-dial in various ways, but the issue remains the same. Also tried multiple super guns and cabs. The pins seem to align perfectly and I pressed the 2xPCB firmly in the sockets. If you listen to this recording, you will notice that every 10-15 seconds there is a spike in th…

  • On cabs I play with coins, on super guns actually also - gives the experience something extra. Same reason I do not use auto-fire units Only when a game happens to be already in free play, I will leave it - hardly happens though

  • Hello From Austin

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    Welcome! Pics

  • Hello from Oslo, Norway!

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    Welcome! which Caves do yo play?

  • Hey Hey

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    Welcome! You'll like it here

  • Kyle From RI

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    Welcome - cool cab btw

  • Hi all

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  • Quote from Rugdoctor: “This might fit the bill? Vertical position adjustment as well! ” This looks very simpel compared to the other one. Or could it be the components are at the bottom? Or perhaps you simply don't need that much

  • Quote from rewrite: “What all extra is there in the Amazon release? That's about $20 over Play-Asia. ” To be honest, I didn't check . Went blindly on the tweet from Elixir (Amazon link) - but it seems there is a Deathtiny Instruction Card added. Beep has even a more cool feature, they have a reproduction CAVE carton box! (Beep link) (picture is from Garegga rev.2016 box bonus) 0810091533_5b6cd925bc752.jpeg But I believe we're derailing a bit..

  • Quote from KAKAKOKEOKUKU: “ok i will try windows ” No need. Mac rules. Just follow the advice from @xodaraP and you'll be probably fine. Do check if the folder names are correct. Had similar issues, dot_clean is your friend. guggy.gif

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Really? Better than Play Asia? I think it might cost more through Amazon if I have to get a proxi company to get it to me. ” It cost me around 77 euros. ships internationally, no problem. Just do a another tap open with Google Translate and you're good to go.

  • Quote from Rugdoctor: “ I tried trawling through the taobao site to find the seller but after 20+ pages I gave up. Sorry can not help further ” Thanks for looking though. Never heard of - will give it a try too.

  • Quote from PascalP: “@waiwainl if you can source some, I take one as well ” Perhaps somebody recognizes it. Additionally I asked Kelvin on his blog & here.

  • Quote from nem: “Isn't that @Rugdoctors site? ” Google tells me yes - hence @Rugdoctor could provide us an answer Quote from PascalP: “Wondering what you’re gonna use it for? ” Look at the link to Kevin's post, you'll see Quote from beast1x5: “i wonder how this works with the f3 on an OSSC? ” Possibly the same; you are changing the input to the OSSC, so if any PCB is already giving you trouble with a full/centered image on your LCD through OSSC; my guess is that this board will do the same as fo…

  • At Kelvins Gaming Heaven I saw this board: IMG_9598.JPG He calls it "H-Shift circuits" with built in Sync leveling capabilities to ensure compatibility with non-arcade monitors. This is exactly what I need. It is created by JFWX - though Google can't help me finding this guy nor PCB board. Anybody got an idea where to purchase this?

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “…ition-announced-for-japan I pre-ordered from Play Asia. ” I can recommend to purchase the version. Has some Amazon extras

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Just dumping ROMs usually doesn't affect games (look at current prices for retro games on NES/SNES/PCE for example) however, being able to pass off a conversion as the real deal would definitely allow scum bags to sell less expensive games for more money. ” That is usually not the point from the owners of the Intellectual Property. The old cartridges already have been sold, they can't sell them again. The high prices for retro does not go to the original publishers/creato…

  • Replacement fan?

    waiwainl - - F3 Multigame Cart


    Quote from xtrasmiley: “Hey, did you ever get that fan? Is it quieter? ” I actually haven't yet. Many other arcade projects But this is a good reminder , I'll order it.