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  • Quote from ArcadeMachinist: “As a note: it expects you to use "ATEN USB to Serial Bridge" (ser2at driver included) for gun board 2 connection, otherwise you would need to switch off ewf to install your own driver. Ports for the gun boards are expected to be COM1 and COM4. I would verify tomorrow, as my local hardware store luckily has this exact USB serial converter. ” this is super helpful. I'm very interesting in sourcing my own proper USB to serial bridge.

  • well, I think it disappeared because not too many people were interested in that style setup, it's been replaced by a simple plug-in disc drive replacement unit. Most of the PCBs related to it are on OSH park so you can order your own. you'll just need to find someone selling an older WiiKey or WASP chip.

  • Quote from Jdurg: “I'd like to be able to retain the optical drive in my GC and be able to load games via an SD card without having the limitation of the SD Media Loader process. ” This already exists. the older WiiKey Fusion with the Mega Drive adapter did exactly that. I don't think they make them anymore though. you can see here this guy even added the SD slot to the front of the console:

  • Quote from rewrite: “I mean. It's more like there's the Namco way (clockwise), and then almost literally everyone else (counter-clockwise). ” I did a goolge search for "ROT90" and "ROT270" against mamedev once... it's nearly 50/50 check out the vertical games on the F3 multi... it's close to half and half there too.

  • Quote from brentradio: “the Vertical games are opposite of most normal jamma pcb's. ” there is no standard for which direction the screen is rotated for vertical games. it depends on manufacturer preference.

  • Quote from Dreygor: “While not quite 246/256 related I think we might be able to apply this concept to the HDD games. The drive in my Area 51 Site 4 was flaking out on me so I looked into something SJLewis did and it works very well. ” What's the benefit of doing this as opposed to just using an IDE DOM? I'm generally leary of IDE to SATA adapters as most of them seem to introduce a delay on the initial access which can cause problem with a lot of hardware. (Notorious on the Original Xbox)

  • how do you return to the menu on the nesica machines?

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    Quote from hackcell: “Are Silhouette machines that bad? ” I could probably write a short novel on my issues with this thing and I don't want to derail the thread but lets just say that the hardware is far less precise and had a much lower build quality than I was hoping and the software is buggy, missing a lot of what I would consider important features and ultimately not designed well at all. it "works" but it delivers what I would have expected from a $100 machine, not a $300 machine.

  • I don't mind making my own "Home" button wired through something like that KeyWiz. If that means it wont interfere with the normal operation of the IO data... but I also don't want players to accidentally push it and kill the menu. Maybe the menu could be modified to block an Alt+F4 while active? or maybe the keywiz could be set output a different key combination and there would be a background task that would translate that to Alt+F4 while in game but ignore it while in menu?

  • So if you push "Alt+F4" to exit the game, what happens if you push it again once you're in the menu?

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    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    What machine did you get? I bought a Silhouette Cameo 3 and the thing is a piece of junk but it is nice being able to cut stickers when I need to.

  • Quote from Niko: “My current dilemma is that I would have to sit in between the game and the controls in order to intercept a button combo. ” Does it need to sit between them or could you run another background process that simply, listens? Rather than I button I think an option for a dedicated "home" button would be nice; like how they have on the Sega Aime setups:…829c2935884bc9d151036d45e

  • at a quick glance the memory maps look completely different. So assuming the hardware is the same but arranged differently you're still talking days/weeks of work to remap each game

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Having the equations and source pld file reversed allows you to rearrange pins as you like. ” Indeed. Do you have a Killing Blade Cart? you could probably figure out how to get those working at ARM free PCB. Heck I'd love to know the equations just so I could make some dedicated GALs to replace the ones on my conversions with jumper wires and unsocketed pins.

  • Quote from Fluffy: “Which PCB was this on and which game? ” It was KOV2 running Espgaluda

  • Quote from Fluffy: “If we are lucky we may not need a PAL at all, and get away with one or two 74lsXX. The MAME code doesn't suggest any complex banking or decoding. ” I can tell you that the PALs are somewhat related to the code on the GFX board too, or at least they share address lines and will get screwed up if the PAL is not functioning properly. when I was testing different things out I ended up corrupting JUST the sound by using the wrong PAL on the PRG board.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “I've dumped and reversed the 2 PALs on the PROG board of the Dodonpachi conversion. Still have to test them. ” knowing specifically which PCB revision they came from is important because I've discovered that the pin mapping is completely different for the same game even on different revisions of the same PCB. For instance PALS for KOV2 on 0333-01 PCB are pinned completely different than the PALS for KOV2 on the 0333-03 PCB

  • yup, I and many others have told him that, but he doesn't want to hear it. it's one of those situations where he doesn't trust anyone other than himself to do it right.

  • I'm not super keen on the Pis for emulation either, the more I look into the the more problems there are with it.Personally I have a MAME PC with CRT_EmuDriver in an old Nintendo cab that I use for classic games but I did spend a little time with both the ArcadeSD and Bit Kit and both of them are pretty neat little devices. You can tell they were built by KLOVers as they don't have the typical stink of the normal X-in-1 Chinese shovelware. Most notably they seem to aim for quality emulation on e…

  • Quote from undamned: “I'd be curious to see sales/production figures to know what size batches they are producing ” I know GDEMU/Rhea batches are only 20-50 units and he assembles them by hand.