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  • Quote from Nodoyuna: “I have a problem with BORENCH It does play the wrong sound effects in attract mode and in game Music is fine I have checked the same version in MAME and the sound effects are correct in MAME I've revised the connections and jumper settings, all is how it's written on first post Do anybody else has the same issue? How can I fix it? Thanks in advance ” Can you snap a picture of your PCB ? Also tell us which protection device is on your PCB, this is the label on you IC27 if we…

  • Quote from sammargh: “About the only thing I've seen discussed publicly is that the card is special to SC2 specifically and all attempts at poking it (i.e using a ps2) have rendered cards useless. ” Yep, if you insert this in a PS2 you might be lucky and get the offer to format it and say no but if you are in a game ... And to reset the card just go to SETUP-DATA ALL-CLEAR, then next time the system boots the card will be cleared.

  • PCB designs I'm working on

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    9 mm should be okay

  • Some of us are trying to understand what is going on with the SC2 Memory Card. Does anyone have any inside knowledge regarding how we can initialize this card ? ... nothing in setup

  • PCB designs I'm working on

    rtw - - Project Showcase


    I have noticed that some adapters have very short edge contacts and key notch. This makes the whole adapter "wobbly" when you insert it in the JAMMA connector on an EGRET II. Did some checking and most contacts on JAMMA edge connectors are normally 10mm long with the key cutout slightly longer. Check your CAVE PGM PCBs

  • SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

    rtw - - System 246/256


    To get conquest mode you need the PS2 memory card, which is not a PS2 memory card format. But maybe @brizzo can make a version where you buy two dongles where one is a memory card

  • Quote from Dreygor: “One thing I noticed last night when I was tinkering with some stuff is that the 120VAC draw on the Sun power supply ramps waaaaaay up when booting Atomiswave games to the point that sometimes it makes the marquee flicker and you can hear the fans ramp way up. Most prominently it shows when I loaded Sushi Bar. It does not really seem to do this with any of the Naomi games. This means the power demand from the Naomi is super high during this. It seems to calm down after the ga…

  • Quote from jassin000: “ I'm a little surprised no one has tried to adapt the GDEmu device to Naomi.If the Chinese can clone it, I'm sure you could hackup the original/official firmware to make it work. *update* Oh I guess it would need some type of adapter and voltage regulator board as well. ” You would not need to clone anything the GD-ROM uses the same connector. However the GD-ROM system is 5V but the GD-EMU 3V3 so I would not recommend that CD-Rs are dead, slow, unreliable and this is the r…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from MetalliC: “Quote from Finisterre: “this hack (the essence - a patch of 2 bytes in the firmware ” true, but there was unsolved side effects like reset after some time, which makes in ususable at practice, so that hack was abandoned in prior of CF or Net boot methods. ” So basically it needs further patching, right? Any clue about what could trigger it? Another GDRom check? Timing issues? ” From what I know there was an additional media check after 1 hour. Anyway t…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “I'm lost now....AFAIK Toukon is a Naomi Game not an AW conversion. ” Yes it is NAOMI but @Dreygor mentioned it so I thought I would try it as well. Maybe an idea to get this removed from the "library/roll-up" ?

  • Quote from Dreygor: “I cant get new japan wrestling to boot regardless of region. ” I tried this image: toukon4.bin crc32: 0xf8de3218 And it gets to the region warning screen and then locks up hard, i.e. cannot enter setup. I strongly suspect NAMCO protection.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from rtw: “the country byte is set for only Japan. The netboot image sets this to 0xff. ” can this be modified for other games? there are a few netboot images that will only work with the JP region: Capcom Vs SNK 2K Pro Guilty Gear XX Reload Jingy Storm Metly Blood Act Cadenza A New Japan Pro Rewstling Toukon Retsuden Nomiso Kone Kone Puzzle Takoron Rythm Tengoku Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Tokyo Bus Tour VF4 Evo VF4 Evo Ver B ” Well it can, but the game might …

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I don't know about the Net Boot Image but I have an original Melty Blood Actress Again Cart and it will not run unless I'm using a Japanese Region BIOS (it will boot with the multi bios in Japanese region mode). Even the cart version of this game is super finicky it usually takes me 2-3 tries boot, no idea if it's a voltage thing, a dirty connector thing or something else. Definitely one of the more picky carts I own. ” The cart only works on a Japanese BIOS by desig…

  • Quote from Dreygor: “ ..and then check the largest game available. .. Melty Blood Actress Again. One note I need to add here is that v6 would not load. I had to use v1 and it worked just fine. ” I can confirm that v6 does not work for me either

  • Quote from Dreygor: “Are you able to play Rumble Fish 1 ? ” Yes, CRC32 : 0x51ab289f

  • @Dreygor looks good, I would have tied together ground from the two PSUs explicitly to avoid any ground loops. On a sidenote I just tried AW Samurai Shodown 6 on my NAOMI2, no issues. Make sure you use no more than 512 MiB of memory and test the memory in the DIMM TEST section of SETUP.

  • Quote from Dreygor: “Ok cool .. so thats for the JVS. Which i power using a second power supply that doesnt have 3.3vdc. What about requirements for power for the Naomi itself? ” What do you mean power using a second power supply ? Can you show a diagram / picture ? The NAOMI adheres to the JVS spec so the JVS spec gives the numbers. - +5.0V, ±5%, 10A - +3.3V,±5%, 12A - +12V,±10%, 2A

  • Quote from Dreygor: “ When you say 3.3v .. is that exactly 3.3vdc or 3.4vdc ? Does it need to be more or less .. what is the ideal voltage? How much does the 5vdc affect any of this and what setting is ideal? ” Page -- 3 ---

  • I run a NAOMI 2 and have not had any issues with the AW conversions at all. as @xodaraP says, a proper power supply, stable voltages, proper Zero PIC, JVS I/O powered from SAME power as NAOMI 2 so they start simultaneously, 512 MiB on the DIMM, use transfergame.exe and latest BIOS, I use the NAOMI 2 multibios with no issues at all. And just to clarify, the AW games do not have any JVS code in them, they are patched to read data from the "JVS MCU" on the NAOMI unit.

  • I shared some info about the Capcom I/O here: Name for JVS2JAMMA board @Darksoft this issue is not related to the AW conversions, I have just described a bug in the Capcom I/O firmware related to polling.