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  • Quote from Apocalypse: “We have now working repro FD controllers! Now grab all those cheap rom based games and contact @Mitsurugi-w for order. ” Wooooooo!!!!!! My crappy quiz game thanks you!!

  • Does super dodge ball work for anyone, on any motherboard?

  • When you’re done I’m seriously gonna bookmark this. Your lock pick tutorial got me into my blasts, after all, so I’m mearly one of your pupils.

  • Chat?

    ekorz - - Forum Support & Help


    Quote from brizzo: “Nah, having chat takes away from the forum in my opinion. Already lots of other places to chat about arcades with people ” we entertained chat before (Chat box?), and this was a lasting opinion. we like having everything end up in the forum, rather than in a chat log buried for all time. chat also creates a 'people who know X because they were in the chat when it was discussed' set of members, and the rest are out of the loop. I have like 500+ unread posts right now, but I ca…

  • I like it already.

  • Someday. FPGA’d...

  • Quote from Darksoft: “yes we already removed animation in the first beta of the menu. ” new menu guy works fast...

  • SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

    ekorz - - System 246/256


    Quote from nem: “My Soul Calibur II is a rev. D (SC21 DVD0D). ” right.. i think @plasia said we were missing the null rev, is that a real revision?

  • SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

    ekorz - - System 246/256


    @nem @plasia I think we do have all of those already except: SED1 DVD0 (we have sed1dvd0a) SC21 DVD0 (we have two other revs B and D) DB1 (ripped as a cd but it’s a dvd) Are those other ones also incorrectly ripped or something? Wouldn’t want you to do extra work for nothing. Let me know if there are other mistakes. Again this is right from mame so let’s clean it all up in both places.

  • SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

    ekorz - - System 246/256


    Hey if you rip it, I’ll get it added. This is what is in MAME currently and is in no way complete!

  • @Derick2k We need a namco forum section... it feels misplaced in the general jamma area. But whatever: Interest Check: Darksoft Namco System 12 Multi - unofficial

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from Darksoft: “@Derick2k ask me when we are making a multi of this one ” ooh. can I ask? Whens the System 12 multi coming ” Quote from Darksoft: “When we finish CPS1? ” OK, cat’s out of the bag! Unofficial interest thread begun. Who wants one? Granted you’ll probably have to handle SMD work to get this one running... It would conceivably play a whole awesome set of games: Nothing exactly official yet. How would it work? What wo…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “When we finish CPS1? ” Aqua rush for everyone! Just looking at the games list I realize I have like 6 or 7 of these. It’s a great platform but I’d love to consolidate to a couple multi’s. I hope you’re serious!! (and maybe the pgm happens someday too? ;))

  • Quote from Darksoft: “that's great to know. So you just transplanted those 3 chips + rom board and changed the game to something else. Interesting.... @Derick2k ask me when we are making a multi of this one ” Oh you tease I’m thinking about starting an unofficial interest thread for every remaining system just in case, so I’m first on every list...

  • @brizzo Unfortunately I don’t have an original. But couldn’t you extract the chd as a cd, write it to a disc, then extract that raw? I would think the result would be suitable for a dvd. Maybe I’ll try it tonight. That would be the original data, just packed correctly. Though the mame folks probably wouldn’t accept it. Last time I tried to suggest a change without owning an original I got shot down! Anyway @archimage I can make a note on the spreadsheet in the meantime, thanks for your research!…

  • Quote from archimage: “there is a mistake on the spreadsheet, dragon ball z is actually a cdrom and not a dvdrom, it has to be corrected, so you have to extract cd iso with CHDMAN ” Well, it is a DVD (says MAME and the image below). If you were able to extract it from chd to an ISO using "extractcd" what happened next? Did you burn it to a CD? Did it run? My guess is that it might extract, but that's probably it. try extractraw and then burn it to a dvd... If it does work I’ll provably want to r…

  • Hm. I have b/g music on magician lord. I tried all slots on an MV-1C. But I also can’t get super dodge ball to boot in any of the slots on my MV-1C. I can hear the start button sound after coining. Would be nice to boot it on another one to rule out the rom in the pack, but I don’t have another motherboard.

  • @jassin000 nah that’s Blood Warrior. I already got one of those And I have a backup Great 1000 miles rally base mobo if you want it for a possible multi. That’s a cheap one.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “We want all of the Japanese arcade collectors to come here too! ” +1 to that! ...because someone in Japan has a Jackie Chan pcb and it's my only hope at this point!

  • Quote from Mizo: “I intended to write in English, It was a mistake. I also want to have one ” no defiance; he said he was mistaken and edited his post