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  • Rc de go uses a wired rc car controller. A Crazy taxi panel may work if you wire it right and the pots are the same value as the controller.

  • SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack

    Trol - - System 246/256


    Has anyone tried Pride GP2003 and Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002? Both will not start on my 246.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “@Trol thanks for the pictures, looks identical to the one I've got. @archimage Topall Ver8.25 (2015-07-31) Can you guys please do a test for me? Go in "Cofig" tab and change parameter "delay" to 1ms and try burning a 27C128/27C256/27C512 again. ” Works for me, thanks Apocalypse

  • Here are some pics of my programmer. It does not program 27512 and lower. Anything higher than 27512 it does fine.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from archimage: “after trying a lot of things today, my bet is the top3000 is not compatible with writing these old eproms, I ordered 27c128 and 27c256 from buyicnow ” I've never had any issue burning any kind of 27Cxx EPROMs with my TOP3000.Now with all the problems people have with this programmer when others have no issue at all I wonder if there are faulty batches or even worse fake units on the market. I paid ~$200 for mine when I see some have bought one for ~…

  • Quote from archimage: “^after trying a lot of things today, my bet is the top3000 is not compatible with writing these old eproms, I ordered 27c128 and 27c256 from buyicnow ” That^ I have the same issues with the TOP 3000 programmer.

  • Model 2 /3 Security hacks

    Trol - - Sega Model 2/3


    - According to the manual in my rom kit, the only difference between Dead or Alive on model 2A and model 2B are the two program roms. - Epr 19310 and Epr 19311 for model 2A , - Epr 19370 and Epr 19380 for model 2B

  • Sorry, took no pics. Just grab the chip by the sides and squeeze. Carefull when you start to hear it crack.

  • This one had the infamous rtc error. The chip was already socketed,so that was a plus. I don't put new rtc chips in these boards,I ordered a couple in the past and they turned out to be NOS, so the batteries were already dead or lasted about a month... Instead, I heat up the old chip with my paint stripper, peel off the plastic cover, heat it up a bit more and crack the epoxy off with a pipe wrench. It comes off perfectly when the chip is hot enough. On the notch side of the chip is a crystal fo…

  • I'm in for the October batch

  • 1098 could be a date code

  • Here are pics of my DOA security board: Are they good enough?

  • Douglasgb on KLOV has some blank universal cards. But there is some work: the shape of the pcb is flipped, so you have to grind down one side of the pcb to make it fit in the comparator, and there is copper between the contacts which you have to peel off. Other than that, it's working fine. He also sells reference cards, old style where you have to drill the output via's like original, and new style where you have solderpads to bridge all the pins except the output pins.

  • Are there chips soldered on your test cards ? If not, solder a known working ic into the card, bend over gnd and vcc to the appropriate lines and make sure the output lines of the ic don't connect to the edge.(drill the via's or cut the traces).

  • NOS? damn i'm jealous

  • Just plug a reference card in the comparator, say 74ls00 and find a 74ls00 on your board and put the clip on te chip. Take notice of the "pin 1" mark on the clip. 14 or 16 pin chips, pin1 needs to be on pin 1 of the chip. Power on the game, if the chip is ok, you'll only see the "on" led lighting, if any other led is lighting, something is wrong. What happens a lot here is that the clip doesn't make good contact with the chip on the board and it gives false readings, so make sure the chip legs a…

  • You don't need a video, it's easy. Do you have the HP, with some cards?

  • Got this board as unknown in a bag.... three seperate boards which looked like a moon patrol bootleg with the sound and top board combined into one. Started to check the roms with romident, but none of them checked out. All 10 Mitshitbishi 2764 roms were bad. Luckily, one had survived, the sound rom, so I could identify the game. Found 10 2764 roms, programmed them all, and we have a working game:) except for sound. Ran my finger across the amp pins and got a buzz, so te amp section works. Found…

  • This one had letters all over the screen and a garbled wizard that only was on the very bottom of the screen. Started with my usual habit of shorting ic pins and flexing the board. When shorting pins on the 2114 rams@ ic9, 10 and 11 on the bottom board, I noticed the letters all over the screen changed. Decided to unsolder all three and put sockets in to test wich ones were bad. After replacing ic 10, the letters were gone and I had a clean screen. Had a few beers to celebrate and, the letters w…

  • Model 2 /3 Security hacks

    Trol - - Sega Model 2/3


    Is arcademodbios the only one who has these decrypted roms?