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  • Looks like all kinds of bad news for everyone here. Sorry to hear about the trouble @Apocalypse. I Finally got windows and shutters replaced here. Took forever for estimates, measuring,ordering, and install. Most places were swamped with orders due to the typhoon. Having to go 5 days with makeshift plywood doors in place of glass was less than enjoyable. Took the extra effort to go with stronger glass doors and shutters this time around though, hopefully it pays off. No messing around with Typho…

  • Quote from XianXi: “Got a few extra parts so PM me if you want to order one. Thanks ” hey James, Id like to pick up one of your jamma ready ones. How fast can you ship one out to me ? You know how to contact me. Im trying to put something together by sunday the 23rd here

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    lukemorse1 - - Midway Systems


    That is really good news indeed. Patiently waiting to see how this turns out here and ready to repair these boards when it is done

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    lukemorse1 - - Midway Systems


    just thought I would check back and see if there was any progress with the war gods cf project here

  • Quote from ReplicaX: “One of the biggest issues with aging boards that have heat sinks and/or fans is the breakdown of original thermal compounds and thermal adhesives. Especially when on location for yrs from dust and grime. The issues I correct with users adding fans is improper placement or the case designs that do not give any advantage by adding fans aka zero positive airflow. Most having exhaust fans, but extremely limited intake volume. (These are mostly hobbyists with little to no knowle…

  • That is good news. I have 2 of these boards as well and it could very well depend on the environmental conditions or how long they are run for that matter. In general, good airflow never hurts especially since most of these boards are 30+ years old. An addition of a $5 fan ahead of time can save you having to buy a new board or scrapping a complete cab in the future. Chihiro, Naomi, even Lindbergh, all die due to improper fan air circulation. When I bought my first JP3 board, first one I had sud…

  • Quote from kioku25: “Luke nailed it. But if you were wondering what the short sentence below the error code means, it translates to an immensely helpful "Please call a store clerk." ” lol, I thought about commenting on that one but yeah, calling a clerk will get you results for sure haha.

  • It says network error. It is trying to link itself. Go under the setting in the game menu and turn link off as well as other things like card reader or force feeback unless you have them connected

  • Those charred pins look bad. Almost like someone plugged the Jamma harness on upside down. That may be 90% of your problem there. I would recommend getting a new one for sure

  • Quote from TheDeath: “Quote from lukemorse1: “wow, those colors on the roms. I know the monitor is probably not degaussed but looks neat. If only midway made error codes based on color combinations like if red and purple was ram failure and orange for cpu error whereas light yellow is a TTL issue Glad to see it is showing some life again ” Hey Luke Love your channel, i go back and forth from japan once in a year, i did also go to some of your hidden hard offs, that was fun Yeah the monitor is no…

  • wow, those colors on the roms. I know the monitor is probably not degaussed but looks neat. If only midway made error codes based on color combinations like if red and purple was ram failure and orange for cpu error whereas light yellow is a TTL issue Glad to see it is showing some life again

  • well, unfortunate to see that nothing worked here. Here is one point about the system and one other thing you can try with the cables. The 246 has most of the entire system in a small square shaped sandwich motherboard. The 2 halves are held together by a row of 4 pins that are soldered to the top and bottom keeping it firmly together. The only way to get it apart is to desolder and remove the 4 pins which is quite difficult due to the pins being very thick and needing a lot of heat to remove th…

  • Take the 2 screws out of the dongle and remove the cover (It opens like a ps 2 memory card so you can google it) No matter how clean the pins look on the dongle. Use a pencil eraser on it to clean the pins , wipe them down with some alcohol on a qtip, then use some contact cleaner on a qtip to go over the pins. Wipe off the excess cleaner with the other side of the qtip, insert, and try again. Also keep in mind that low rez monitors will be best to test the system on. I own several 246 systems a…

  • Not sure if this will help or not but there is also a small adapter board that the daisy chained leds plug into to complete the circuit. If you dont have that you can wind up torching a lot of those sense boards. I didnt have one and I tried to plug them in without it and they burned out several of the optic sensors. Big mistake trying to plug them in without that.

  • As an added recommendation, I would say to add a small pc fan over top the cpu and attach it to the inside of the cage and run the power from the jamma connector. Thise chips get really hot and eventually they will break away from the board. I did this to mine after it happened as well as strapping down the heat sink to keep it firmly connected. It still works and stays cool

  • In theory, couldnt you just socket the RTC chip and run wires from the + and - pins on the legs of the timekeeper to a battery holder on top without worring about removing the old battery? Basically like a bypass since the old battery is dead, the legs on the timekeeper would act in the same way. It would be interesting to know which legs were the + and - on that chip for the battery and if the "bypass" method would work or not.

  • I would recommend running any kind of fan over running it without any fan at all. The problem is that the 357 IS a ps3 and by disconnecting it the system wont cool and unless you are running it in extremely cool temperatures, it WILL overheat and fail like a ps3 with rrod or yrod. The system internally controls the fan speed and putting in something like a pc fan may not give you enough cooling nor the speed at which you want it to. Up to you but I left mine the way it was and there were no prob…

  • Just curious if anyone has created a patch for Ridge Racer 5 to where it can skip over the motor error and go into the game like Midnight R. Ive had this set up for the longest time. I bought most of the original parts for it but yet it still refuses to start up the game. The furthest its been able to go is automatically turning the steering wheel to the left once and then releasing it followed by Motor Error 20. Although the steering assembly I have is a namco set up, it seems that in order for…

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    lukemorse1 - - Midway Systems


    Quote from SummittArcade: “sorry to add to an old thread , lots of talk about all kinds of random stuff in here. I have made several Wargods drives, (NOT CF). The reason is Wargods looks for a specific drive SIZE! Some drives let you change the drive size therefore I have made 20GB drives boot no problem. CF cards don't have the ability to force a size so it doesn't work. So what you need to look for in the boot sequence is how to remove the size check. ” This is some great info to add. Not an o…

  • System 357 Tekken 6 BR help

    lukemorse1 - - System 246/256


    Quote from brisketnbulgogi: “yo..Lukemorse1! Been watching you on YouTube for the longest!! Dope content always. ” Thanks a lot man. The stuff I do on youtube is just a lot of the same as others . I Just enjoy sharing my passion with gaming like everyone here on this forum. Really glad you got it running and happy gaming