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  • THX

  • THX Also one buddy advice it for the cable is it good? img_2136.jpg

  • THX all. darksoft said me I can remove it but I must leave cable. So I am affraid about burn it... img_2102.jpg

  • THX I will try to clean it. After a quick search I dont find 60 pin you know where can I find it please?

  • Hello I have a very nice CPS3 board with superbios installed nd SCSI2SD. I would like to improve some of thing. img_2123.jpg So I would like find in 3d print a catridge large enough for this CPS3 security cart with this battery support (Darksoft said me dont remove it). I would like too buy a new cable. Ultra ATA run and improve speed? What's cable advise me. Can I remove it and change for a new (same in CPS2 board): img_2125.jpg Where can I find this part (only white protection) img_2126.jpg La…

  • Will you sell it? how much for 50/60 cm per extension? please.

  • Quote from KC-Slater: “You can run Mario Kart GP & F-Zero AX off of a modded Wii very easily with a GameCube controller. (The TriForce arcade hardware is based off of the GameCube.) ” Same thing with Wiiu with HD res...F ZERO AX/GX is so nice in widescreen in 1080p. You can use gamecube controller adpter is the best on console.

  • nice thx

  • what's plastic feet could you advise me? For protect below plexiglass and equalized PCB (with plastic feet) and HAS level. Something like this:…10AGVhQP&isOrigTitle=true

  • Scart cable for the HAS

    nonosto - - RGB's lab


    Hello could you say wh'at's cable can I take here please? this one?…SRGB-2600RGB-HAS-SUPERGUN THX

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I'm ready @Apocalypse! My System 16 adapters with button remapping arrived today. Very happy with how they turned out.…3b1bbc2cdffeb2956cbbd610b ” where are you buy it please?

  • Quote from KingSopz: “Someone help im getting a green screen ” I am same problem but it's not a OSSC or HAS's seems problem with decrtp to paint it in red what's kind of paint used please?

  • Painting CPS2 B shell

    nonosto - - CPS2 Multigame


    thx buddy

  • Painting CPS2 B shell

    nonosto - - CPS2 Multigame


    Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from nonosto: “Could advice me about what's kind paint I can use for shell? ” I went on a paint shop and there that ladies sellers give me a paint catalogue and they tell me to grab a primer too, after i've chosed the color of the paint (200ml) and after that i went on that car painting who my childhood friend recommended to go for printing that case to let there materials i've got with me (paint 200ml , primer, b case + lcd case - if you can paint the A board vol…

  • Quote from xodaraP: “ But it's now not due to the key writing wires. Do you have someone who can help you test it on another board in case the B board is bad? ” the tech who mount/sold key wrting wire. I will give him when will back to holiday.

  • THX I just inverse this connectorv (key writing): img_2078.jpg with reverse fix color screen, when I back it in picture position I have screen with moving issue. I just unplug and re plug A & B board.

  • So when I turn the connector color screen. I move the board and reconnect with tne connector in default position I have this screen (one screen per games): img_2084.jpg img_2081.jpg img_2080.jpg img_2083.jpg during the flash (moving screen): img_2082.jpg

  • Painting CPS2 B shell

    nonosto - - CPS2 Multigame


    Could advice me about what's kind paint I can use for shell?

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Your key writing wires are installed backwards, turn the connector on CN9 around the other way This is the correct configuration: Pad #2 of Multi kit to Pin 2 of CN9 Pad #4 of Multi kit to Pin 3 of CN9 Pad #1 of Multi kit to Pin 4 of CN9 Pad #3 of Multi kit to Pin 5 of CN9 Yours are connected as 3142 ” I try to resold it. Quote from Darksoft: “@nonosto first try without the key writing cables plugged and use the Phoenix romsets. In this way you can see if the problem is comi…

  • i hope it s not an hardware broken...son firmware corrupt?