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  • Quote from brad808: “built in coils are weaker yes but this is no bad problem. In fact exact opposite, this is very easy problem (the easiest) since full screen magnetized field. Built in coils handle that easily. Bad problems are magnetic spots (which built in have problem with) ” I'm only speaking from my personal experience but I've never had a built in coil on one of my monitors manage to fix full-screen-magnitization. typically anything worse than minor discoloration around the edges has re…

  • an IDE CF adapter should work fine for replacing the HDD.

  • the built in degaussing coils are usually pretty weak, it's good to help keep the screen clean of minor issues but not nearly strong enough to fix really bad problems like this one. definitely pick up a manual degaussing coil, IMO it's a must have tool if you own CRTs.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “I've got a Cyber Lead and an Astro, both of which run Nanao MS9-29 and support 15/24 ” are they auto switching MS9s or the manual switching?

  • I'm curious what cabs people are using for this system? System 24 is medium resolution only. Swapping one of my E29s to Medium res is kind of a pain so I'll most likely end up running it on the Vewlix with a scaler It seems that an Egret 3 or a Blast City would be the best options since they're both JAMMA and auto-switching but I can't imagine most people here are setup for medium res.

  • JVS Emulator

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    Quote from bobbydilley: “@twistedsymphony Thats a really useful list, I might copy it and try to add which buttons/analogue channels each game is using if thats okay? ” if you want I can give you editing rights and you can just add it to the current list.

  • JVS Emulator

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    You're probably thinking of this: NAOMI Net-Boot BIOS and I/O Board Compatibility Chart but there isn't anything that compares analog channels. while there is a lot of similar mapping between games, there's just as many differences. for instance Club Kart I think has inverted steering and uses twice as many bits for it's analog steering signal, making it mostly incompatible with other driving setups. Gun games usually map the X and Y the same but the trigger/screen out/alt fire functions aren't …

  • Anything under $150 shipped for an F3 mobo with Cart is a great price IMO.

  • Quote from jassin000: “@twistedsymphony I know you have a bunch of projects going on right now (new vacuum former toy and all)... But did you ever design/redesign the briefcase 8pin mini din 3D printed adapter plate? ” no, my briefcase is actually still sitting in pieces. but @nam9 actually designed a 3D printed piece for RGB already:

  • I would think the ideal setup would be to decrypt/unscramble everything and get it running on the P-47 ROM board since that has no MCU at all and would greatly simplify the setup for a multi.

  • Thanks Maybe you can give me some tips on dealing with encryption... I'm looking at the encryption setup here:…/mame/machine/jalcrpt.cpp Is there a way to get MAME to decrypt or re-encrypt ROM data? or maybe there are some tools available that helps with this? I'd like to play around with getting some "Key 1" encrypted game to work on a "Key 2" PCB and visa-versa.

  • Quote from hursit: “Price : 125 USD + Shipping + Paypal FEE ( PLEASE ASK SHIPPING COST ) ... I can understand if the price is high to you, ” I'm actually shocked your price is that low for a full metal case with that much labor. anyone who complains about the cost need to see how much it would cost them to make one themselves.

  • So! I've got Plus Alpha completely working now. Thanks to @Hammy for this comment that pointed me in the right direction: Quote from Hammy: “As you can see, the encryption is on the GFX, Some sets have unencrypted GFX sets available etc. It seems things have come full circle and it's back to that that point in time for your mega system 1 travels ” So I think there are two things going on here. it looks like the program ROMs are encrypted and in addition to that the Sprite and Scroll0 ROMs are "s…

  • what is your goal for this project? as in what is the reason you want 4 players routed to a single player's control?

  • Thanks for all the hard work! NOW it's complete

  • I've got a MS1A board set as well and a half dozen or so ROM boards. P-47 seems to be the most common/easily sourced game though it's ROM board isn't useful for any other game. From what I understand MS1A conversions SHOULD be simple there are 2 different encryption keys and games either use one or the other, so conversions to other games using the same key should be a straight ROM swap. I tested converting Pro Yakkuu (the baseball game) to Plus Alpha and audio and program ROMs seem to work fine…

  • Quote from acblunden2: “One thing if you can add. The OG metal case has a retaining bracket for the cartridge. It is slotted on one side, then screwed down on the other side. If you can add that feature, that would be wonderful. ” if I could make an alternative suggestion... personally I find that bracket to be rather ugly myself, but if the slot in the metal was to be cut smaller and then some simple U-channel plastic bits were placed over the sharp edges of the metal opening, it would keep the…

  • Quote from nio: “Does Print Club also work as donor? its not on the list here, but should be c2 board? ” maybe. do you have a picture of the PCB?

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Or get lucky and just buy #2 off ebay for a little less ” still wont work because I'm not going to release patches that work on anything other than Big Striker also... 64th St doesn't have fully socketed ROMs so you'd have to do A LOT of work on that PCB to convert or multi it.

  • Do you really think the MS1C games will work on the MS1A hardware? the CPU is clocked at half the speed? MS1B games wont even really need to be ported since there are already MS1A variants available. But yes, MS1A Multi will be the better option in the long run.