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  • yup, heard the same thing.

  • Oh ok, I see. I heard ppl have a version with a switch, if anyone has it, please share that being said, I supposed it works the same way those snes carts with multiple games on them work, and you switch by hitting reset. the reset line on the cart goes to an IC that counts resets and the bank is switched by a pin being high/low and jumps 1 mbits and loads what's there.

  • awesome ! so this is a version where you can choose between vanilla et trap's 1.7 when you boot it ?

  • yup, that too

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Samsung are IMO the best ones. If they are 8Gb or 4GB in size, even better. Like this one: ” Just the heads up, all (5-6) of my legit sandisk 64Gb bought from amazon (france) are dying, some of them have little mileage (wiiu, 3DS, I'm sure have less than 500Gb R/W), some don't have a lot (my gf's phone and mine), none of those where bought at the same time btw, but over the course of like 4 years. I even saw on a switch hacking board, a couple of guys actually LOCKING their…

  • yeah, that makes sense... would be quit thick too. (my god, what a poor soldering job he can't afford the right tools with the money he's making ?)

  • about the 3.3V and 5V talk, I know it's kinda convoluted, but bear with me. why not use adapter and chips with the right logic levels ? "The Real Phoenix" took this approach for snes cartmods : maybe that wouldn't fit ? (I have no experience with PGM converts, but I did a couple snes SA-1 cartmods for myself, and fee confident with handling thos SMD chip, since they're the same) (also, thanks a million to everyone involved here ! these cartmods are not worth …