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  • Painting CPS2 B shell

    Malenko - - CPS2 Multigame


    I wouldn't bother painting it now that the top looks that good. If you do paint, the "trick" is to sand the plastic so the paint has something to adhere to. Then lots of light coats with high grit sanding in between. Always finish with a clear coat! Heres the CPS2 shell I did: Painted CPS2 shell and here's the MVS shell: Custom Cart Color

  • Quote from Darksoft: “@xtrasmiley make sure you have latest Bios. That problem of games not booting is related also to the version of bios used. ” He has my old set up. Whatever multiBIOS was the latest about 4 months ago. Played all the Atomiswave games on a N1 mobo, literally lifted the NetDIMM and pi up off the N1 and put them on the N2, only other change was adding VF4 to the SD Card. I didn't really play the cab that much other than MvC2 ,hence me parting it out, so I didn't realize the Ato…

  • 32GB image:!fhMwERZC!D2NZnO8LccAqQ1AJ-nuBbw rom free link!L5F1TKTT!Tp9Fx-npRk3…iyEbYGkhAl-TFVqwoqlsp6GD8 Here is the 16 GB version on my mega account, please dont repost this anywhere:!T11hTKQB!ZnjDafZo0xcIY-ilyl5LdA

  • I got a Pandora 3 and started digging around:…191&title=openpb4-project that's *something* I'm still digging around my old drives and storage array for the 16 GB image


  • for the LCD, I have a long cable, feeds out one of the round holes already in the case, behind the HS5 shelf, and sits on top of the coin box behind the coin door. So I just open the top door and pick a game, coin up after it loads and close the door. the cable is long enough that I can pull out the drawer in the dynamo cab and not worry about the LCD falling.

  • yeah, no one took it as a bad thing @Euphoria you are more than welcome here!

  • No worries on this end, I tap out. The two of us have a fundamentally different opinion of what hardware is, what the BIOS does, and what the DS Cart should do and no amount of back and forth is going to change either of our opinions.

  • Jesus dude, even when you're half-heartedly apologizing you still shift the blame. Amazing. There was never a shift in the conversation on my part. You seem to have a WANT for features that aren't supported in the stock bios, that are supported by an aftermarket bios.You then imply the lack of support in an aftermarket cart for the aftermarket bios to be the fault of the aftermarket cart. That's my interpretation of your posts.

  • @Locutus73 name calling is kind of petty doncha think? Anyways, I've been called worse things than a darksoft fanboy.

  • @jassin000 Yeah, I know I was trying to explain it to the other guy. My factory BIOS doesn't have logo issues

  • Its not drama, that's why I capped the word "want" and not "you". The cart is designed to work with a stock BIOS. If you don't have a stock BIOS you've introduced a variable not found in the original hardware. It's not an opinion and it's not up for debate.

  • that's hilarious. Its definitely post count and not age of account, I've been here since the start, I just don't post much.

  • Quote from Locutus73: “Well, it’s a catch 22 scenario. Unibios is not the original hardware, but it works with real carts and a perfect flashcart should behave as a real cart. So, yes, DS Neo Multi is not obliged to support Unibios, but if it behaves 100% as a real cart there should be no issues with it. Best regards. Locutus73 ” That logic doesn't make any sense. Your argument that the cart doesn't behave like a 100% real cart could be flipped to say the Unibios isn't a 100% bios because it doe…

  • Painted CPS2 shell

    Malenko - - Project Showcase


    Quote from Derick2k: “Looks good, what did you use? ” 320 grit on the plastic plastic primer 400 grit krylon 2 in 1 paint 400 grit krylon 2 in1 paint final coat krylon clear coat Label by @opt2not =)

  • Painted CPS2 shell

    Malenko - - Project Showcase


    Well the NeoGeo Cart painting went well, and Im getting the hang of painting plastic, so here goes a CPS2 shell.

  • crap really? I haven't been there in a few weeks. I might have the image somewhere but its 16GBs. I feel like a bigger putz because I glossed over the part where the op mentions Jammaplus =/

  • there is also an "open Pandora 4" thread over at jammaplus that you can download and put on an SD card that is pretty great, boots in both horizontal or vertical mode

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Bruh, you have the Holy Grail of light gun games. There is a USB2Gun board inside of there that works with Windows and MAME. Also that board works with Happ light guns. I would say, give GlobalVR a call to see if you can get past that issue. If not, wire that baby up for MAME and have at it!! ” The idea was to have the original game working, and leave that PC in there (or in storage so I can put it back). Also, have another SFF PC in there for MAME and other emulators for…

  • Picked it up in trade , its complete but when I power it up it goes through the startup motions but then stops at a prompt "gvr-aaa login: " Cab didn't come with any software and globalvr's FAQ pages are useless. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!