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  • You can use GroovyMame at 15k by the way, in case you weren't aware. It involves doing a bunch of switching around VGA ports on your GPU for the initial setup and some firmware patching to ensure it boots in 15k as well, but it's definitely possible and would be the best way of doing Mame in a candy cab.

  • KIng of Fighters '95 on Saturn uses a unique ROM cart that must be used to play the game. I'm not sure what data is stored on there, but it's used to reduce some loading overhead. Apparently KIng of Fighters '96 needs the 1MB RAM cart and will glitch if the 4MB cart it used. KOF '97 also needs a RAM cart but can use either. I personally used the 4MB cart with KOF '97 for years, as well as Metal Slug.

  • I don't believe you can get prog scan over SCART. Never heard of that before - on the Gamecube at least you need the Component cable to enable any kind of prog scan mode working on an HDTV, same with the Wii, at least in my experience.

  • Quote from jassin000: “NO the appeal of owning this device is its official from Nintendo, it's not some ROM box it's a NES Classic Edition.The moment you change ANYTHING it becomes a overpriced, underpowered, crippled (because yea the compatibility IS low) emulation device... ” Er, what? This is a ridiculous statement. There are plenty of games that run just fine on the Classics, and adding them to it doesn't change the fact it's an official product, with benefits such as the identical controlle…

  • Beyond jealous. What's connected to the TVs at the back?

  • Naomi/Dreamcast orange, surely?

  • Hello from Leeds UK

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    Hello! Another for the Leeds club!

  • I'd definitely be down for both boards. I'd love to start collecting some multicarts and plug'n'play them on my Naomi Uni. Luckily I think I have invzim's same setup

  • I believe it's a known issue with the KOFXI Naomi hack. Doesn't affect gameplay, as you've said. Darksoft mentioned it when it was released but I don't know if it was ever fixed.

  • Hello from an Arcade Addict

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    Sup Brett

  • If you don't go for that, you will be kicking yourself in years to come.

  • What is this ST-V Daughter board?

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    That second one looks like a devkit to me. They probably would've had a dedicated ST-V devkit instead of using a hacked-up Saturn kit. No proof, just gut feeling.

  • Looks incredible, very interested in this. Would be just what I'd need if I end up not getting a 15k cab in the future.

  • Important Capcom CPS2 Announcement

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    Fantastic work!

  • Quote from Yippikaye: “Hi, I was wondering if I can use it with an official DC keyboard to play the typing of the dead on a Naomi If yes I would be interested in one DIY kit how much would be shipping to France? ” As Mitsu says, it'll work fine, but bear in mind that the Naomi version of TOTD expects a Japanese keyboard layout so some characters may not be where you expect them to be (especially if yours is French).

  • Just adding to the voices of people who've tried this and had it work for them. Mine's the UK keyboard, which has the same issue with apostrophes being on shift-7 as the rest. In regards to changing the dictionaries because of this, I'd say just don't. Just adapt to using shift-7 where needed, which isn't too often at least. Wish it was possible to hack the ROM to check for an apostrophe key on a different keycode that's given by English keyboards, but I doubt that's possible with a compiled bin…

  • Quote from FrizzleFried: “FWIW I have been netbooting NAOMI 1 for a while now and probably 1/4 of the NAOMI titles I load require a hard-reboot in order to load another game... ...and I am pretty sure that a few Atomiswave titles DON'T require a reboot (though most do). I am fairly sure that Dolphin Blue doesn't... but I've gotten in to a habit of simply rebooting every time anyway so I am not 100% sure. ” Same here, I'd guess I've tried a good 80% of available Naomi titles over the last year an…

  • Hell yeah. I've tried the Naomi TOTD on my cab with Mitsurugi's adapter and it's cool, but nowhere near as great as the English Dreamcast game. Still though... I've got that somewhere, with a DC and my VGA box... Thinking about it, one issue you may run into is the matching of some character textures with the dictionary input. In the Japanese version, the top, larger line of the word boxes is printed in hiragana and katakana characters. It'll be an input dictionary text file in Japanese, so I wo…

  • Hello!

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    Popped over from ArcadeOtaku, which some of you may recognise me from (although I post very sparsely). I'm one of the seemingly dozens of home arcade owners in West Yorkshire in the UK, although only own a single Naomi Uni cab with a Naomi 1 + DIMM at the moment! Want to expand into a 15k candy cab in the future once I move into a proper house with my partner at the end of the year, and extremely interested in all the arcade hacking projects you guys are up to, which I hope to take advantage of …