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  • "CAPCOM" EPROM Labels?

    jassin000 - - CPS2 Multigame


    I use Shipping Labels, which is just adhesive backed lightblock paper I print on with a laserjet. Then I cut up the sheet with a nice sharp razor and a metal ruler (but as a result my edges are squair, NOT rounded like above).

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    jassin000 - - System 246/256


    Quote from twistedsymphony: “interestingly both they seem to boot without it, they just lock up after the intro video. ” Reminds me of a funny story about Donkey Kong 64... It was actually designed to work without that memory expansion. 220px-Nintendo-64-Memory-Expansion-Pak.jpg However, a memory leak existed someplace in the code that if left running for a few hours the game would crash. Rare supposedly made every attempt they could to fix it, but with the release date approaching and still no …

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “That would make a spiffy looking silkscreen logo. ” Like white paint on a black PCB? I agree!

  • JAMMA+Kicks! VJAhJ2v.png

  • Vewlix L Help

    jassin000 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from Niko: “2.) Find a Taito JVS I/O ( Good luck ) ” You can order this from Taito direct, it's about 250$ shipped tho. G4od2zl.jpg The first version is out of production... yYUFX7I.png Taito now sells the version 2... 3U7Gp8C.jpg

  • Quote from limwer: “I read that my Supergun (MK) does not attenuate the voltage in the Sync line, it is direct, it does not have any type of resistor. ” Oh, yea that might damage the OSSC over time... I read pro devices like PVM/BVM are made to work with TTL so I guess they are ok (I'd still be a little concerned). If it was me, I'd simply add a 470 ohm resistor onto the sync line dropping its peek to peek level, then feed this into the OSSC.

  • Quote from HouseOfTheEd: “then using a stereo RCA to female 3.5mm adapter from the CPS2 to the 3.5mm audio connector on the SCART cable ” Get this... 69m38SG.jpg It's basically the same thing you are talking about doing with the cable above (only I think its in a much neater package). The kit comes with a 8-pin mini-din cable (male/male) so all you would need is the RCA to 3.5mm audio cable. 4408001_sd.jpg Keeping the audio and video cables separate also helps reduce video noise in my experience…

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    jassin000 - - System 246/256


    Quote from twistedsymphony: “The link for the waiting list is back on the first post. ” 200$ JFC! I must have missed that part. Yea, think I'll stick with discs/drives for now (max I would pay for such a device is about half that/100$).

  • Quote from limwer: “I do not dare to use it with my OSSC, it does not have protection in the RGB / Sync lines ” Protection? Uh... It only needs to output proper SCART levels. I guess if the sync is TTL and of a high voltage that isn't good for the long term health of the OSSC. But remember, even the HAS must output TTL sync to get the Taito F3 working (it is low voltage however, and shouldn't be an issue). If you can display it on a PVM/BVM without any issues (aka high voltage TTL sync would be …

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    jassin000 - - System 246/256


    Yea where can I order a completed/finished version?

  • - It's not a "everdrive" (that is a Krikzz product, around here we call them multis) - No save state support exists - No save state support is planned to be added (the cart alone likely cannot inject/restore a previous CPU state/condition without additional hardware modifications, but let see if @Darksoft offers a better/more complete technical explanation)

  • InfiniKey-Kabuki

    jassin000 - - Temple of the Undamned


    I need that Super Pang/Super Buster Bros. key! Absolutely count on me to order at least one. Paging @archimage I know you have a Pang/will prob want this.

  • I'm telling ya this is the revolution man, JAMMA extenders WITH kicks support! This is 2019, any extender that don't support kicks is incomplete.

  • Only JAMMA extender on the market that also extends the kick harness.

  • I say owning a iScan DVDO VP30 is just a good idea, if you ever find one for a reasonable price snap it up. That's a solid plan S24 or not! The SCART to component adapters on the other hand... Meh, I don't know if you want to invest just to test, it might not work (or look great). Try out the 8-pin mini din to Euro SCART cable first, also try unprocessed sync in addition to buffered and regenerated. Play around with the H and V sync tolerances of the OSSC.

  • Well, I know this is a really strange and not really preferred scenario... 1. Output from the HAS into Euro SCART 2. SCART-2-Component adapter (like the CSY-2100/clones) 3. Component into OSSC 4. HDMI to TV Success?

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “You're a bit cheeky asking for FZ2DX when you won't support my lawyer's fees if things go south ” I've had to let the dream go, but onward to bigger and better things... System18?

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Anyway, my TV keeps displaying the “resolution is not supported” message and nothing. ” The OSSC most likely IS outputting a image with the rates above, but the TV is unable to display the very low (57.66Hz) sync rate (remember most LCD panels want 60Hz but some will accept 58~61 at the widest). Do you have a iScan DVDO VP30/50/50pro you can test with it? If this really is the problem, the DVDO can (in most cases) "unlock" the sync rate (smooth it) to a pure 60.0Hz output…

  • I think its cool the multi supports all these games, but honestly all I really wanted/cared about... - Golden Axe - E-Swat - Altered Beast - Shinobi - Fantasy Zone II DX I basically got my wish here, but I am still really sad about FZDX.

  • I sold a real TiT for 425$.