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  • Quote from Uplinkpro: “its a long shot, but any chance for a DiY kit? just parts/components etc. ” Yep, this will be offered as an option for those who want to DIY

  • The good thing is if you come across the same issue on the same board you'll know where to look Sometimes faults are common on certain boards, for example total loss of sound on MVS and CPS1 is often a bad Z80. They used a lower rated (cheaper) Z80 instead of Z80A (even though they silkscreened the board for Z80A Good work on the fix

  • Don't buy from eBay, too many fakes. Go to a local retailer and buy off the shelf

  • Solid colours are issues reading main program code or possibly an issue flashing keys. Since you said your A and B boards are confirmed good, as @pcbrown alluded to I'd be looking at your SD card. Get a Samsung class 10 and see if that helps

  • Quote from darkforce256: “Can I get put on the list as well? ” No problem, added

  • ekorz actually sent me a donor board and I did pull the CPU off. Unfortunately the board even after I've cleaned it up has retained some of the god awful solder from the previous attempted reflow and when I attempted to put the new CPU on it instantly turned any new solder I added into a huge mess of bridged pins. I'm still working out how I'm going to solve the problem, I'm thinking of ordering a correctly sized kapton stencil and then putting paste down and using a hot air gun.

  • There is multiple reasons a top plexi won't be made, at least in the short term: - Access to kick harness connector - this is vertically mounted so will require a large hole in the plexi for access - Access to switches - some of these are very small so access becomes a problem and they are spread across the board so there will be gaps in the plexi everywhere - 3P/4P adapter - will require 2 different sized plexis - S-Video and composite hats - see above It would be more holes than plexi

  • Quote from lobogau: “I would be interested in one of these as well, when they're finished and tested. Thanks. ” No problem, you're now on the list

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from xodaraP: “that can be run on any correctly modified 16B board ” Yes... Yes it can... ” I corrected my post to specify motherboard

  • Quote from jepjepjep: “Quote from xodaraP: “Fantasy Zone is on 16A not 16B and as far as I remember none of the 16A exclusive games made it across to the multi (Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone and Action Fighter) Fantasy Zone 2 DX is on 16C, which is a modified version of 16B that can be run on any correctly modified 16B board ” As part of the PS2 port, M2 seems to have ported the original to run on their 16B emulator. The rom files for FZ Time Attack and Fantasy Zone 1 can be extracted from the PS2 dis…

  • Fantasy Zone is on 16A not 16B and as far as I remember none of the 16A exclusive games made it across to the multi (Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone and Action Fighter) Fantasy Zone 2 DX is on 16C, which is a modified version of 16B that can be run on any correctly modified 16B board Edit: any correctly modified motherboard with correct ROM board

  • Quote from bagheera369: “I apologize, Did we get a breakdown of features between Version 1 and Version 2? Did we ever get a confirmation of any version of Fantasy Zone for either version? I'd be down for both most likely, I just didn't catch where the breakdown between versions was at. Thanks! ” V2 is original keys with encrypted CPU Fantasy Zone Time Attack is being included

  • System 16B Conversion Help

    xodaraP - - System 16/18/24/32


    porchy removed all the Sega stuff from the site given the recent lawsuits against ROM sites

  • CPS2 Fan Replacement

    xodaraP - - CPS2 Multigame


    CPS1.5 added the case and cooling, so it was obviously a problem on CPS1, CPS2 expanded on that with a much bigger fan and a clearly engineered airflow system. - CPS2 has a much lower failure rate than CPS1 - CPS2 is more powerful than CPS1 so will generate more heat - CPS2 is a larger ROM board than CPS1 - CPS2 cabinets at least in the US mounted boards horizontally not vertically (so bending becomes a potential long term issue without the case because it's larger/heavier) Yes you can run them …

  • Quote from nio: “will key writing work with v1? ” No. That's why there's a V2

  • I find a chisel tip works better than a super fine conical - might be worth trying if you haven't already The super fine conical is perfect for soldering wires to tiny fine pitch SMD stuff though and probably better for soldering down very fine pitch components? And the obvious: loads of good flux

  • @djsheep @Frank_fjs @oneleaf86 Sounds like it'll be a better option to do one order and have them all shipped together? We're also all right next to each other in the queue so should be able to order around the same time

  • Riddle me this

    xodaraP - - Monitor Help


    ^ this. On top of that if the screen gets burn in bad enough to be replaced while still making money on location, they sell the operator another brand new very expensive arcade monitor

  • Sounds like a plan to me. I just need to know when it's happening so I can make sure I'm ready for it I believe Mitsu is handling all final builds and distribution but I could be wrong.

  • Quote from djsheep: “Hey @Mitsurugi-w, will all the kits be coming directly from you? Or will there also be stock in NZ too? Just checking because I know postage to Australia is expensive for just one set, so it might make sense to get them shipped to one place in bulk to save on costs. If not, I might just order some extra things from you for myself ” Aussie group buy? How soon are we talking Mitsu? Also, I want a V1 as well as a V2 - so please mark me with V2 interest but don't remove me from …